How to know if Pukhraj is working? Changes after wearing yellow sapphire

Posted on February 28th, 2024 05:31 PM

Pukhraj stone is one of the popular varieties of the corundum mineral family. It is related to the planet Jupiter or Brihspati and is believed to bring wisdom and prosperity to the wearer. Peela Pukhraj also known as yellow sapphire in English is worn on the index finger of the right hand. The correct process of wearing and energizing it helps benefit the wearer with the desired result. Original Yellow sapphire stone takes two to three days to show its effects. If not, you can always go for an analysis of your birth chart with the astrologer. 

Gemstones working positively in life depends upon the wearer’s belief as well. The stronger the faith in astrology and gems, the higher the possibility that you will get positive results. But it is important to understand whether the pukhraj stone is working to bring the changes one is looking for. So let’s look into the importance of why one should wear a yellow sapphire stone and then look the significant changes after wearing yellow sapphire one should check. 

What is yellow sapphire stone and its significance in astrology?

The color of this precious stone ranges from pale to vivid yellow, deep orange, or golden yellow. Peela pukhraj with its brighter color holds greater significance in astrology. With darker intensity, high clarity, and carat weight, the energy of the stone radiates along with the wearer. The benefits of pukhraj stone include offering the wearer wealth, good health success in professional and personal life. If you are a student and want to strengthen your focus and knowledge, natural yellow sapphire stone is perfect for you. 

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How to know if pukhraj is working in astrology?

Whatever the reason for which you are wearing a gemstone, it must provide positive benefits. After all, you are investing for the betterment of your life. If it is a natural gemstone, it draws more positive energy from the ruling planet. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that if an auspicious planet is placed in the correct position on your birth chart it will give you positive results. You can always strengthen the energies of the planet by wearing the related stone. If you are ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Leo, or Saggitarius, you should wear a yellow sapphire stone. Buy pukhraj gemstone online or offline after consulting your astrologer as a proper analysis of your birth chart only decides which stone suits you better. 

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Since different astrology holds different viewpoints, in the Western tradition, yellow sapphire is the birthstone for September borns. Picking a piece of sapphire jewelry is like gifting good fortune to your loved ones. 

This September birthstone eliminates negativity and brings luck and prosperity to life. To know if gemstones are working perfectly or not consider the following points:

  • If you are finding no issues in terms of your health you can be assured that the yellow sapphire you are wearing is working. 

  • In case no negative effects occur in 3 days (72 hours), the gemstone suits you. You can always go for an ultimate test, keep peetmani under your pillow, and look for the impacts. If you are getting bad dreams or having anxiety you can make out that this gem is not for you. 

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  • If you are aspiring for something, a good relationship, wealth, health, or success in life, and wearing a natural yellow sapphire gemstone helps you get that, it means it is working effectively. 

  • If you are an unmarried woman facing delays in wedlock and after wearing the original pukhraj you are showered with good news, this gemstone is lucky for you. Wearing this yellow gemstone correctly induces fertility, blessing you with the most beautiful phase of life, being a mother. Thus, if your problems are solved then the changes after wearing yellow sapphire are positive for you. 

  • Meditating or wearing pila pukhraj helps you to focus on your studies, it means the powers of the stone are working. This yellow variety of sapphire is helpful for students preparing for competitive exams. 

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  • Observe the changes after wearing yellow sapphire for at least six months. If you start noticing positive effects in your career like getting a promotion, or admiration by your peer group or boss, peela sapphire is working well. Of course, your hard work is equally important along with any gemstone! But an original yellow sapphire stone enhances your decision-making skills, and brings more creativity to your work, thus making you excel in professional life. 

  • Let us say you have done everything, got quality stone, done pooja vidhi before wearing it correctly on the right finger, day, and time. For a few months you have been getting good results but then you observe no results. You might be missing something. Take good care of your stone. In case you are removing your gold pukhraj ring for cleaning make sure you wear it again following the same pran pratishta ritual you did when the first time you wore it. 

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To sum up, changes after wearing yellow sapphire depend upon its energy. It is effective only if it is a natural and unheated gemstone. There are substitutes available in the market at cheaper rates like yellow topaz and citrine that also bring good results but not as smoothly as an original pukhraj stone. Even Vedic astrology suggests that you should buy an original yellow sapphire

Changes after wearing yellow sapphire can be both positive and negative. Try observing the effects for three days. To restore the power of pukhraj stone, follow the energization process. Wear on the correct finger, time, day, muhurat, and make sure the stone touches your skin. Cleaning the stone is equally important as it ensures a complete flow of energy that radiates throughout the wearer. 

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Sometimes even powerful stones like sapphire take time to give results, but that doesn't mean you should remove them. If a reputed astrologer has suggested it and is not showing any negative effects you should wait for at least six to eight months. In case, your original pukhraj is adding value to your personal or professional life, enhancing your finances, removing stress, and giving you peace, it's working. Observe and compare results before and after wearing yellow sapphire.

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