Incredible Benefits of Wearing a Gomed or Hessonite Stone

Posted on May 21st, 2021 01:50 PM

Nowadays, there are various types of precious stones available in the local and international gemstones market. Thanks to the latest technology, which today enables us to buy gemstones online. These colored gemstones hold a close association with Vedic astrology and therefore have a remarkable significance in our regular lives.

Among all the nine precious gemstones (Navratna), Gomed stone, otherwise known as Hessonite Gemstone in English, is a popular gem in the Hindu Mythology. The malefic planet Rahu is believed to be the ruler of this supernatural gemstone. Henceforth, Hessonite pleases and governs the movements of the malefic planet ‘Rahu’ and carries great religious significance for the people who believe in it. Gomed got its English name ‘Hessonite’ out of a Greek word ‘Hesson’ that means ‘inferior’.

                    Gomed Ratan or Hessonite is a semi-precious stone that arises in a beautiful honey to deep brown shade. This powerful member of the Navratna gemstone family is made up of aluminum silicate and chemically belongs to the garnet clan. It provides endless positivity and several astrological benefits to its wearer. Let us learn a little more about the benefits of wearing a Gomed gemstone.

 Benefits of Gomed Stone

Brings Peace of Mind

Conceptual tranquillity, calmness, and swiftness are the key benefits of wearing a Natural Hessonite gemstone. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Gomed Ratan is considered an extremely effective gemstone to bring about mental peace. It calms the stressful and depressing thoughts of the mind and relieves the owner from depression, anxiety, and mental illness. Those who are suffering some sort of tension or depression in their personal or professional lifespan, or who are simply looking out for ways to attain calmness, can wear a Gomed Ring and avail desired results.


Improves the Health Conditions

Gomed stone brings out several positive effects on the health of its wearer. By owning a Real Hessonite Stone, you not only get various health benefits like better mental health, a sound gastric and respiratory system but it also helps you to get rid of numerous ailments such as asthma, indigestion, and epilepsy. Gomed is also known for improving the heart conditions of its users. Meanwhile, this miraculous stone also benefits in eye infections and skin allergies, etc. However, in order to grab maximum astrological advantages on health, one should only wear a certified Gomed Stone.


Balances the Planetary Measures

The extraordinary cosmic powers of a Natural Gomed Stone serve the best to balance out the planetary, especially Rahu’s, alignment in an individual’s house of horoscope. It functions effectively to not just protect you from the evil effects of the planet Rahu but also provides you a shield from negative vibes, thoughts, and energies. Often the astrologers recommend wearing this mystic gem along with a Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl or Lehsuniya stone to counter both the hardest Rahu and Ketu Maha Dasha. The combination of both these stones results in increasing the wealth and health of a person.


Brings Creativity and Confidence

As per adept astrologers, Gomed Ratna is said to be the stone of clarity. It endorses you with an extensive amount of clarity, creativity, and confidence. Thus, wearing a Real Hessonite stone is considered immensely beneficial for people who are prone to high stress and low self-confidence in their day-to-day lives. It is of great help to creative professionals such as writers, painters, singers, directors, designers, event managers, and commissioning traders. It aids in dispelling all sorts of personal and professional confusion, timidity, and fear from the minds, thereby improving the concentration and confidence level of the wearer.


Conveys the Five Fruits of Life

According to Indian Vedic astrology, there are five distinct fruits in the life of an individual. Namely, Meditation (Dhayan), Salvation or Nirvana (Moksha), financial prosperity (Artha), righteous living (Dharma), and pleasures of the human body (Kama). On spiritual and astrological grounds, it is highly believed that achieving all these five fruits in life is the highest rank in the path of divinity, spirituality, and inner peace. It is possible to conquer all these five fruits of life with the help of an unheated Gomed Stone. Hessonite gem helps a person to attain Salvation, Meditation, financial security, righteous living, and pleasures of the body altogether.


