2 Carat Emerald Stone

With the 2 carat emerald, your married life issues can get sorted. It is renowned by the ancient talisman as they used to wear it for good health and prosperity. As per Vedic astrology green emerald is linked to the planet Mercury.

Buy 2 carat panna stone from Navratan and add love and hope into your personality. You’ll find the best panna price in india per carat at our online gemstone.

A 2 carat panna weighs 0.4 gms. If you are looking for an amazing natural center stone this is a perfect choice. The panna price in india per carat depends upon the vibrant color, clarity, and cut. Add this stone to rings, pendants, sleek bracelets, or earrings. Emerald studs is an elegant jewelry for daily wear owing to the hardness of the exclusive gemstone. Moreover, their amazing astrological benefits add to their popularity.

A 2 ratti panna is a perfect way to add style and shield to your life. Wearing a color so close to nature brings freshness, good luck, prosperity, and wealth to the wearer. It harnesses the positive energy of the planet adding vitality and growth to the wearer.

If you want to add vibrancy to your jewelry collection or receive astrological benefits look for high-quality natural gemstone.

Quality comes with price. A 2 carat panna price in India starts with INR 6,000 and may extend upto INR 10,000 or more. The price depends upon the 4 C’s factors.

  • Color: In market, there are various colors of emeralds available, but green is the color that decides its identity and price. You may find gemstones in yellow and blue overtones but green is the color of panna stone. The panna stone price 2 ratti is high for stones featuring vibrant green color.
  • Expert Tip: Avoid 2 ratti panna with color zoning. There should be even distribution of the green color. Avoid buying stones with too yellowish or bluish overtones.

  • Clarity: It is defined by the transparency of the stone. As per gem laboratories, emeralds feature type 1 inclusions. The most prized 2 carat panna stone are the ones with few or no inclusions.
  • Cut: The green gems are known to be brittle in nature and there are higher chances that they crack during the cutting process. Hence a proper cut that precisely shapes the stone accounts for a high price.
  • Smart Buying advice: Cutting process leads to weight loss. Ask for a perfectly cut 2.5 carat emerald stone that maximizes its brilliance and color.

  • Carat Weight: A 2 carat panna weigh 0.4 gm whereas 2.5 carat emerald weigh 0.5 gm. Visually there is a slight difference in the weight which is unnoticeable. However, there is a difference in price. A 2.5 ratti panna stone price is higher provided it has good color, clarity, and cut.
Emerald in Carat Weight In Ratti Weight (in gms) Weight (in mg)
2 2.19 0.4 400
2.5 2.74 0.5 500
Total Results - 60

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