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Posted on July 6th, 2023 05:22 PM

Sapphire's cousin, Ruby Stone, is one of the most splendid gemstones. This natural piece of art is known for its magnificent beauty and is both daring and delicate. They are usually red, although the intensity of the color and the quality of the gem can vary greatly. Knowing the origin and formation process of rubies can help you select a gem of superior quality and beauty. The cut, color, and clarity of each ruby should also be carefully considered.

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It must be considered the ruby’s depth of history and meaning before buying this impressive stone:

History of Rubies

A Roman scholar named Pliny, who lived in the first century AD, authored a natural history book in which he discussed rubies. Even though rubies had existed for millennia before Pliny was born, the first official mention of them can be found in one of his books.



Origin of Rubies

Myanmar (formerly Burma Ruby) is the world's largest producer of rubies and a top source of fine rubies. Ruby deposits have been discovered in the United States, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Australia, India, Russia, Africa, and the continent. This narrow nation extends across the Bay of Bengal and is bounded on all sides by China, Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam. It was around the year 600 AD when the first ruby mine was developed in Myanmar.

Formation of Rubies

The mineral corundum is used to create rubies, and it is extremely durable. It's fascinating to learn that the same mineral is used to create sapphires.

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Magma beneath the surface of the Earth cools and solidifies to generate corundum crystals. As the crystals of corundum cool, the molecules of aluminium and oxygen link together. By its own nature, corundum is transparent. However, its crystals typically contain color-giving traces of metal. Most blue corundum is coloured by titanium, an element found in abundance in magma. Small amounts of iron can also be found in corundum, giving it a yellow or green hue.

Meaning of the July Birthstone

The vivid crimson color of the July Birthstone represents love, romance, and passion. Rubies are connected with life and energy due to their colour, which is associated with blood. Many people wear rubies as a symbol of their inner fire because of the association between the color ruby and fire.

The Bible makes four references to rubies, each time praising the gemstone for its beauty and wisdom. Due to its rarity, the ruby has become a status symbol in modern culture. Wearing a ruby is sure to make a bold statement because it represents so many strong feelings.

The Ruby Colour

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The primary aspect that determines a ruby's price is its color. A true ruby will be a deep red, almost purple in color. Ruby with orange or purple overtones is less valuable than ruby with a pure red colour in most markets. The ideal shade is somewhere in the middle, neither too dark nor too light. The brilliance of the stone will be diminished if the colour is too deep. Image

On the other hand, if the stone is excessively pale in color, even if the color strength or intensity is great, it may be classified as a pink sapphire. However, pink sapphires are popular and much more affordable than rubies.

Who should wear Ruby?

Wearing a ruby is auspicious for the signs Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, and Sagittarius. It has a medium impact on those with Cancer zodiac signs. This stone aids in the suppression of negative thoughts when worn. The wearer becomes as radiant and successful as the sun.

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Who should not wear Ruby?

Wearing rubies is harmful to those born under the Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius ascendants, which has led astrologers to recommend against wearing rubies.

Advantages of the ruby gemstone

  • It impacts a person's ability to think creatively and take charge.
  • The community gains esteem, people become more confident, and their eyesight improves.
  • The family's relationship with the father starts to improve.
  • It's a great way to improve one's character.
  • Increased bone density

The Healing Properties of Rubies

The ruby is more than simply a pretty gemstone of nature; it is also believed to have curative powers. In ancient times, rubies were thought to have curative properties that could reduce swelling and speed the healing of wounds.

A lot of people also think rubies are energizing. Wearing a ruby may give you the extra push you need to get out of bed and get moving on days when you're struggling to maintain your motivation.

Traditions Involving Rubies

These vivid gems play an important role in a variety of rituals throughout the world. For your 40th wedding anniversary, rubies are the traditional gift.

Since rubies are said to bring prosperity and success, they are an excellent present for a graduate. You can't do better than to give someone a ruby as a token of your best wishes for their professional future. 

These red rubies weave soft hues through the shadows, giving them an alluring, ethereal quality. Jewellery with rubies, one of the most sought-after gemstones, is ubiquitous. This gem can accompany all your favorite jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, ruby rings, and pendants. This gem is often the focal point of any ensemble, although it is also frequently used as an accent stone.

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