Gomed Stone in Which Finger For Maximum Benefits

Gomed's Secret: Does Finger Placement Matter?
Posted on March 23rd, 2024 05:20 PM

Gomed is known as hessonite in English. It is a semi-precious stone from the garnet mineral family and shows a beautiful colour from honey to dark brownish or reddish brown color. In Vedic astrology, it is believed to bless individuals with confidence, mental clarity and positive energy. Gomed stone benefits you in terms of healing properties, good relationships and a successful professional life. Hessonite stone is a powerful gemstone that when worn correctly shows amazing results. Wearing it the right way allows its energy to radiate perfectly. Lets see how

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Wearing Gomed Stone in which finger 

For any gemstone to work properly, it is crucial to wear it properly. Hessonite works if you first activate it on the right day and time and then adorn it. It can be worn as a pendant, bracelet, or ring, but it should touch the skin directly. In astrology, gomed stone works best when worn on the middle finger of the right hand. Hessonite stone is connected to the planet Rahu which signifies confusion and wickedness. It protects individuals from the evil effects of this planet. Thus, wearing a gomedhikam ring on your middle finger helps you to settle disputes, get relief from diseases, and gain stability in professional life. 

Astrological significance of middle finger 

In Vedic astrology, along with the planets, fingers in which gemstones are worn also hold great significance. The middle finger is related to the planet Saturn which represents discipline and responsibility. This finger known as Madhyama in Hindi also governs the healing powers of an individual. Thus, adorning the right gemstone on this finger helps you to get rid of issues associated with the brain, nerves, and bones.

For males: 

Represents values, responsibilities, and confidence. Wearing a gomed stone on the middle finger of male enhances their intuitive power and decision-making skills. Hence, provide them with professional success. 

For females: 

Signifies beauty, self-expression, balance, and stability. The benefits of gomed stone on the middle finger of the left hand for female attracts wealth and good fortune. It provides stability and relief from anxiety and stress. Thus it is important to know the gomed stone which finger so that you get maximum benefits.  

Benefits of gomed on middle finger 

benefits of gomed on middle finger

The Gomedhikam stone is associated with the planet Rahu and hence is also called as rahu stone. When worn on the middle finger it benefits the wearer in numerous ways. Let us see what are the benefits of hessonite stone:

  • As a Talisman

Gomed gemstone protects the wearer from evil forces and negative energies. If you are a working professional and struggling with a jealous peer group or manager, wear a gomedhikam ring on your middle finger. This will help you get rid of negativity at your workplace. 

  • Promotes Good Luck

Hessonite stone benefits individuals by attracting wealth and abundance in life. Gomed gemstone is linked to the planet Rahu. Thus wearing this rahu stone in the middle finger benefits business personnel by settling disputes and taking out pending money. 

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  • Removing Challenges and Obstacles

If rahu is situated in the unfavorable position of your birth chart, people face problems in life. They lack opportunities in all spheres of life. Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra rashi are suggested to wear hessonite on the middle finger. It benefits the wearer by balancing the energies of the gemstone and the planet. 

  • Enhances Career Opportunities

Gomed stone benefits for career include opening up doors for new projects, promotion, and new ventures. It improves social status and financial stability. Thus, if you are struggling to get a job or after much hard work not able to get the results you deserve, wear this rahu stone on Saturday morning.

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  • Marital Bliss

Hessonite stone promotes love and harmony in married life. Wearing a gomed stone on the middle finger for female benefits them in many ways. It makes ladies calm and reduces their temperament. If worn on the left hand it removes conflicts and strengthens bonds between the couples. Generally, it takes 10-15 days for a gomedhikam gemstone to work but one should wait for at least a month to observe if it's working or not. 

  • Spiritual and Health Benefits

It promotes the absorption of nutrients and a healthy digestive system.  Hessonite is known to have anti-allergic properties and thus strengthens your immune system. Meditating with an original gomed crystal helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

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How to wear gomed stone? 

how to wear gomed stone

To gain maximum benefits you should follow a proper procedure while wearing it. It is important to consult an astrologer first who analyses your birth chart and suggests you the right stone. 

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  • Buy natural hessonite gemstone 

Purchase an untreated, natural, inclusion-free rahu stone. A gomed gemstone benefits you most if it shows a bright honey brown or red color. Remember to only shop natural gemstones that are certified so that you are assured about their authenticity. At Navratan, one can buy best quality gemstones with a certificate. Read more about how to purchase gemstones online here: 

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  • Activation of stone 

Energizing your natural stone is equally important. Read more to know the step-wise procedure of How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones? Make sure you place the gem in a mixture of honey, raw milk, holy water, and tulsi leaves. Doing so removes the negative energy of the stone and helps you gain maximum benefits. 

  • Choose a Correct Metal  

You can wear gomedhikam stone as a ring or pendant. In Vedic astrology, crafting gemstones in the correct metal is important. If you are under the Rahu mahadasha, a hessonite stone ring in silver will give you maximum benefits. 

  • Auspicious Time 

To get protected from gomed stone side effects, it must be worn at an auspicious time. Wear this rahu stone on Saturday morning during Shukla Paksha to get more astrological benefits. You can read our blog for more details here: 14 rules of wearing gemstones to consider

  • Right Mantras 

The correct mantra one should recite is “Om Rang Rahave Namaha”. Thus, along with wearing gomed stone on the middle finger, it is also essential to follow the above steps.

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