Upgrades Power and Position

Astrologically, it is held that the planet Rahu monitors your finances and when Rahu occupies a favorable position in your house of horoscope, it brings out a lot of surprises for you. Since Rahu is the ruling planet of Gomed gemstone, wearing a Hessonite ring enhances your financial gains and maintains sustainable stability. Besides good health and wealth, Hessonite, also known as Gomedh or Gomedak in Hindi, assists in the acquisition of power, position, name, and fame. When worn of the right color, carat weight, and in the correctly prescribed time and procedure, it also influences public opinions in your favor. Therefore, Gomed is best for PR, diplomats, and politicians.


Bestows with a Blissful Married Life

No matter how strong your friendship is, once you are married, life changes. Even the harsh fact is that no marriage is perfect. Together with endless happiness, a nuptial life comes with a number of new changes, challenges, and difficulties both for man as well as woman. On this way of adjustments, sometimes people find it hard to handle and some may even fail. Here comes a Natural Hessonite Gemstone into the picture.

                  Last but not the least, a happy and blissful marriage is one of the many known benefits of wearing a Gomed Stone. For all those who are facing problems in their married life, Gomed can be the go-to resolution. It helps couples to clear out misunderstandings and bring back the lost peace and happiness in their marriage. Upon wearing a real hessonite ring both husband and wife lead on the track of an ever-lasting and happy matrimony.

Some Frequently Asked Question About Gomed Stone

What is Gomed Stone Called in English?

The Gomed stone is called "Hessonite Garnet" in English.

Why to Wear Gomed Stone?

People wear Gomed stone for its believed astrological benefits, including enhancing clarity of thought, improving focus, and countering malefic planetary influences.

What is Gomed Stone Used for?

Gomed stone is used in astrology and gem therapy to counter malefic planetary influences, enhance clarity of thought, and improve focus.

Can We Wear Gomed and Lehsunia Together?

Wearing Gomed (Hessonite) and Lehsunia (Cat's Eye) together is generally not recommended in astrology as they represent opposing planets, Rahu and Ketu. It's important to consult with an astrologer for personalized advice.

In How Many Days Gomed Show its Effect?

The effects of Gomed stone in astrology are believed to vary among individuals. It may take weeks to months, depending on the person and their astrological circumstances.

Is Gomed and Garnet Same?

Gomed and Garnet are not the same. Gomed, also known as Hessonite, is a type of Garnet, but Garnet is a broader category of gemstones that includes various types.

How Gomed Stone Works?

Gomed stone is believed to work in astrology by countering malefic planetary influences, enhancing mental clarity, and improving focus. Its effects are attributed to its association with the planet Rahu.

How and When to Wear Gomed Stone?

Wear Gomed stone in a silver ring or pendant on a Saturday during the evening. Consult with an astrologer for specific guidance on wearing it based on your birth chart.

Who Should Not Wear Gomed Stone?

Gomed stone should be avoided by those with a weak Rahu in their birth chart, individuals with adverse effects of Rahu, or under the guidance of an experienced astrologer.

Who Can Wear Gomed Stone?

Gomed stone can be worn by individuals after consulting with an astrologer to assess its compatibility with their birth chart and specific astrological needs.

Can I Wear Opal and Gomed Together?

Wearing Opal and Gomed together is generally not recommended in astrology, as they are believed to represent opposing planets, Venus and Rahu. It's advisable to consult with an astrologer for personalized guidance.

Is Gomed a Powerful Stone?

Gomed stone is considered powerful in astrology, believed to have beneficial effects in countering malefic planetary influences and enhancing mental clarity and focus. However, its power varies for each individual based on their birth chart and astrological factors.

Can I Wear Gomed and Cat's Eye Together?

Wearing Gomed (Hessonite) and Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) together is generally not recommended in astrology as they are associated with opposing planets, Rahu and Ketu. It's advised to consult with an astrologer for personalized advice.

Can We Wear Gomed and Pukhraj Together?

Wearing Gomed (Hessonite) and Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) together is not recommended in astrology as they represent opposing planets, Rahu and Jupiter. It's best to seek advice from an astrologer for personalized guidance.


Buy Certified Gomed Stone Online 

If you are also planning to get this beautiful precious stone and avail of its countless astrological advantages, it is highly recommended to only buy real Gomed stone. Regardless of the well-known local market or a trusted online gemstone store, in order to ensure the credibility of the stone while purchasing, always ask for a certificate of authenticity alongside. Have a Happy Shopping.

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