5 Benefits of Using Libra Stone - The Ultimate Guide

Posted on January 27th, 2024 05:44 PM

Ever thought how gemstones are linked to your zodiac sign?

It is believed that every Zodiac sign is linked to a specific gemstone that brings positive changes and a healthy balance in each person’s life.

So if, as a Libran, you have a defined personality, imagine how emerald stone could help you shape it better.

Natural emerald gemstone also known as Panna in Hindi comes from the beryl family. It is believed to be the “stone of prosperity and renewal”. 

Before looking into depth of why Emerald should be your ideal choice, let's look into the personality traits of Librans. 

Librans and their Personality Traits 

Firstly, a delighted birthday if you are reading this between 23rd September and 22nd October. That's where Librans get their identity. Right?

Known to have a charming personality, Librans can easily become the center of attraction wherever they go. Maybe, that could be the reason why you are loved in social groups? 

As conflict mediators, librans believe in peace and harmony. They are intelligent, good creators and orators. Infact, people with Libra star sign are known to have a perfect balance in life, radiating calming energy. 

And you would be surprised to know that there's a beautiful gemstone dedicated to the libra zodiac sign. So much that it is often called a Libra stone.

And it's none other than the Emerald Gemstone. 

So, let's know about the stone and how it benefits the Libra Zodiac Sign.


What is Libra Stone?

Natural emerald stone is one of the precious gemstone known for its mystical properties and green allure. As per Vedic astrology, it is governed by the planet Mercury. Since, gemstones are astrologically related to zodiac signs, panna is significantly linked to Libra. Let’s check out how. 

Librans are ruled by the planet of love, balance, beauty, and harmony, Venus. 

As the planet Venus rules Librans, the original panna stone is perfect for them.  This green gemstone is associated with Mercury, which is friends with planets the Sun and Venus. 

Individuals with Mercury and Venus present in the correct place are suggested to wear emeralds, the Tula Rashi Stone. Apart from being the opportunity seekers wearing an original panna stone benefits Librans in all aspects of their life.

Let’s see how-

Benefits of Emerald Gemstone for Libra zodiac sign 

  • Wealth and Prosperity: If you seek a Libra Stone, nothing is better than an emerald. This stone of prosperity is suggested to those who want wealth, profit, and wisdom. It is beneficial to people in the marketing sector, trading, or banks. 
  • Harmony and Balance: As evident from the personality traits of Tula Rashi individuals, they are diplomats who must strive for balance and harmony in relationships. The green color of natural panna stone is believed to be associated with the heart chakra. Wearing a Panna helps unblock the heart (Anahata) chakra and maintain balance in relationships.
  • Amplifying Communication: Though as per the natural trait of Librans, they possess excellent communication skills. Emerald is regarded as a perfect Libra Stone as it enhances communication. For individuals born under Tula (Libra) rashi, this gemstone finds an ideal. Wearing this precious gemstone stimulates or boosts the communication skills of this zodiac sign. 
  • Enhances Decision Power: Natural emerald gemstone is believed to improve the wearer's intellect, wisdom, and decision power. Libras are known for being fair but not strong decision-makers. Thus, these individuals are suggested to wear Panna stones. 
  • Emotional Healing: Tula Rashi individuals are sensitive and often face challenges with their emotional stability. Astrologers, thus, suggest these individuals wear original panna. It provides the wearer with emotional healing and offers inner peace.  

How to Wear Emerald stone?

Hey Librans! You can definitely wear this stunning green gemstone. Panna is known to bring peace, good fortune and harmony. All these qualities are linked with Libras. Besides having a glance over the benefits, knowing how to wear it correctly is essential. 

how to wear emerald stone

  • Firstly, it is essential to consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone. This is a vital step to avoid side effects that prevail while wearing the wrong gem. 
  • The Libra stone ring, or the original emerald stone ring, should be worn on the little finger of the right hand. The ideal metal to be used in crafting the ring is gold.  
  • The preferable day and time for wearing a panna is Wednesday between 5 am and 7 am or the same time in the evening. 
  • Activating the panna ratna (Budh ratna) before wearing it is essential. For energizing, one should keep the gemstone in a mixture of cow's milk, Ganga jal, honey, and curd for some time. After washing the gemstone ornament (ring or pendant) in clean water, wear it on the preferred day and time. 
  • The preferred mantra to be recited before wearing the Budh Ratna is "Om Bum Budhay Namah.

To conclude, this zodiac-inspired guide highlights the symbolic characteristic qualities of the stone that seamlessly align with those under the Libra sun sign. Connecting the celestial energies with the individual's characteristics makes green emerald stone the perfect Libra Stone. 

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