Understanding the Powers of Yellow Sapphire

Posted on August 19th, 2023 05:05 PM
The appealing hue of the yellow sapphire stone is reverent to the bright sun rays that account for the fresh new beginnings. The breathtaking brilliance of the stone makes it .
 popular amongst the colored stones. This yellow-colored sapphire signifies wisdom and prosperity. Besides, the stone's energy exudes a sense of happiness and thus are trending choice for engagement rings nowadays. The gemstone's color ranges from vibrant yellow to greenish to orangish yellow. Unlike other gems, the inclusion-free yellow sapphires are highly desirable. Sapphires, in general, are obtained from the mineral corundum. 

Sapphires are a well-known variety of sapphires, and other than this color, sapphires exist in pink, green, yellow, and purple. Formerly called fancy sapphires, yellow sapphire stone was mined initially from the island of Sri Lanka. Other than this being the primary source of these colored stones, they are also found in Australia, India, Kashmir, Cambodia, the U.S., and Thailand. Sapphire deposits are found in igneous and metamorphic rocks, alluvial deposits, and hydrothermal veins. Alluvial deposits account for the formation of yellow sapphire gemstones. These deposits are found in floodplains, riverbeds, and terraces due to erosion and deposited in sedimentary layers.  

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In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter governs the natural yellow sapphire stone. The other popular names for the stone are 'Pukhraj stone' or 'Push Raja,' Peetmani, Pushpraga, Guruvallabh, Gurupriya, Vachaspati Vallabh and Guruvallabh
It is a myth that this beautiful stone occurs only in one color, but it exhibits various shades. Let's explore the types of yellow sapphires as per their color. 

Yellow Pukhraj stone

Types of Yellow Sapphires: Categorization Based on Color 

As per sources, there are seven types of yellow sapphires classified.

The origin of Type 1 yellow sapphires is that from Sri Lanka. The color ranges from light yellow to tint of orange. The type 2 yellow sapphires are ones with pale yellow to deep orange. The color of these gemstones showcases a pale color when exposed to light.  The type 3 color shade ranges from pale yellow to orange, and the source of origin is Thailand, Australia, and Tanzania. The color of the stone is due to the presence of iron. These yellow sapphire stones are not heated at high temperatures. The type 4 color of the stone ranges from yellow to deep orange-brown. The color of the stone is created by heating.Type 5 displays yellow to deep orange-brown color. The color range is due to the presence of iron, which only gives the color on the surface.Type 6 and type 7 account for synthetic sapphires. The color induced in these stones is due to heat treatment and irradiation. 

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Exploring the Mystical Properties of Yellow Sapphire

This gemstone is not only known for its color variants but also exhibits mystical properties. The color of Pushpraga is directly related to the benefits it offers. The more intense the yellow color of the stone is, the higher the benefits. Yellow sapphire stone is known for its mystical properties. For instance, it is considered a sacred stone in Hinduism, associated with wealth and prosperity. Besides this, the stone is known for bestowing the wearer with success in all phases of life.

mystical properties of Yellow sapphire stone

 Since historical times, Pukhraj Stone has been associated with royalty, and in ancient Persia and Greece, the gemstone was adorned in the crowns and jewelry of kings and queens. The stone was believed to possess divine powers and was thus used in religious ceremonies. This yellow gemstone was also used to treat various ailments, such as those related to eye and other infections. Yellow sapphire stone is significant as it helps eliminate negativity.

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The stone brings good luck and prosperity to the wearer. It brings financial stability, ensuring one gets success in professional life. Since the planet Jupiter governs this yellow-colored stone, it helps the wearer with improved wisdom and intellect. This beautiful stone possesses astrological benefits and helps in achieving desired goals. The Chakra is located between the ribcage and naval. The Chakra helps to fight infections and allergic reactions. Balancing this Chakra is very important as an imbalance, in any case, can relate to disappointment. 

Astrological Benefits of Yellow Pukhraj 

 Like many other gemstones, Peetmani, or yellow pukhraj, is known for its astrological benefits. As discussed above, Jupiter is the governing planet of the stone. This planet is considered Guru in the Hindu religion, and as per Vedic astrology, the stone greatly benefits lawyers, judges, scholars, and teachers. This yellow stone is ideal for people with these professions, as Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and judgment. 

Astrological Benefits of Yellow Pukhraj

Yellow sapphire stone is believed to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra is related to relationships and thus helps in balancing energy. Apart from this, the 'wisdom stone,' as formerly called, is the September birthstone month. Concerning this, the natural Peela Pukhraj is a remarkable stone in the jewelry market. Rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces bearing this yellow stone are considered a perfect gift for loved ones. A yellow sapphire engagement ring is an ideal gift for those looking for a unique engagement ring with immense benefits. 

Caring Yellow Sapphire Gemstone and Jewelry 

This September Birthstone is a desirable stone amongst jewelry and gemstone collectors. The gemstone is known for its fair durability and thus requires easy steps for cleaning. These steps are as follows:

  • The stone should be cleaned with mild detergent and lukewarm water mixed in a bowl. 
  • Scrub the stone with the help of a soft brush without damaging the stone and the jewelry.
  •  Yellow sapphire stone or jewelry is cleaned using a clean, dirt-free cloth.
  • While cleaning the yellow sapphire ring, checking the metal in which it is crafted is essential. This is because immersing the ring in water for a long time can lead to damage. 

To conclude, this golden gem exhibits many benefits, from personal, financial, and intellectual to astrological. The gemstone is associated with mystical properties and delivers success to the wearer. The Yellow Pukhraj color ranges from bright to pale yellow to orangish yellow. The high-quality yellow stones are sourced from Sri Lanka. At Navratan, the online gem bazaar, a yellow sapphire stone falls into different categories of prices. The stones with vivid yellow color are priced more than the other shades.  

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