Panna Stone Benefits for Female

Posted on May 17th, 2024 05:56 PM

Panna Ratna is called emerald stone in English. It is for the planet Mercury and is beneficial for zodiac signs such as Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn. This stone can be worn by anyone whose birth chart shows weak positioning of the mercury planet. This precious green gemstone benefits individuals with abundance and good analytical and communication skills. As the energy of this gem resonates with men, it also resonates well with females. Emerald stone benefits various aspects of a woman's life. Let's see what are the advantages of wearing this budh Ratna:

Panna Stone

5 Panna Stone Benefits for Ladies 

Pachu stone is the Marathi name for Emerald and has been revered for its excellent properties in Vedic astrology. It is believed that if Budha graha is in a favorable position in a female birth chart, she is blessed with a happy married life, a good career, and intelligence. On the contrary, if you want to give power to any of these aspects of your life, wearing an original panna  can help. If the ruling planet Mercury is lord of the excellent house but is situated in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house in your natal chart, then individuals are suggested to wear an emerald. Other than this, if it is afflicted by Mangal, Rahu, and Ketu, which are enemy planets of Budh graha, one is suggested to wear this green gemstone. 

Let's see how it is effective for females. 

  • Enhanced Love in Relationships 

Along with Mercury, Pachu stone is also associated with the planet Venus which represents love and beauty in astrology. For females, wearing a panna in the ring finger benefits in strengthening existing relationships. The powerful energy of Mercury and Venus together helps promote love, compassion, and harmony. It stimulates deeper connection and understanding within the partners. As per color therapy, green color is calming and relaxing, making you stress-free. So, Panna Stone benefits females in that they are able to make effective decisions. The color green symbolizes prosperity, new beginnings, and love. Thus, emerald engagement rings are a perfect gift for making moments memorable. 

  • Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem

If you are an ambitious working woman who wants to make the best choices in her career, Panna is the lucky stone for you. This gemstone is believed to enhance inner strength and remove self-doubt. Wear an emerald ring in the little finger of your left hand. This will stimulate the Sacral chakra, which is directly connected to the little finger. Thus, embracing this gem in the correct finger will build confidence in ladies. So they are more determined and can pursue their goals with ease. 

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  • Promotes Fertility and Motherhood

The Panna stone benefits for females have been profound in various cultures and traditions. One such benefit is the relation of this precious gem with fertility and motherhood. It is believed that tying an emerald stone on the thigh aids relief from labor pain during pregnancy. This green gemstone can be helpful for those trying to conceive, but nothing has worked so far. It is believed that meditating with or keeping 7 ratti Pachu Stone along the bedside regulates hormonal balance and improves overall reproductive health in women. 

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  • Emotional Healing and Stability

This gemstone is associated with the heart chakra, symbolizing love, compassion, and emotional healing. The ruling planet, Mercury, is linked to communication and self-expression. Thus, the Panna Stone benefits a female who is undergoing depression but is not able to express their feelings to anyone; wearing emeralds on the little finger can be beneficial. It encourages open communication and a sense of understanding; thus, the wearer gets tranquility. Green is a relaxing color, so meditating by keeping it on the left palm helps you overcome office stress. 

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  • Enhanced Intuition and Creativity

Women working in creative fields are suggested to wear this mercury stone.  It heightens intuitive abilities and increases creativity, new ideas, and innovation. So, if you work in any profession, like writing, painting, or art, wearing this natural green gem is your lucky stone. An original emerald clears the mental fog. Thus, you can make effective decisions and stimulate problem-solving and risk-taking abilities. For females who want to make their name in the business world, embracing Pacha stone helps them achieve their goals with perfection. 

How to Wear Emerald Stone for Females?

How to Wear Emerald Stone

-Buy only natural pachu ratna to get maximum benefits. Purchasing it from a reputable gem dealer like Navratan will help you get the best deal like no one else. 

The Ratna should be vivid green in color and highly clear, allowing cosmic energy to flow throughout the wearer's body. 

Initially, you can keep it in your purse to check its effects. If it suits you, it will show positive results in 2-3 days. Read our blog, How to Know if Panna is Working, to learn what can be done if it is not showing its results in the desired time. 

-It is suggested that this green gemstone should be worn in the little finger of the right hand. If you are a working female, you should wear the pachu stone ring in the left hand, or else you can wear it in the right hand. 

-Energize your stone before wearing it. Read our blog How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones? To gain insight on the correct way to restore energy within any stone.

Do not wear a cracked or broken gem, as this will not give you results. So, even when buying Pacha stone online, make sure you check for its physical appearance. 

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