How to know if Panna is Working?

Posted on April 8th, 2024 05:45 PM

Panna, known as emerald in English, is the most popular variety of beryl mineral. It is associated with the planet M nercury or Budh, which represents intellect, love, wealth and abundance. Buddha Ratna is worn on the little finger of the right hand. If your birth chart features a weak placement of Mercury, you can wear this green gemstone. It benefits you in all spheres of life, whether in finance or personal or professional aspects. Does Panna really work? Yes, it does, provided you wear it correctly, following all the rituals before and after wearing it.

Moreover, it's all about your belief that makes this gem positively work for you. The stronger your faith in gemstone working, the more positive results you get. Generally, the original emerald stone takes 2-3 days to show its effects. Let's find out how to know if it is working or not:

What is Emerald Stone, and What is Its Significance in Astrology?

Before moving on to the workings of this precious stone, let's briefly introduce it. This fantastic gem's vivid green colour signifies new beginnings, hope, rebirth and prosperity. As per colour therapy, green is a soothing colour which relaxes your mind and soul. According to ancient lore, it was considered the stone that relaxes eye strain. Thus, emerald effects on the body bring positive health and healing benefits. In Vedic astrology, this beryl stone holds a vital place. Linked to Mercury, Panna is an auspicious ratna for Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo and Libra. Individuals with strong mercury placement in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th and 10th houses can wear this stone. However, hara panna is not for everyone since individuals' energy does not match the gemstones. Thus, one should know what changes occur after wearing emeralds.

How to Know if Panna is Working in Astrology?

how to know if panna is working in astrology=

People with Scorpio, Aries, and Cancer Rashi should not wear green emerald stones without consultation with an astrologer. Even if your Rashi is suitable for the stone, observing the positive and negative effects of the Panna stone is always essential. In Western culture, the pachu stone is the birthstone for May, and gifting it as jewelry offers prosperity and new beginnings for loved ones. This May birthstone auspiciously serves as a beautiful engagement or wedding ring bestowing love and happiness among couples. Thus, with Budh Ratna's many benefits, it's vital to understand whether Pachu is working or not.

  • If after wearing this stone, you think your mind has become more focused, sharper, and clearer than before, this stone is working for you. This green gem is connected to the planet Mercury, which, if present in the correct position, provides the wearer with great decision-making power and intellect. Conversely, if it is present in a weak position, wearing a panna helps the individual gain great benefits. 

  • Wearing this beryl stone helps people in professions such as public speaking, politicians, salesmen, or anyone from the education field. It improves the wearer's communication skills. If you notice an improvement in self-expression and self-confidence, Pachu Stone works for you. 

  • It is associated with wealth and prosperity. Thus, if you observe the flow of wealth from any source, personal or professional, this stone is working for you. Business people are facing issues getting blocked money; if after wearing a natural emerald stone, they can get the same, this gem is lucky for you.

  • If you notice negative changes after wearing panna, such as depression, anxiety, or stress, you should remove it. Observe your state before and after wearing the stone. If it is after wearing this gem, you should consult an astrologer. Since pachu stones don't suit everyone, taking an opinion from a reputed astrologer is essential. 

  • Panna stone benefits for marriage include inducing love and compassion between couples. If you are a female and advised to wear this stone on your ring finger, look for the signs. The negative changes after wearing emerald for female include depression, restlessness and emotional imbalance. If you are experiencing instability and conflicts in your marriage, don't panic. You can always look for solutions. Wear a Pacha ring on the little finger of your left hand and then observe the changes. 

  • Green emeralds show their effects within 2-3 days. They benefit your health in a positive way by boosting your immune system, promoting healthy skin, and improving digestion. If you are struggling with any health issue and you see a significant improvement or relief, this stone is working best for you. 

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Changes After Wearing Emerald: What Factors Should You Consider?

-Make sure you buy original pachu ratna. If your gemstone is not working, one primary reason may be its originality. Natural stones work best according to Vedic astrology. You can also test panna stone at home. Know more about the process here: How to Tell if a Gem is Real?

-Buy natural pachu ratna from a reputed gem marketplace. Navratan, the online gem bazaar in Jaipur, provides you with a wide range of stones with certificates from recognized gemological institutes. 

-Changes after wearing panna can be positive or negative. Observe them closely. Before wearing, follow proper guidelines. Read more in this blog: 14 rules of wearing gemstones to consider

-If you are feeling sleepy, or getting bad dreams after wearing this precious green ratna, remove it for sometime and then observe. Activate panna again with all the prana prathistha rituals. The best day and time to wear the original emerald stone is Wednesday morning between 5AM to 7AM.

-Do not wear a cracked gemstone or a used stone, as you will never be able to observe whether Pachu works for you.

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