Health Benefits of Hessonite

Health Benefits of Hessonite
Posted on July 16th, 2021 12:42 PM

Since times immemorial, we humans have relied on the mystery of magic and gemstones are one of the most magical things present around us. Hessonite aka gomed ratan in Hindi and in Sanskrit, or 'Gomedhikam stone' , is an amazing astrological gemstone that has great mystical powers with it. According to Vedic astrology, this supernatural gem Hessonite represents the malefic planet Rahu, which however has no actual existence in our solar system, but owing to its powers and strength it has acquired the status of a planet. 

Since it is an extremely mystical stone that may result differently for different people, Hessonite gemstone should only be worn after duly consulting an expert astrologer. However, those individuals who have an ill-placed Rahu in their birth chart should definitely wear this stone to overcome all the evil effects of this planet and achieve a state of sound health and optimal well-being. Besides these preliminary personal and professional benefits, it carries several other incredible health advantages in the life of its owner. Let us give a quick glance at a few of them. 

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Health Benefits of Wearing Gomed Stone 

Hessonite eliminates illness 


Strength and liveliness is the main asset a person may have. One of the most proclaimed benefits of wearing a Hessonite Stone (Gomed) is that it helps in treating various ailments such as fatigue, Epilepsy, Hemorrhoids, eye infection, intestinal issues, and gastric and metabolism disorders. It is also beneficial in curing some incurable illnesses like cancer, blood cancer, and chronic communicable diseases like Leprosy, Psoriasis, etc. 


Gomed strengthen your intuitive powers and fetch fitness


A real Gomed gem or Hessonite gemstone is believed to be associated with the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra of a person. Sahasrara is considered as the origin of all other chakras and hence seen as a powerful chakra. Through this chakra, hessonite energizes the life of its wearer. It brings fitness and delivers immense spiritual benefit to its wearer. Together with driving to physical fitness, Hessonite also helps an individual to identify his or her inner originality, unexplored wisdom, and intuitive powers.


Eradicates the evil effects of Rahu

Since Gomed is ruled by the planet Rahu, it carries the power to eliminate all the evil eye effects of this planet from a person’s life. A weakly placed Rahu in your house of a horoscope can indicate certain health problems for you. It can create asthma, insomnia, insanity, constipation, and stomach problems. A Real Hessonite gem holds the potential to counter all these problems. Wearing of games can bring sudden profits to the health of its native. However, to avail maximum benefits out of this gem, always ensure to only wear a certified Gomed or Hessonite stone.


Makes the owner mentally more strong

Though the Rahu lacks a physical existence in our universe, yet it is among the most influencing planets, which hold the power to intellect, wicked, or confuse a person. This savage situation can create weakness of the mind and result in certain mental disorders. It can even turn an individual secretive, defiant, and irresponsible in nature. Now here comes a Natural Gomed Stone in the picture. It not just brings positivity back but also aids the person to overcome stress and depression and deal with life problems with more zeal and positivity. 


Renders the five fruits of life


As per Vedic astrology, there are primarily five fruits of an ultimate life i.e., Artha (the joy of prosperity), Dharma (knowledge of righteous living), Kama (the necessary pleasures of the body), Moksha (the ultimate cheerful salvation), and Dhyana (meditation). Upon wearing correctly, this supernatural stone, Hessonite, gathers all the prosperity from the universe and assists an individual to grab these five fruits of life and brings the complete purpose to one’s life. Therefore, it has rightly been considered as the most superior gemstone among all. 


How and Who to Wear Hessonite

Be it Gomed (Hessonite) or the rich red precious Ruby, any piece of astrological gem benefits at its best level only when worn in the correct manner by the right people. In order to avail all the required information regarding the Vedic procedure of wearing Gomed and suitable ascendants, read out our previous blog Who Should Wear Gomed.


Buy Gomed (Hessonite) Online  

As mentioned earlier, it is always prudent to consult an expert astrologist before wearing any gem. On the same note, it is equally crucial to wear an original and natural gem. Henceforth while planning to buy any gemstone, prefer to only buy Certified gemstones. The same rule goes with Gomed, in order to grab the maximum results, always step to wear a natural Gomed. You can buy it from a reliable jeweler from your local market or you can visit a trusted gemstone website

              You can also explore Navratan, the online gem Bazar for the widest range of Real Gomed Gemstones Online at the most reasonable price segment. Here you will get a certificate of authenticity from the world’s renowned gemstone testing laboratories like GRS, GIA, and Gubelin alongside every gemstone you purchase. You can also avail yourself of worldwide shipping options along with an easy return facility. Connect now for the latest offers and best shopping experience.

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