What Are Keshi Pearls & Their Benefits?

Keshi Pearls
Posted on March 2nd, 2023 03:04 PM

We all must have read a lot about a myriad of pearls, their cultivation methods, origin, and the benefits they offer. However, Keshi Pearls are totally different class. Also known by the term ‘poppy’ in Japan, Keshi Pearls are acknowledged as poppy seeds and are widely hailed for their scintillating appearance and oodles of benefits. 

Unlike other pearls gemstone, Keshi pearls are non-nucleated and referred to as those pearls whose bead nucleus was rejected during formation. By numerous gemologists and jewelers, Keshi Pearls have also been considered as second-harvest pearls because they are primarily composed of Nacre ( a semi-organic material of which pearls are formed and quite sturdy and iridescent in nature).

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Keshi pearls are darlings of fashionistas as when encrusted in different stunning jewelry designs, they make one-of-a-kind and drool-worthy pieces of jewelry.  For pearl stone enthusiasts, Keshi pearls are way too exemplary to make an ingenious and noteworthy fashion statement and turn all the heads wherever they go. In this all-inclusive blog post, we have compiled all the vital information and intriguing facts you ever wanted to know about Keshi Pearls along with the benefits that come with embracing them.

keshi pearls

Keshi Pearls Origin

Japan has continually been the principal source of unsurpassed quality Keshi Pearls. There are a plethora of conditions that cause as well as accelerate the growth of Keshi Pearls. Let’s get to know them one at a time.



  • One of the ways to create supreme quality Keshi Pearls is by keeping freshwater molluscs in alive Pearl sacks after the first round of harvesting of pearls.
  • In the domain of freshwater pearl farming, intentional non-nucleated cultivation is one of the prime sources of Keshi pearls.
  • Sometimes, minor or major accidents cause injury to Molluscs and drive shell fragments into mantle tissues which can also accelerate the creation of Keshi Pearls.
  • The accidental mishap in cultured pearl cultivation which cause the separation of mantle tissue from the inserted nucleus and propel the nucleus to fail down also leads to the creation of poky size Keshi pearls.
  • The Molluscs that are more prone to attack which allows the predators to bore through their shells also cause the creation of Keshi Pearls.  

Types of Keshi Pearls

Keshi pearls are one of the predominant types of Natural pearls that come in a multitude of colors ranging from striking golden to serene white, and Japan and Australia are the major sources of obtaining them. It’s time to unveil all the types of Keshi pearls along with their origin and significant properties.

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Tahitian Keshi Pearls: As the name suggests, Tahitian Keshi pearls are obtained from the French Polynesian island of Tahiti and are by-products of Tahitian Black pearls. Tahitian Keshi pearls are renowned for their green and peacock hues and make a marvelous option to imbibe into different jewelry forms, especially long chain necklaces.

Akoya Keshi Pearls: With Japan being the locus of origination, Akoya Keshi pearls are primarily incurred from natural Akoya pearls and are known for their utterly lustrous white hues. Apart from Japan, China and Vietnam are also prominent sources to obtain unrivaled quality Akoya Keshi Pearls. If you seek to incur Akoya Keshi pearls in a big chunk, only Japan can satiate your demand to provide the best quality Keshi pearls.

South Sea Keshi Pearls: Keshi Pearls from Australian and Philippines regions are some of the most marvelous and largest South Sea Keshi pearls in existence. South Sea Keshi pearls usually come in hues of white and golden that look regal on platinum, gold, and silver jewelry. Out of all the types of Keshi Pearls, South sea Keshi pearls are undeniably the most extravagant ones as they are bigger in size and exhibit the coveted golden hue.

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Benefits of Keshi Pearls

As stated above in the former section, Keshi pearls are unique types of pearls that are formed accidentally in an oyster or mollusk when the nucleus inserted by a human during the culturing process is rejected. Unlike other types of pearls that are in a perfect oval shape, Keshi pearls are often irregularly shaped and can come in a variety of colors, including white, cream, and gray, with cream color being the mundane one.

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Here are some of the major benefits of owning Keshi pearls that everyone who wants to embrace Keshi Pearls must know in advance.

Unique and Rare: There is no denying that Keshi pearls are stunning, unique and rare, as they are formed accidentally and are not intentionally cultivated. This makes them worthy as well as a special addition to any prominent pearl collection.

High luster: When it comes to exhibiting luster, Keshi pearls are second to none in the mammoth world of pearls. Keshi pearls are renowned for their high luster. Moreover, since they are utterly precious like gemstones, they are sold in the markets by weight which gives them a beautiful sheen and makes them stand out from the pack.

Versatility: As Keshi pearls come in a multitude of irregular shapes and sizes, this makes them quite a versatile gemstone and easy to incorporate into any jewelry design.

Ethical and sustainable: Since Keshi pearls are formed accidentally and naturally, they are considered more precious, ethical, and sustainable than the rest of the cultured pearls which require deliberate insertion of a nucleus into the mollusk. Hence, the high ethical standards of Keshi Pearls production are the principal reasons behind their high value.

Investment value: Keshi pearls are one of the most revered and precious stones in existence and their value augments by leaps and bounds with respect to time. Hence,  putting their money on Keshi Pearls is undeniably a good investment for collectors.

Astrological Significance: Those who seek immense fame, prosperity, and wealth must consider embracing top-notch quality Keshi Pearls to change their fortune. In addition to that, Keshi Pearl's dazzling healing properties also improve blood circulation as well as clear the negative blockage around the heart.

Overall, Keshi pearls are a unique and beautiful addition to any pearl collection and their rarity and versatility make them a valuable investment.

How To Wear Keshi Pearls

Unlike other gemstones which require the right timing and rituals to wear them, Keshi Pearls can be worn at any time and with different types of jewelry forms that best suit your style and taste.

keshi pearls

There are umpteen ways to wear Keshi Pearls as they can blend well with different forms of jewelry as well as vibe with all fashionable attires. What distinguishes Keshi Pearls from the rest of the pearls are their striking luster and irregular natural shapes which make them exemplary to make a bold and classic fashion statement and give a unique identity to your individuality. Apart from rings and bracelets, Keshi pearls can be worn with long chain necklaces to add some excitement and vivacity to your personality. 

Keshi pearls jewelry is a great add-on to your wardrobe if plain and solid color fabrics satiate your taste the most. They add sparkle and vibrancy to your attire and add oodles of sophistication to your personality. No matter how you look, what you wear, and what skin tone you have, the brilliant luster of Keshi Pearls will illuminate your persona by leaps and bounds. Whenever you need to flaunt your charm along with some swanky vibes, Keshi Pearls will certainly give you a major push.

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