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Moonstone, also known as Chandrakant Ratna, is an alternative June birthstone. It is a beautiful gemstone that is appreciated for its blue to white adularescence - a billowy, moon-light shine. Moonstone aka Chandramani Found all over the globe. Due to its striking appearance and shine, this calming gemstone has become a popular option of jewelry too. Moonstone, a June birthstone, enchants with its ethereal glow and tranquility.

The chemical formula of Moonstone is (Na, K)AlSi3O8. When it comes to the durability of the gemstone then the stone has a hardness of 6 on the moh scale of hardness. The Refractive Index of this beautiful gem ranges between 1.518 – 1.526. The density of a Natural Moonstone varies between 2.55 - 2.58.

Moonstone aka Chandrakant, a gemstone mineral of the feldspar group is levered due to its magnificence and symbolism. Since the earlier phases of civilization, this charming gemstone has been successfully governing the hearts of the human race. Not only due to its amazing beauty but also for its soothing and amazing healing qualities bestowed upon it by the planet Moon which is the ruling planet of this gem. Moonstone is regarded as the astrological Substitute for pearl (Moti) or semi-precious gemstone which is derived from the Feldspar mineral family and is quite naturally discovered on the planet earth. There are numerous types of Moonstone available. Some of the most famous and finest quality moonstones are the Rainbow Moonstone, black moonstone, peach moonstone, white moonstone, pink moonstone, and green moonstone. However, the properties owned by this gemstone are unique and highly valuable for the gemstone owner. It is still a pious gem for Indians that holds strong cosmic powers within. Due to its capability to ignite long-lasting love and connections, this magical gemstone is mostly chosen to be used in rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.

Just like its title, Moonstone is a gemstone that emanates its possessions from the planet Moon. The stone is associated with the planet Moon and that makes it a fortuitous gem for the lovers to unite forever. This pearly pearlescent gem has outstanding advantages that are mentioned below:

Emotional and Psychological Benefits: The planet Moon can tremendously affect our modern life. Moonstone which is supposed to be linked with the planet Moon can deliver immense emotional peace to the wearer's life. It imbues feelings of composure, makes an individual calm, and composed, and provides the capability to balance all the feelings in an individual's life. The Moonstone extends the Heart and Sacral chakra in the human body to improve psychic capabilities and promote inner growth with intuition for its owner. This beautiful gemstone also helps in protecting from any sort of harmful energy and allows one to grow in life.

Health Benefits: Moonstone is recognized for holding immense blessings that can heal several ailments when the gem is worn as per Vedic astrology. It is stated to have some wonderful healing and soothing features that can help heal problems like insomnia and fertility

Love and Relationship Benefits:: Moonstone or Chandra Ratna is a synonym to love and is renowned for encouraging love in the wearer’s life. This curing gem also helps entice positive energy which makes an individual live in a happy relationship. The stone also helps one to take some fine judgments which can be correct to keep a good and healthy relationship.

The Natural Moonstones reveal stunning, elegant, and shimmering hues play effects, also understood as adularescence, which creates the gemstone worth having. Moonstone, a gem of new starts is hoped for and valued due to its adularescence impact, luster, cut, clarity, rarity, and carat weight. There are certain parameters that determine the overall quality of any gemstone, including Moonstone. The value of a Moonstone is also measured based on these criteria of quality. These parameters include:

Color- Moonstone or Chandra Ratna is a colorless or white-colored gem that shows an adularescence effect, generally understood as a blue sheen. Therefore arrives in distinct colors of grey, green, peach, and brown. The finest Moonstone states electric blue shimmer.

Clarity- Moonstone exhibits a transparent to opaque appearance. The best quality Chandramani is free from eye-visible inclusions.

Cut- These gemstones are cut to enhance their aesthetics. Moonstone is generally cut as a cabochon and shows a phenomenal hue. When the stone is cut as a cabochon, the dimensions should be invariant and it should not be balanced in shape. A flat Moonstone does not display a blue sheen impact.

Carat Weight- According to Gem experts and Gem buyers, Moonstone with larger size and weight are best preferred for astrological and jewelry purposes. Moonstone of larger size shows a high concentration, is more effective and displays maximum advantages.

Clarity- The ideal carat weight of Smoky Quartz mineral doesn’t hold a massive influence on its prices. In the trade, Smoky Quartz gemstone price per carat rises linearly with the rise in size. This is due to the abundance and leisurely availability of Smoky Quartz's enormous gemstones in the market. Therefore, it is an excellent gem for individuals who desire to shop for a big size gem without paying a big budget.

Moonstone Price

The price of a Moonstone or Chandra Ratna ranges depending on the origin, hue, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate it has. Depending upon the mentioned quality combination, the price of Moonstone can be defined. However, a rainbow moonstone which is a popular variety of Moonstone goes somewhere from INR 300-400 per carat. There are diverse other qualities of Moonstone available, some of which can be the black moonstone, white Moonstone, peach moonstone, and the Blue Moonstone

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