How to Wear A Gomed or Hessonite Stone

Posted on June 10th, 2021 03:14 PM

Hessonite Gemstone, otherwise known as Gomed Ratan in the Hindi language, is a beautiful honey to deep brown colored stone of the grossular Garnet mineral group. This semi-precious gemstone is a prominent part of the nine navratna gemstone family and renowned as ‘the stone of the planet Rahu’. Natural Gomed is primarily worn to overcome the evil effects of the malefic planet Rahu and grab its positivity. Other popular names of this honey-colored gemstone are Gomedh, Gomedak, Pingasphatik, Rahuratna, Tamomani, and Tranavar. Owing to its historic connection with the Spice-producing country of Sri Lanka, Gomedh Ratan is known as Cinnamon-Stone in English. While in Chinese it is called Pissi and in Arabic, it is Hazar Yamani

                    According to Vedic astrology science, Hessonite is one of the most popular gemstones when it comes to delivering astrological benefits. It carries an endless number of advantages for its wearer. Besides protecting from the toughest Rahu Mahadash, a real Gomed is best known for improving your income & wealth level, enhancing your power & position, bestowing you to gain more confidence, creativity, and mental clarity. Hessonite also works wonders for your physical health. The amazing supernatural powers of this miraculous gemstone provide you with a better gastric and respiratory system. For detailed Benefits of Hessonite, read our previous blog naming, Incredible Benefits of Wearing a Gomed or Hessonite Stone

However, before you plan to buy gomed online, you should know an essential fact about gemstones. Whether it is Gomed or any other gemstone, it performs at its best level when worn in the rightly prescribed manner. Moreover, the results may differ from person to person, henceforth, consult an expert astrologer, along with your birth chart and ensure your suitability. Here we are going to see the Vedic procedure of wearing a Hessonite gemstone. 


In order to ensure the best and the maximum benefits out of your Real Gomed Ring, it is extremely important to have an excellent quality of gomed stone. Let us have a look at some of the key points to determine the quality of this stone or you can simply buy a certified Gomed (Hessonite) gemstone online from a trusted gemstone store. 


When we are talking about the quality of a gemstone, besides its origin, its color and clarity play an important role. Similarly, in the case of Gomed gem, a reddish-orange or deep honey hue with less or no inclusion is more preferred. Though among all the shades and clarity levels, a natural and unheated Hessonite stone is considered ideal for astrological purposes.


Be it hessonite or any other gemstone, it delivers a maximum level of advantages only when it is worn in a correct carat weight. In general, the gomed gem should weigh 1/10th of the body weight of the wearer. For instance, if you are weighing 60 Kgs in total, you need to wear a 6 carats of Gomed stone.


To fetch maximum favorable results and astrological benefits from your Hessonite ring, prefer wearing it with silver. Astrologers also suggest that one should wear a natural Gomed stone, in a silver ring. Though, in exceptional cases, astrologers also suggest other metals like white gold or platinum.


To gain the maximum personal and professional advantages out of your Gomed ring or jewelry, you are advised to wear it in the middle finger of your right or working hand. However, you can consult an expert astrologer for the best piece of advice. Other than the ring, you can wear any jewelry of your choice providing that the stone is touching your skin directly. 


If you are also wondering about when to wear Gomed (Hessonite) stone, or if you want to know the right time to wear Hessonite gemstone then we are here to help you. Early Saturday morning time is said to be the best time to wear Gomed. You can wear it any time between 5 am to 7 am.


In order to make a gemstone perform at its best level, following the Vedic procedure of wearing is the key. Since a gemstone passes through various stages and touches prior to finally reaching you. The same is the case with Hessonite gemstones. So here comes the most crucial part of this process, i.e., purification and activation. 


Place your Gimed stone or any other jewelry made of this stone in a clean bowl. Now fill the bowl with some holy Gangajal, raw cow milk, half a spoon of pure honey, and a piece of basil (tulsi) leaf. Leave the stone dipped into this solution for 30 minutes so that it eradicates all the impurities, negativities, and unwanted vibes lying. Far ahead, take out the stone or the complete jewelry and clean it with regular clean water. Now carefully wipe it off with a soft piece of clean cloth and proceed to energize it.


Without proper activation, a gemstone fails to deliver the utmost desired benefits. Therefore, you should energize and activate your gomed stone before wearing it. For the said purpose, place the cleaned stone or ring or any other jewelry you have on a clean cloth and chant Om Rang Rahave Namaha or "ॐ रां राहवे नमः"  for 108 times to please the noxious planet Rahu. Now you are good to go.

Who Should Wear Gomed? 

Since hessonite stone is ruled by the planet Rahu, Indian Vedic astrology prescribes Gomed for Kumbh Rashi or Aquarius zodiac sign. On the other hand, western astrology assigns Hessonite gemstone for the Gemini sun sign. However, owners of Libra and Taurus zodiac signs can also wear this beautiful stone. Nevertheless, you should meet an expert astrologer, before wearing this gem, who will suggest whether you should wear it or not, after thoroughly reading your birth chart and position of stars and planets in your house of horoscope. 

Buy Real Gomed Online

Gemstone is an expensive investment, thus you should be very judicious while buying gemstone online. If you wanna grab the blessings of planet Rahu and avail yourself of all the goodness of this majestic gemstone, it is highly recommended to wear an original piece of Real Hessonite Gemstone. To ensure the best of the quality, you can also buy natural gomed online from Navratan, the Online Gem Bazar.

            Besides a wide variety of unheated gomed gemstones, you will get a certificate of authenticity with every purchase you made. So now you can explore the premium range of Certified Hessonite Gemstones in the most reasonable price segment. Avail worldwide shipping and an easy return option. Grab the Goodness of Genuine Gomed. 

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