What are the Precautions after Wearing Pukhraj

Posted on September 13th, 2023 05:22 PM

The breathtaking hue and brilliance of the yellow sapphire stone has grown in popularity with time. Though, the relevance and beauty of blue sapphires have always dominated the world of sapphires the significance and subtle beauty of yellow corundum varieties are also not underestimated. The beauty of these stones lies in the vibrant color of the stone. The yellow to orangish-yellow color range of the stone uncovers the inspiration of nature where the sun’s bright rays enlighten the entire planet. The primary source of fine-quality pukhraj stone is Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The other country sources of the stone include Australia, Burma Thailand, and Madagascar. 

Besides the physical appearance of the stone, astrological and metaphysical properties of the stone are also admired for many centuries. Pukhraj is governed by the planet Jupiter and is the stone of wisdom, happiness, luck, and prosperity. Besides these, the significance of yellow sapphire stone includes stimulating creativity and ideas. The gemstone helps in providing mental balance and self-confidence. With all the benefits exhibited by the gemstone, it must be worn on the correct finger. It is vital to take proper precautions as any shortcomings during the process of wearing can impact the positive aspects of the stone. This blog highlights these precautions to be taken after wearing Pukhraj gemstone. 

natural yellow sapphire gemstone

Who can wear Pukhraj stone?

As per Vedic astrology, the Kanakapushyaragam stone is considered the birthstone for September. The zodiacs that benefited from the stone are Sagittarius and Pisces. Other ascendants who can wear this stone are Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Cancer. As per astrology rule, those having powerful Jupiter can reap greater benefits from the stone. Those with weak Jupiter can get strengthen its position by wearing the original yellow sapphire stone. Wearing a pukhraj stone harnesses positive energy and helps the wearer attain financial gains and power. 

How to wear yellow sapphire stone?

Whichever may be the zodiac sign or its related gemstone, the ideal stone must be worn correctly to get maximum benefits. The gemstone enthusiasts who believe in astrology and admire the beauty of stones at the same time, Pushkaraj stones worn as rings and pendants are in high demand for them.  The factors that should be considered before wearing the yellow colored sapphire are as follows: 

Pukhraj gemstone

Gemstone Quality:-The premium quality original gemstone is a must for getting the best results. The natural yellow sapphire stone is most effective and is recommended for those with weak Jupiter placement in the birth chart.
Day and Time :- Each gemstone whether it's sapphire, emerald, or others worn for astrological benefits must be worn at the right time and day. For yellow sapphire the recommended day when the ring and pendant should be worn is Thursday. 

yellow sapphire

Correct finger for the ring :- Gemstones for astrological purposes are generally worn as rings. The right gemstone must be worn on the right finger. For instance, the correct finger for the yellow variety of sapphire is the first finger. 

Ideal Carat Weight and Metal :- For astrological benefits, it is vital to wear the gemstone of ideal carat weight. The yellow sapphire stone 5 Ratti is generally recommended by the astrologers. The high carat weight Pukhraj helps gain good results. Gold or Panch Dhatu metal is the ideal metal choice in which the gemstone should be recommended. 

Energising and Cleansing the Stone :- Activating the stone is most important aspect as it resonates the energy around the wearer. To activate the yellow sapphire stone, one should keep the stone in raw milk for few minutes. After removing the stone, dip it in Ganga Jal and recite the mantras (suggested by the astrologer) energising it to the fullest. Cleaning the pukhraj stone is another step that helps keep the power of the September birthstone intact. 

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What are the Precautions to be taken after wearing Pukhraj stone? 

Yellow sapphire stone is a powerful stone and its influence should be monitored with time. How much time does it take to see the effect of gemstones? It is said that the impact of the stone lasts for 4-5 years. After this period, it is essential to buy a new stone. The energy of the stone starts to wither away after this time. Initially after wearing, It takes three days for yellow sapphire to show its impact. It is also vital to know whether Pukhraj suits you or not?. If signs such as having bad dreams, feeling low in energy, or loss in physical health after 72 hours of wearing the stone persist, then remove the stone. These signs are an indication that the stone is incompatible with you. Do not wear a broken stone or a stone displaying black spots as it negatively affects the physical, mental, and financial condition of the wearer.

How to know yellow sapphire stone is working?

Pukhraj Ratna usually takes three days to show its effects. It is recommended to wait for some time at least for thirty days to observe the positive effects of the stone. However, certain factors impact the period of gemstone effectiveness. For instance, the birth chart of an individual, placement of planets, intent, and patience of the wearer. If this Guru Ratna is working positively, the wearer should feel positive. The positive vibes are reflected in the individual’s decision-making skills. 

How to select the correct yellow sapphire gemstone? 

The prime requisite for getting the genuine pukhraj stone is its color. The color of the stone should be vivid yellow to slightly orange. A natural Pukhraj stone which is untreated and has no or minor inclusions is preferred. While buying yellow sapphire stone online, ask for the certificated gemstone only. This provides the authenticity that the stone is natural. The specifications on the gemstone certificate include the color, origin, treatment, carat, and weight of the stone. It is also important to examine the breakage and spots, to avoid buying such stones.  At Navratan, the best online gem bazaar, you get a wide collection of certified gemstones. 

yellow sapphire engagement ring

To conclude, the Peetmani stone or Pukhraj stone is the stone of wisdom. The magical power of these gemstones lies in their astrological benefits. This beautiful gemstone is governed by the planet Jupiter and the energy resonates to benefit the wearer with fame, wealth, and immense power. Other than metaphysical and astrological benefits, the gemstone is also considered a perfect engagement ring. The yellow sapphire engagement ring signifies love and commitment. Moreover, the gemstone is a perfect gift for September born and for seventh wedding anniversary. Apart from taking advice from the astrologer while wearing the stone, it is also important to take precautions after wearing the stone. This helps ensure maximum benefits from the stone. 

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