Gomed:- A Perfect Solution To Rahu

Posted on July 2nd, 2022 10:34 AM

Rahu is considered a mystical planet in ancient Hindu methodology, somewhat similar to Saturn aka Shani. An unfavorable position of Rahu in ones house of horoscope leads to numerous health, financial, and relationship problems in the persons life. In order to counter the negative consequences and raise the auspicious influence of this cosmic planet, it is beneficial to wear the gemstone of Rahu, Gomed, instead of the gemstone of the lord of the house in which Rahu is located. If you are facing the same sort of problems in your living, you should certainly adorn a Original Gomed Stone followed by an astrologers recommendation. 

About Gomed Stone

Gomed stone is also known as Hessonite Stone in English. Natural hessonite gemstone is a brownish-yellow colored crystal that is widely used for astrological purposes. The color of this supernatural gem lightly resembles a dark honey shade. On the chemical ground, it is a semi-precious stone that hails out of the grossular Garnet mineral family and holds a hardness between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. It is found abundantly in India, Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, and South America. Although out of all the origins, Ceylon Hessonite Gemstone is the most sought-after variety.   

What do astrologers say about wearing hessonite gemstones?

Most astrologers believe in the theory of suitability. They consider that one should only wear this gemstone only if it suits them regardless of your zodiac sign. You must go to an expert astrologer and confirm if the Gomed gemstone is lucky or unlucky for your according to the position of planets and stars in your birth chart. You can also read Who Can Wear Hessonite to check your suitability for this stone. 

            Astrologers recommend the use of this supernatural stone against the evil eye. Black magic will not affect you. It expels fear and to grow spiritually. It helps with phobias, unnatural fear, and insanity. Besides eliminating the inauspicious effects of the esoteric planet Rahu, Gomedhikam stone is believed to carry numerous blessings for the personal and professional life of its wearer. It not only cures health and skin problems but also aids to achieve success in his or her career. Here are some tips for you to get an idea if you should buy hessonite stone

Who Can Wear Hessonite Stone Ring 

1. Indian Vedic astrology says that hessonite stone is beneficial for the Aquarius zodiac sign individuals or Kumbh Rashi. 

2. While western astrologists suggest it as the birthstone for the Gemini sun sign. 

3. It is also considered lucky for the owners of Taurus and Libra signs.

4. Gomed is highly recommended for people undergoing Rahu Mahadasha

Note:- If you are going through the tough phase of Rahu Maha Dasha in your life, then you should certainly adorn a Natural Gomed Ratna Ring or any other piece of jewelry made of hessonite. 

How To Wear Hessonite (Gomed) Gemstone 

It is suggested by astrologists that you should wear it with silver. The metal of silver is going to add more magical energy to its metaphysical properties. Well, all this information is just for general knowledge. Although people who do not believe in astrology, can wear it safely and live their life happily. You can check out the entire Vedic procedure of wearing this gem in How to Wear A Gomed or Hessonite Stone.

Hessonite And Your Horoscope 

We often talk about the luck and benefits this stone brings to you. However, what if it doesn't suit you. Now let us discuss what can a gomed ratna do to you if it is unlucky for you? The most it can do is confuse your mind. It will make a little negative impression on your psychology. Although Taurus ascendants are safe from these kinds of disadvantages of this stone. 

Those with Rahu in their 3rd, 6th, 8th, or 12th house should wear a gomed gemstone for sure. Especially if you are in a profession that requires a lot of physical activities, such as army, police, or sports, then wearing natural gemstones like Hessonite can turn out to be a beneficial decision for you. 

You must wear hessonite if your Rahu is giving weak results in your birth chart. In family relations, hessonite signifies grandfather. If the gemstone suits you, it is gonna help you with power, success, cleverness, and courage. It will clear the confusion and give stability to your personality. 

Hessonite is measured to be an extremely accommodating stone if you want to be successful in the law field, court affair, political career, or travel venture. Some people also thought gomedhikam stone is helpful for bringing luck in gambling.

Buy Certified Hessonite Online

For assuring maximum benefits make sure to invest your money in a natural piece of hessonite gemstone. Because only a natural gem will provide you with the desired fate and fortune in the future. Though, buying purely natural gemstones is quite a tough task since they are hard to be found. As 100% genuine gems are extremely rare, most sellers sell artificial and synthetic stones in lieu of real ones. Henceforth, one needs to be extra careful while buying such a precious thing. You should only buy gemstones online from a trusted gemstone store or website that enables you to be double sure with a certificate of authenticity while purchasing these precious gemstones online. Navratan, the online gem Bazar holds the widest collection of original hessonite gems along with an authenticity certificate at the best price. Call +91 9982805500 anytime for more information. 

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