Astrological Benefits of Hessonite

Posted on September 5th, 2023 10:50 AM
Hessonite gemstone is a Navratan, one of the most powerful and dynamic gemstones in the world. It is popularly known as Gomed or Gomedha and is a stone in association with the planet Rahu. Hence, it is also known as the Rahu Stone. Rahu is a shadow planet as per Vedic astrology and can give you many negativity and challenges if it is in an unfavourable position in your birth chart. But wearing an original hessonite gemstone will remove all the harmful effects of Rahu and bring you its blessings. 
This stone is known for its honey-like hue but is most significant because of its many astrological benefits and healing properties. The belief is that Navratns are the gems with the most potent energies, and these energies can alter your life. Hessonite, aka Gomed, also has such properties and can impact the life of its wearer immensely. 
Learn all the benefits of wearing a Hessonite gemstone here. Once you know, you will never ask again what a hessonite gemstone is good for. This gem will fill your life with positivity and warmth. 

Benefits of Hessonite Stone

In various cultures worldwide, the Hessonite gemstone, also called cinnamon stone, is known for its beauty and benefits, along with its healing properties. The spiritual and mystic powers of the gem not only give you positivity but also protect you from harm. 
Here, we have mentioned briefly all the Gomed Stone benefits you should know: 
Removes Rahu's Negativity - Wearing an original Gomed stone will remove the adverse effects of Rahu from your birth chart and bring you its positivity. It will bring you luck, influence your destiny, and overcome any Karma debts you might have. 
Personal Growth - The transformative energies of the gemstone will influence your life positively and bring you many development opportunities. It will enhance your knowledge and give you new perceptions. 
Brings Success - Hessonite is a lucky stone that brings you favorable results, fortune, and success. It will motivate you to follow the road of achievement and success. 
Boosts Concentration - The stone's energies are very soothing; they help you relax your mind and concentrate better. It will give you psychological clarity and engage your thoughts in the main work you want to focus on. 
Gives Mental Clarity - It will enhance cognition and improve self-awareness. Also, will remove the fogginess or unclearness from your mind, allowing you to see clearly what is ahead of you. You will get clarity in your view. 
Emotions Healing - It will give you a relaxed mind and help you find peace. You will believe in yourself more, and if you are suffering from any emotional health concerns, the calming effect of the stone will help you overcome them.
Protection - Many people from different cultures believe that the stone has protective powers that shield you from all the negative energies around you, including evil spirits and early death.
Enhances your Instincts - Wearing this gem will enhance your intuition powers, as it will guide you in the right direction. Your insightfulness and gut feeling are strong, so you should listen to them. Your inner guidance will help you make informed and better decisions. 
Spiritual Awakening - The gem will help you make strategic choices, but it will also attend to you spiritually. The gem will facilitate spiritual awakening. It will help you get a deeper understanding of yourself, connect you to the higher powers of the universe, and help you search within yourself for your goals and purpose. Wearing a hessonite will give you unique experiences. 
People believe and have faith in the energies that revolve around us and connect everything. Hence, the stone is known to change lives for the better. However, it is highly advised to only wear the gem with the proper consultation of an expert gemologist and astrologer. 
You should make sure you are wearing an authentic and certified hessonite gemstone and following the proper Vedic pooja process. 

Healing Properties of Hessonite Gemstone 

The powers of the Hessonite stone also positively affect your body. It helps you heal and cure many diseases, as well as protects you from viruses and illnesses. 
Healing Properties of Hessonite Gemstone

  • It will strengthen your immune system, which is our body's first line of defense against harmful bacteria and infections. Our natural defence mechanism powers will boost. 
  • The Gomed gemstone is highly believed to treat any ailments related to the respiratory system. It provides relief from allergies, asthma, and bronchitis. It will help you improve as well as control your breathing and help you have healthy lungs. 
  • Your digestive tract will be more substantial. If you suffer from the problems of the stomach a lot, Hessonite is the gem for you. It will have a powerful impact on your digestive system entirely. It will create an easygoing effect that helps cure acidity and indigestion. It will also provide relief from high acidity levels. 
  • The effects of the stone will remove all the toxic substances from your body. Indeed, you will be protected from any further poisonous matter. It will detoxify your blood and collect the contaminants from the body, making your liver and kidneys fit. 
  • It will regulate the blood flow in your body. The blood circulation will be maintained properly. The support to healthy circulation will lead to the regulation and maintenance of blood pressure as well. Overall, your cardiovascular system will work well. 
  • The gem will regulate your hormones and help you stabilize your mood swings. Any imbalance during menstruation in women will get balanced as well. 
  • Hessonite stone benefits also include improving skin. It treats many skin issues, such as eczema and psoriasis. Your skin will glow and be free of acne or pimples. 
  • It will also help with weight loss or weight gain. If you are worried about your body weight and want to manage it, wear a natural Gomed. 
  • The gem will also help in the speedy recovery of any external or internal injury. If you have been in an accident or surgery and are healing, the high vibrational energies of the gem will lessen the pain and heal you faster. It will provide you relief from the constant pain. 
  • Cooling energies of the gem will also provide relief from inflammation. It will make you active and lively too. 
  • Please note that the gems work as a catalyst to improve your health. They are not a substitute for proper medical treatment and medications. 

Astrological Significance of Hessonite 

Astrological Significance of Hessonite
According to Vedic astrology, the Hessonite or Gomedha stone is a stone of Rahu, a Karma planet. So, the gem is related to the Karma threads, whether past, present, or future. The Hindu religion strongly believes that Karma is very important because whatever you give comes back to you. 
The Vedic philosophical system defines Karma as a concept of collective action taken by the universe or higher powers against your actions. It can be both negative and positive. Karma can greatly affect your life as it will connect your timeline and reveal the intricate past to the future. 
Hessonite's connection with Rahu will help you in this if you want to balance out your Karma. The negative sins and all the bad things you have done, or all the Karmic debts you have, the Hessonite stone will guide you to overcome them. 
It will transform you, teach you lessons, and lead you on the right path. If you listen to your intuition and follow the path the gem takes you, the obstacles in your life will be removed. 
The gem, with its transformative powers and Rahu's blessings, will transform you personally and liberate you from the Karmic chain. It will develop you emotionally and spiritually to align with the flow of life. You will be able to achieve all your personal goals. Your conscious and subconscious will become connected, and your concentration powers will enhance. 
Additionally, Rahu stone benefits include helping you gain greater insight into the complexities of life. It will provide more clarity in your thoughts, remove confusion, and assist you to focus better on what you want to improve in your life.


In the realm of astrology, the cosmos and your birth chart are interrelated, and experts can tell your destiny by seeing the position of the planets. Sometimes, there are many negative things and challenges in your life that you can overcome if you follow the advice and wear certain gemstones. Hessonite is one such gem, its positive energies, soothing vibes and protection abilities will help you achieve your life purpose. 
With faith and devotion, if you will embrace the gem and wear it in such a form (ring or pendant) that it continuously keeps in touch with you and lets its energies flow through you, you will get all its profits mentioned above. 

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