How Can A Hessonite Gemstone Brings You Luck..!

Posted on March 23rd, 2022 04:31 PM

Hessonite is a honey-colored gemstone from the calcium aluminum silicate (Ca3Al2Si3O12) mineral family. On the astrological ground, it is an effectively powerful gemstone that protects against the evil effects of the malefic planet Rahu. Vedic astrologers hold a deep belief in the strengths of this supernatural healing crystal. But even modern therapists verify the incredible corrective powers of an Original Gomed Stone, also referred to as Gomedhikam stone in Sanskrit.

Featured among the nine holy gemstones i.e., Navratna, this reddish-brown to deep honey-colored stone is largely used in statement pieces of jewelry. In order to reap the utmost benefits, it is worn in the form of Hessonite rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets where the stone stays in direct contact with the skin of the wearer. Besides being employed in healing therapies, Gomed Stone is one of the most influential jewels in the world. Wearing Hessonite jewelry is always beneficial for you. Let us explore how. 

Godsends of Gomed Gemstone 

  • Financial Prosperity 

Being the stone of Rahu, Gomed or Gomedh assist to align this mysterious planet in a fortunate position. Thereby, while carrying a better position, Rahu bestows you with increased monetary gains. Gomed opens up the opportunities of income from different sources and serves you with the desired financial prosperity.  

  • Improves Concentration power 

Carrying an original hessonite stone effectively enhances ones engagement strength and creativity skills. Henceforth, it is measured excessively beneficial for students and scholars who need more concentration and clarity of mind in their day-to-day living. 

  • Treats Health 

Gomed helps in treating various health issues such as leprosy, epilepsy, and the sinus. It also aids you to get rid of eye problems, blood pressure concerns, palpitation of the heart, vein-related diseases, palpitation of the heart, hemorrhoids, fatigue, etc. Hessonite delivers steady relief in intestinal and gastric disorders. It resolves ailments like asthma, anxiety, and indigestion, 

  • Harbinger of Good Luck  

Good luck is one of the many known benefits of wearing a gomed stone. Apart from protecting from the ill effects of Rahu, Hessonite benefits the wearer on several perspectives of life for instance personal, professional, and health. It acts as a harbinger of love, success, and good health. 

  • Bestows Power and Position 

When Rahu occupies a favorable position in your house of horoscope, you hold the power to influence public opinions in your favor. Thus it is considered extremely beneficial for the individuals working in politics, PR, media, event management, diplomatic positions, or commissioning trades. 

Buy Certified Hessonite (Gomed) Stone Online 

At Navratan, the online gem Bazar you can explore the widest segment of certified colored gemstones online. Such certifications from leading gem-labs like SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin, not only act as proof of their originality but also make the stones astrologically efficient. You can also have an expert consultation by a learned astrologist who can guide you with your suitable stone depending upon the planetary position of stars and planets in your birth chart according to Vedic astrology. 

Note:- Be it Gomed Ratna or Moonga gem, any astrological stone performs at its utmost abilities only when worn in the correct manner. The same rule goes when it comes to reaping Hessonite benefits. So, if you are also wearing this stunning cosmic stone, particularly for astrological godsends, adhere to the correct procedure of wearing Gomed

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