Best Substitutes of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Posted on March 21st, 2023 05:57 PM

In the scintillating realm of precious gemstones, yellow sapphire is in a league of its own. Words fall short and even the heaviest superlatives cannot fathom the timeless beauty and significance of yellow sapphire gemstone. When it comes to value or price, natural yellow sapphires are extremely valuable and utterly exorbitant. 

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to rope in an expensive piece of an original pukhraj stone as it can make some severe dent in your budget. However, there is always a silver lining among gloomy clouds of doubt. You can opt for yellow sapphire substitutes or pukhraj substitutes if you don’t have the budget to rope in an unrivaled quality yellow sapphire. There are numerous noteworthy substitutes for yellow sapphire available that look as alluring and dazzling as yellow sapphire and don’t hamper your budget as well. Let’s get conversant with substitutes of yellow sapphire one at a time.

Best Substitutes of Yellow Sapphire 

Yellow Topaz

By leaps and bounds, yellow topaz is one of the best substitutes of yellow sapphire as it resembles pukhraj stone perfectly and also offers a multitude of astrological and metaphysical benefits. 

Yellow topaz is one of the most prominent color variants of the Topaz family. It belongs to the silicate of aluminum and fluorine and the lush to pale yellow color in topaz is because of the presence of impurities. Apart from yellow color, topaz also comes in oceanic blue and orange colors that are equally endearing.

yellow topaz

On the Mohs scale, yellow topaz has a rating of 8.0 which exemplifies its noteworthy hardness. If we talk about the benefits of yellow topaz, they are gargantuan and extended to different aspects. Yellow topaz is immensely beneficial in treating liver-related ailments, insomnia, memory-related problems, and jaundice.

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Also known as Sunela in Hindi, Citrine is another eminent and distinguished substitute for yellow sapphire known for its brilliant yellow color and jaw-dropping benefits. Citrine belongs to the mighty quartz family and its exciting lush yellow to stunning brownish-yellow colors make it one of the top yellow gemstones to sell in the market.

Moreover, the color and benefits of citrine gemstone match yellow sapphire to a great extent and it is also one of the three birthstones of November. Many prolific traders consider citrine as the ‘merchant stone’ as it is widely believed to amplify your business, success in relevant fields, and cash flow. Citrine stone undergoes numerous color and clarity enhancement treatments to improve value and durability.

citrine stone

In terms of hardness, citrine is no less than yellow topaz as it has a rating of 7-8 on the Mohs scale. If we take into account the benefits of citrine stone, it has proven to be effective in treating severe depression, endocrine and digestive system-related ailments, and giving a major boost to courage and self-esteem levels.

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Yellow Jade

Though yellow jade is not as fabled substitute for pukhraj stone as citrine and yellow topaz are, it marks its entry in our list of yellow sapphire substitutes because of the extremely rare yellow color that is next to impossible to find in Jade stones.

Yellow jade is known for its esoteric abilities and anyone who knows how to harness the maximum benefits of yellow Jade can change the quality of his life miraculously. According to western and eastern Astrologers, Yellow jade has been embodied with the glittering rays of the Sun and cleanses your aura to make it gleam like the Sun.

As the yellow color is the epitome of satiating warmth and energy, embracing yellow jade amplifies your energy, self-esteem, and renders timeless wisdom.

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Golden Beryl

The striking and sun-kissed yellow hues of golden beryl make this gemstone eligible to enter into the coveted list of yellow sapphire substitutes. It is way too affordable than all the counterparts prevailing in this list and the presence of lush yellow color in golden beryl is because of the presence of iron traces. Brazil and Madagascar are the principal sources of premium-quality golden beryl and this substitute of yellow sapphire has an incredible rating of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale.

golden beryl

If we talk about the physical benefits of golden beryl, it can swiftly treat ailments and severe issues related to the liver, pancreas, and heart. Moreover, women who suffer from dire back pain and menopause problems can also embrace golden beryl to rectify these issues.

Yellow Fluorite

Fluorite comes in a myriad of color variants, however, the yellow color is the rarest as well as the least popular one. Yellow fluorite could be an exemplary substitute for a yellow sapphire as it comes in yellow hues ranging from brilliant dandelion yellow to pale gold which gives people umpteen options to choose from.

Yellow fluorite is not a durable and stringent gemstone as it has a rating of 4.0 on the Mohs scale. That’s one of the key reasons behind yellow fluorite's minimal implications in the jewelry segment. However, its brilliant luster and heaps of healing properties make yellow fluorite eligible to get included in our list of yellow sapphire substitutes.

Those who are stuck in the whirlwind of emotions can embrace yellow fluorite to bring stability to emotions. Yellow fluorite has proven to be immensely effective in treating terrible issues and exterminating creative blocks. In addition to that, yellow fluorite is quite robust in removing impediments that hamper your physical health. It lowers the cholesterol level in your body and treats the issues related to teeth, nails, and throat.

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Yellow Tourmaline

Last but not the least, yellow tourmaline makes it to our list of yellow sapphire substitutes and we have ample reasons to back up our selection. Firstly, the yellow color in tourmaline is utterly rare, and brilliance oozing. Secondly, the yellow color hues in tourmaline are varied and stunning as hell.

Tourmaline stone has above-average hardness as it has a rating of 7.0-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Hence, it is an exemplary and excellent choice to inculcate in the different forms of jewelry because tourmaline is less prone to damage and scratches. Yellow tourmaline is massively hailed for its astounding healing properties. 

yellow tourmaline

Yellow tourmaline can put a halt to your excessive heating habits and propels you to consume only healthy food and take a balanced diet. Yellow tourmaline also renders rock-solid protection against negative vibes and ensures vicious vibrations don’t dwindle your aura. Yellow tourmaline also plays a major part in boosting up your courage and self-esteem levels. The physical benefits of yellow tourmaline are also gobsmacking. It improves blood circulation by leaps and bounds and bolsters your neurological system.

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Based on yellow color hues and similar healing properties, we have jotted down all possible substitutes of yellow sapphire that anyone can embrace only after consulting an illustrious astrologer and without making a big dent in their budget.  Some of the substitutes are seamless to find, while others are quite rare in existence. Some substitutes of yellow sapphire show the immediate impact, while others take at least 3-4 months to showcase the benefits they have to offer.

In a nutshell, according to your budget, preferences, and needs, you can opt for any one of the yellow sapphire substitutes after consulting an astrologer and witnessing some amazing transformations in your life.

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