How to Wear a Pearl Gem

Posted on June 9th, 2021 02:05 PM

The owner of extraordinary natural beauty and amazing metaphysical properties, Real Pearl is always a pride to be owned. Besides adding on to your beauty, these stunning gems come with some supernatural powers that bring extreme positivity in your lives. Pearl or Moti Ratan is ruled by the most calm planet Moon, which is also known as the planet of peace, affection, and contentment; the soothing vibes of a Natural Moti gem are widely popular to control excessive anger emotions of an individual. 

                The best quality Natural Pearl is treasured out of the sustaining water bodies of the Earth's streams such as rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. Owing to the cosmic energies, pearls hold a prominent place in the world of astrology. According to the Hindu Vedic astrology, it is best suited to the ascendants of the Cancer sun sign or Karka Rashi. On the other hand, western astrology science prescribes moti as the birthstone of June month. However, be it a pearl or any other gemstone of the Navratna family, performs at its best only when worn correctly. 

Check out some interesting facts about Pearl and Its World in our previous piece of blog. Below here we are discussing the right Vedic procedure of wearing a pearl gem in detail. 



In order to avail the best and the maximum astrological advantages out of your Moti Ring, consult a learned astrologer before buying and wearing it and follow the wearing procedure prescribed by him or her. Let us see the general procedure of wearing a pearl gemstone ring or any other jewelry and key points to be kept in mind while wearing. 




Starting with the first thing first, the quality of your pearl. In order to ensure all the good results in your personal and professional life, make sure you own a natural pearl gem. For the said purpose, you should only buy certified pearls online because the quality of the gemstone is vital and creates a huge difference in the results it will deliver.


From an astrological perspective, a Natural and untreated pearl is always considered to be of the best quality. In general white or an off-white colored pearl with a smooth luster is most preferred among gem lovers but to grab the desired astrological benefits, ensure wearing only an unheated Moti.


Commonly the ideal weight of a gemstone is calculated on the basis of the wearer's total weight. If you are planning to buy Moti online, purchase a minimum of 1/10th of your body mass. For instance, if you are weighing 60 Kgs then you can wear a 6 carats of natural pearl gem.


When it comes to the metal, Silver is highly recommended to be paired with a Real Moti stone. However, you can go for other metal options like Gold, White Gold, Platinum, and Brass or Pachdhatu as per your budget and choice.


For desired results, it is suggested to wear your Moti Ring in the little finger of your right or working hand. So if you are buying the ring, prefer wearing it on the little finger, while if you are buying any other jewelry made of pearls, such as a pendant, earring, or a bracelet, just make sure that the gem is touching your skin directly so that you get all its positive energies. 



Astrologers suggest wearing a pearl on Monday, at an early morning time between 5 am to 7 am for ensuring the best results. 


Before finally coming to you, your gemstone passes through various stages from extraction to doorstep delivery and hence it gets several outer impressions and impurities on it. Therefore, in order to get rid of such impressions and impurities, it is extremely essential to purify the gem before wearing it through the proper Vedic process. For this, place your Moti Ring in a clean metal bowl and fill it with holy Ganga Jal and raw cow milk. Now leave it for around 20 to 30 minutes and then take it out and clean with regular water. Wipe off the stone with the help of a soft and clean piece of cloth. 


Since the time you have not energized your gemstone, it is merely a usual stone. Therefore, the energization and activation process of a gemstone is equally important. So to receive all the goodness of your natural moti, activate it by placing it on a clean cloth and reciting the auspicious mantra 'Om Son Sonmay Namaha’ or ॐ सों सोमाय नमः। for 108 times. Subsequent to this process you can wear your pearl jewelry. 


Buy Real Pearl Online 

In order to avail the maximum astrological benefits out of your Moti Ring, it is always recommended to buy and wear natural pearl gems. Connect Navratan, the online Gem Bazar for an exclusive range of certified Moti online at the most reasonable price. Besides a certificate of authenticity, avail worldwide shipping facility and an easy return option alongside. 

Note:- Despite all the above-mentioned points and procedures, it is vital to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone, be it a natural pearl, rich red ruby, elegant emerald, or a beautiful blue sapphire. Get an in-depth analysis of your birth chart through an expert astrologer or visit the free gem suggestion page. Have a Happy Monday.  

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