5 Benefits of wearing emerald in ring finger. A Detailed Guide

Posted on March 27th, 2024 05:24 PM

4 days back, a customer visited us to buy an emerald stone. As our habit, our team enquired on the details of what type they were advised for. The carat weight, color, and clarity determine the best price. After discussing everything, when she finalized the ring design and the size, we were surprised to know that she was advised to wear emerald on ring finger. It has always been the little finger as the suggested panna stone finger but she was recommended to wear panna in ring finger. We looked for the benefits of wearing emerald in ring finger to understand why was she recommended so. And this blog is a detailed guide to it. 

But first -

What is emerald and the right finger to wear it?

Emerald stone is known as Panna in Hindi. It is believed to be one of the most powerful gemstones in astrology. Green emerald is related to the planet Mercury which signifies prosperity, abundance, and growth. Individuals born under Rashi, such as Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Aquarius, Libra, and Capricorn, are suggested to wear this stone. Panna strengthens the position of mercury and brings benefits, luck, and positive energy. It gives maximum benefits only if you have worn it on your little finger. You can also read other rules for wearing gemstones and know the proper guidelines. 

A gemstone suits you if you wear it correctly. For instance, one should perform prana pratishta ritual, wear the stone on the right finger, metal, and on the correct day and time. This is because each finger is linked with a specific planet and wearing the stone enhances its power. The little finger is linked to the planet Mercury. The benefits of wearing an emerald on a little finger on Wednesday help you with increased intuition, intelligence, and good communication. But some astrologers suggest it be worn on the ring finger as well. This finger is related to the planet Sun. In Vedic astrology, both Mercury and the Sun are friends. Thus, you can also wear an original panna in ring finger. 

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Significance of ring finger

The Ring Finger is the third finger where a wedding ring or engagement ring is generally worn. It signifies eternal love, creativity, and beauty. In Vedic astrology, it is the finger of creativity, so those facing challenges in their professional life can wear a gemstone ring on this finger. The significance of ring finger for males includes confidence, ambition, and professional success. For females this finger is linked with commitment, marriage, and relationships. The right hand ring finger signifies female independence and confidence. 

Benefits of wearing emerald in ring finger


Individuals with weak Mercury in their birth chart should wear emerald stone. Generally, panna is preferred to be worn on the little finger of the right hand for males. Females can wear it on the little finger of either hand. The best day and time to wear a Panna is Wednesday, in the morning between 5 AM to 7 AM. You can also wear it in the evening between 5 PM to 7 PM during the auspicious Shukla Paksha. For specific reasons, astrologers suggest green emeralds to be worn in ring finger. Let us see what benefits the original panna stone can bring when worn in the ring finger. 

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Improves Communication

Wearing a green stone ring on your ring finger helps enhance your communication. If you are struggling to communicate and your career growth is stagnant for the same, wearing a panna can be beneficial. It maintains an emotional balance in your married life, removes conflicts, and opens up communication. Thus, wearing an emerald ring in ring finger is suggested for females. Doing so helps induce harmony in relationships. 

Better Relationships 

In Vedic astrology, this gemstone signifies love, loyalty, and new beginnings. Thus, wearing emeralds as engagement or wedding rings symbolizes a lot. It harmonizes the root chakra, helping an individual to look for good things around you. Meditate with an emerald crystal allowing yourself to feel stable and secure. Unblocking the root chakra with this gemstone crystal allows the individual to remain healthy and connected to self. 

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Enhances Intuition

A natural emerald ring in ring finger for males benefits in enhancing their intuitive qualities. If you are a professional finding difficulty in getting promotions, panna stone can benefit you immensely. It encourages your decision-making skills, sharpens your perception, aiding you climb the ladder of success. The benefits of wearing emerald in ring finger inspire knowledge, empathy and splendor. It enhances creativity and motivates individuals to chase their goals.

Promotes Mental Clarity

Wearing a green stone ring in ring finger brings focus and intellect. It promotes better decision and concentration. Generally, it takes 10-15 days for any gemstone to show its effects. You will start observing improvements in your personal and professional lives. Thus, you can see the positive effects of wearing emerald in ring finger if worn correctly. It will attract more wealth and make you financially stable. 

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Improves Physical Well-being

Panna is associated with the planet Mercury. It harnesses the energy from the “planet of prosperity” and radiates around the wearer. A real emerald in ring finger maintains emotional, physical and mental balance. If you are suffering from any ailment related to the eyes, heart, bones and spine it is recommended to wear this stone. For maximum benefits, you should wear a Panna of 5.25 carat weight in gold metal.  

How to Buy the Right Panna Stone?


Selecting a genuine gemstone is crucial to enhance the benefits of wearing an emerald in a ring finger. There are a few factors that you should consider while choosing the right gem.

Choose natural stone 

Look for quality gemstones. A vivid green and saturated green hue of pachu stone is desirable for gaining maximum astrological benefits. High-quality panna with good transparency and minimum or no inclusions are preferred. So, that energy is well reflected to the wearer. Choose a well-defined cut that influences its overall beauty. Along with this, it exhibits optimal light reflection and dispersion. 

Select Certified Gemstones 

Ensure you purchase a certified emerald stone from a recognized gemological institute such as GIA. These certificates give details about the gemstone's quality, including color, clarity, cut, and origin. Thus, it highlights the authenticity so that you can get maximum benefits from the astrological gem. 

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Look for a trusted source

Original green emerald gemstones sourced from Colombia, Brazil and Zambia are considered valuable. Colombian emerald stone that is untreated when worn in the ring finger impacts you positively. It aids you with wealth, good health, professional and personal success. At Navratan, we serve you with certified gems as per their origin, color, carat weight, cut, treatment and more.  

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