An ultimate guide for buying a blue sapphire ring: Steps to consider

Posted on July 8th, 2023 10:35 AM

Sapphires, the most desirable gemstones, are leading the jewelry industry. Whether bracelets, necklaces, or rings, sapphires are gaining popularity in all accessories. Choosing sapphires as engagement rings is one of the trends taken up by the storm. Many varieties of sapphires are available, amongst which the blue version is the popular choice. 

Gemstones mesmerize with their colorful charm, but finding out which is natural is also essential. Crafting the finest gemstone in a designer metal frame is an art that makes the accessory look outstanding. The end product comes out to be the best if the initial phases are correctly performed. The first of them includes choosing the finest gemstone. When purchasing a blue sapphire ring, consider the following points.

What are the ideal 4C's for a Blue Sapphire stone? 

The four C's are the governing factors to describe the best blue sapphire from those available. These four C's are color, clarity, cut, and carat. Let's take a look at each of them one by one.

Color: The blue sapphire boasts a beautiful blue hue. The more intense, rich, or saturated the color, the higher the gemstone's value. While choosing a blue sapphire, one should go for vivid velvety to violet-blue or from medium to darker tones.

Ruby colors variety

Clarity: Gemstones with fewer inclusions make them worth buying. 

ruby gemstone clarity

Cut: A perfectly polished, faceted blue sapphire displaying clean symmetry and brilliance make the ring look compelling. The most popular cuts are round, cushion, or oval. Other fancy cuts intensify the beauty of the stone as well. One can choose the preferred shape according to one's taste and personality for a distinguished yet elegant blue sapphire ring. 

ruby gemstone cut

Carat: The carat weight of blue sapphire determines its value in a significant way. The more the stone's carat weight, the more its value is compared to the smaller ones.

ruby gemstone carat

Origin of Blue Sapphire   

origin of ruby gemstone

Blue sapphires are available in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The quantity and quality, however, differ. For instance, the blue sapphires from Kashmir are rare as mines are now closed. The quality of these sapphires and those from Australia are among the finest, as they display a beautiful hue.

Besides all these aspects, it is also essential to determine whether the gemstone is untreated or enhanced by heat. Besides the mesmerizing hue, the gemstone's hardness makes it a perfect choice for any accessories. Blue sapphires have ideal hardness, and one can wear them daily. 

Choosing the best blue sapphire is just one step ahead, making your ring look fabulous as ever. The next step goes in selecting the right metal frame. Platinum or white gold are the best metals that accentuate the beauty of blue sapphire. 

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The perfect setting for Blue Sapphire Ring 

The center stone, when gripped firmly inside the metal groove, increases the longevity of the ring. Whether it's prongs, bezel, or any other type of setting that holds the gemstone, the idea is that the ring should not lose it. 

Style of your choice

For some, rings are the perfect way to uplift their fashion, whereas, for some, it's a bundle of emotions reserved for special occasions like anniversaries and weddings. Blue sapphire is the September birthstone and celebrates the 65th wedding anniversary for couples. 

Thus, a blue sapphire ring is the most desirable and unique gift one can offer their beloved. As fashion trends evolve, jewelry lovers' tastes and preferences are also changing. A minimalistic style, a trilogy, cluster, or art deco ring, an addition of contrasting colored gemstones is just the finest addition for that contemporary look.

These designs highlight the center stone's beauty and are a trendy choice for modern sensibilities. After you have chosen the perfect blue sapphire ring, the one that suits your style, you are ready to purchase it.

At Navrtan, we offer you the best blue sapphire ring varieties. The blue sapphire stone rings at Navratan are crafted with perfection, embedded with natural gemstones, framed in sturdy and shiny metal, and of course, adding a contemporary touch. There are many options, suitable for every occasion, general or special one gets it for all.   

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