Birthstones by Zodiac

Posted on March 21st, 2024 03:19 PM

Birthstones are the gemstones that relate to an individual’s birth month. The origin of these birthstones dates back to biblical times when Aaron the traditional founder of the Israelite priesthood adorned the twelve gemstones on his breastplate. These twelve stones represented the twelve tribes of Israel. It was during the first and fifth centuries that birthstones were linked to zodiacs. 

People believed in their powers and started wearing them during the corresponding astrological period. These birthstones by the zodiac were worn as talismans and therapeutic benefits. With time the concept took another turn where birthstones were associated with the months of the year.  Thus, there are two birthstone charts, one that goes by months and the other by zodiacs. 

There are twelve stones for each zodiac sign. Zodiac gemstone is associated with the placement of planets and is thus called an astral stone. With this blog lets know what these birthstones by zodiac are:

Gemstones for Zodiac Signs

1. Aries 

(March 21-April 19)

Zodiac Sign Birthstone: Red Coral, known as Moonga in Hindi 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: An original red coral stone showcases a vibrant red color with a smooth texture. 

Why should Aries wear a Red Coral?

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Aries are known to be bold, energetic, lively, passionate, adventurous, motivated, and confident leaders, hence red coral is the right stone for them. 

It is the gem of protection that protects the wearer from evil forces. If worn as a bracelet or anklet it stimulates the energy chakras providing relief from health issues. 

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Planetary Association: The ruling planet of Aries is Mars and wearing bloodstone is beneficial to them. Wear a natural red coral if you want success and prosperity in life.

2. Taurus 

(April 20- May 20)

Birthstone by Zodiac: Diamond 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Transparent or Translucent 

Why should Taurus wear a diamond?


Taurus people are strong-headed, loyal, and down to earth traits. As they have a shining personality, nothing can be the lucky stone for the zodiac sign Taurus other than a diamond. 

Planetary Association: The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. Wearing a diamond ring is beneficial to the zodiac Taurus as it compliments their personality of feeling attracted by luxurious things. The planetary energy of the gemstone helps the wearer to gain success in life, thus leading a lavish life. Diamond represents trust, honesty, and purity thus preventing the wearer from greed and other bad traits. 

3. Gemini 

(May 21-June 21)

Birthstone by Zodiac: Emerald stone also known as panna in Hindi 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Vivid green color reminiscent of lush green forests and landscapes 

Why should Gemini wear an emerald stone?


Gemini people are good communicators, versatile, great learners, easily adaptable, and genuine. As individuals under the Gemini zodiac are said to be relentless and often get disappointed with little things green emeralds are considered lucky for them. Wearing a panna stone provides them with emotional balance enhancing their decision-making skills under specific situations. 

Planetary Association: The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury which if placed in the right position allows the person to be a good communicator and a good learner. If not, astrologers suggest Geminis to wear a natural emerald stone. 

4. Cancer 


Birthstone by Zodiac: Ruby stone also known as Manikya in Hindi 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Vibrant red color 

Why should Cancer wear a ruby stone?


Cancerians are excellent at work, they are devoted, friendly, compassionate, and self-protective. If you are a Cancerian and want to improve your finances, the natural ruby stone is perfect for you. Manik will help you strengthen your relationship with your loved ones, colleagues, and peer group. 

Planetary Association: The ruling planet of the cancer zodiac sign is the Moon which is friendly with the Sun, the ruling planet of Ruby. Manikya stone is the strongest birthstone favorable for both Cancer-born men and women. Other zodiac stones for Cancerians include moonstone, pearl, and moonstone. You can also wear these birthstones after consulting an astrologer. Wearing a ruby with a pearl is said to be beneficial. 

5. Leo 

(July 23-August 22)

Birthstone by Zodiac: Peridot 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Olive green color 

Why should Leo wear a peridot stone? 


Leos are confident, creative, and kind. They have strong leadership skills and are a great performer. Leos are said to be hot-headed and are mistaken to be arrogant. Wearing a peridot helps them to remain calm and think positively in any situation. If you are a Leo woman, wearing a peridot ring can do wonders in your relationship. 

Planetary Association: Leo is associated with the planet Sun whereas Mercury is the planet for peridot. Both the Sun and Mercury are friends as per Vedic astrology and thus wearing a natural peridot is suitable for Leo. Carnelian, onyx, diamond, and ruby are other zodiac gemstones that can be worn. 

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6. Virgo 

(August 22- September 22)

Zodiac Sign Birthstone: Sapphire 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Occurs in various colors like blue, green, yellow, pink, black and more (except red)

Why should Virgo wear a sapphire stone? 


Virgos are kind, reliable, quick thinkers, practical and humble. Wearing a blue sapphire helps the Virgos who get frustrated easily to calm down and make the right decision at the right time. It removes negative energy and has strong healing powers that can heal many health issues such as fever, inflammation, etc, thus blue sapphire is referred to as the most powerful birthstone.

Planetary Association: The ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury which is friends with the blue sapphire planet, Saturn. The energy of both these planets brings positive results to the wearer. Wear a blue sapphire gold ring for amazing results. 

7. Libra 

(September 23-October 22)

Zodiac Sign Birthstone: Opal 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Comes in various colors such as white, orange, pink, red, green, brown, black 

Why should Libra wear an Opal stone?


Libras are intelligent, charming, and generous people. Opal stone is the suggested zodiac stone for Libras as it maintains a harmonious flow of energy to the wearer bringing personal and professional success. Wear an opal ring of 6 carat on the right middle finger to stimulate the heart and throat chakra. 

Planetary Association: Opal and Librans share the same ruling planet, Venus. It is the planet of love and wearing a natural opal induces unity and partnership in relationships. Other zodiac sign stones that complement Librans are peridot, emerald, aquamarine, amethyst, and white sapphire. 

8. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Zodiac Sign Birthstone: Blue Topaz

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Features glacier blue color 

Why should Scorpio wear a blue topaz stone?


Scorpios are strong, independent, loyal, intelligent, intuitive, and ambitious. The lucky stone for Scorpion is Blue Topaz. It is the stone of clarity, serenity, and peace. As scorpions are sensitive, wearing blue topaz jewelry helps them to maintain emotional balance.

Planetary Association: Gemstones according to zodiac sign, Scorpio other than blue topaz are aquamarine, tourmaline, agate, heliodor, and obsidian. The governing planet for topaz is Jupiter which signifies wisdom and prosperity. Scorpions can also wear yellow sapphire.

9. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Birthstones by Zodiac: Turquoise according to Western astrology and Yellow sapphire according to Vedic astrology

Zodiac Stone Appearance: 

Turquoise: Opaque mineral exhibiting blue and green color. Also shows a smooth texture and vitreous luster.

Yellow sapphire stone: Bright yellow hue with minimum visible inclusions 

Why should Sagittarius wear yellow sapphire stone?


Sagittarius is spontaneous, generous, adventurous, and optimistic. If you are a Sagittarian who wants career success, yellow sapphire is the lucky zodiac gemstone for you. This yellow-colored stone also known as pukhraj in Hindi is perfect for Sagitarius-born males and females. Original pukhraj benefits female with marital bliss. Other zodiac sign stones you can choose are turquoise, blue topaz, tanzanite, blue zircon, and Lapiz Lazuli.  

Planetary Association: Both natural yellow sapphire and Sagittarius zodiacs are ruled by the planet Jupiter. Thus, they complement each other and bring wealth, good health, and prosperity to the wearer. 

10. Capricorn 

(December 21 - January 19)

Zodiac Sign Birthstone: Garnet 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Various colors including green, orange, yellow, brown, pink, and red are popular 

Why should Capricorns wear a garnet stone?


Capricorns are hard-working, loyal, honest, ambitious and sensitive. Wearing a red garnet stone boosts creativity and commitment in Capricorns. It helps in enhancing the sacral and heart chakras eliminating negative energy from the wearer. 

Planetary Association: Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn. Wearing a Raktmani helps drive the energy of the planet to the wearer. It helps in enhancing creativity and protects individuals from depression and anxiety. 

11. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Birthstones by Zodiac: Amethyst and Blue Sapphire 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Amethyst showcases purple color with red and blue tint 

Why should Aquarius wear an Amethyst stone?


Aquarians are creative, intellectual, and independent. They are known to be stubborn and may lack focus in life, wearing an amethyst stone brings clarity of vision and mental peace and that's why it is considered the lucky stone for Aquarians. 

Planetary Association: The governing planet of this zodiac sign is Uranus. Amethyst draws energy towards the wearer allowing them to achieve good relations in personal and professional life. Buy blue sapphire as another alternative zodiac sign birthstone

12. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Zodiac Gemstone: Aquamarine 

Zodiac Stone Appearance: Blue color reminiscent of the sea color

Why should Pisces wear Aquamarine stone?


Pisces are compassionate, loving, and easily adapt to their surroundings. Since they are known to be emotional, astrologers suggest them to wear a real aquamarine stone. It helps them to be calm and retain balance in life.

Planetary Association: Both Pisces and Beruj stone are governed by the planet Neptune and are thus highly compatible with each other. Yellow sapphire, amethyst, jasper, and jade are other birthstones by zodiac for Pisces. 

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Cosmic forces are working at par with the zodiac signs. When you wear birthstones by zodiac, your stars get aligned with their energy, making you feel better and live life smoother. They help you come out of any hurdle in which it seems impossible to survive. Original gemstones have the power to make your life better. All you have to do is believe. And of course, wear them religiously. 

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