Yellow Sapphire Price Guide: Unveiling the Gemstone's Market Value

Posted on October 2nd, 2023 05:34 PM

Yellow sapphire also called as Pukhraj in Hindi is a precious gem. It has a significant place in Vedic and western astrology. This yellow gemstone is regarded as the September birthstone in western culture whereas in Indian astrology it is linked to cosmic energy. It has a prominent place in Vedic astrology. Original Pukhraj stone is associated with the planet Jupiter which represents wisdom, intelligence, good fortune, and wealth. In order to gain all these benefits and more it is vital to buy a natural yellow sapphire stone only. Gemstone market place is occupied by real and fake gems. Thus, one should be aware of the features of an Original Ratna. Along with this, buyers should be aware of the price of a stone from different origins. For instance, Ceylon Pukhraj Ratna is priced higher than its counterparts. This is because it has high quality, impressive color and clarity. In this blog, we will uncover their distinct characteristics and factors that influence their market worth.

What is Yellow Sapphire Gemstone? 

Some of the most powerful and beautiful sapphires are the yellow sapphire also known as Pukhraj stone, Push Raja, Pushkaraj, Peetmani and Kanakapushyaragam stone. Sapphires are named after the Latin word ‘Sapphires,' which means 'blue stone.' Other than the popular and mesmerizing blue sapphire stone, colored sapphires are known as 'fancy sapphires.' Peetmani gemstones have an origin dating back 2000 years with its discovery in Sri Lanka. Pukhraj stones are also found in Australia, India, Kashmir, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and the U.S. However, Sri Lankan yellow sapphires are considered premium quality stones. The formation of these yellow-hued gemstones takes place in alluvial deposits, unlike blue sapphires that are found in metamorphic rocks. Alluvial deposits of sapphires are set in sedimentary layers such as riverbeds and floodplains, from where they are collected by the miners using simple hand tools. 

The stone's color is its defining feature, and the chemistry related to this is always interesting to know. What gives yellow sapphire gemstone its color? The stone's color is due to the presence of trace elements of iron. This beautiful gemstone has nine hardness and is resistant to scratches and damage. Owing to the same, the gemstone is an ideal stone for engagement and wedding rings. 

Yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire Price Guide

Buying a pukhraj stone considers various factors, including color, cut, clarity and carat weight. This section deals with these factors impacting the price of yellow sapphire stone. 

Color: The color of Kanakapushyaragam stone is a paramount factor in determining their price. The yellow hue's richness, vibrancy, and purity greatly influence their desirability and value. Deeper, more intense yellow shades command higher prices, while lighter or duller colors are typically less valuable in yellow sapphires. As per GIA grading, the premium quality sapphires are those with yellow to orange, yellow hue with vivid saturation. The lighter and brighter the tone of the gemstones, the more desirable they are. Darker tones make the stones appear less transparent, dulling the gem. 

Clarity: The typical yellow sapphire inclusions are feathers, cavities, rutile needles, and gas bubbles. A natural yellow sapphire stone with few or no inclusions is valued compared to those that exhibit them. To enhance the color and clarity of the stone, treatments are done. The market is filled with 'heated yellow sapphires' as it gives a splendid color to the stone that makes them affordable and serves as accent stones in engagement or fashion rings for men and women. Heated Pukhraj stones are not inferior, but according to well-known laboratories, there is no evidence that these stones add value and rarity. Unheated yellow sapphires with vivid saturation, on the contrary, are few and priced higher. These sapphires are natural, devoid of any treatment, with minimal inclusions obtained from Mother Earth. This comparison answers the question:  Which is the best, heated or unheated sapphires? 

Cut: The cut plays a critical role in defining the beauty of any gemstone. The cut and finish of the stone highlight its quality and brilliance, which ultimately adds to its value. Highly faceted Peetmani stones are more expensive as the cutting process involves extra stone wastage, precision labor and other costs. For instance, the price of a faceted Sri Lankan yellow sapphire stone of 2.37-carat weight at Navaratan, the online gem bazaar, is higher than the oval faceted cut yellow sapphire's 2.33-carat weight. Though both the gemstones are faceted and not heat treated, the major price difference comes in the type of shape. The octagon-shaped faceted cut given to the pukhraj stone involves more stone wastage than the oval-shaped faceted gemstone. 

Carat Weight: The gemstone's size indeed governs the price of pukhraj stone. In general, large-sized yellow sapphires are scarce to find. Thus, these stunning gemstones are more valuable and desirable. The other factor that somehow reflects the price of the stone is its origin. In the case of Peetmani stone, the gemstones from Sri Lankan mines are of premium quality, followed by Burma and Thailand. 

Pukhraj stone

Where to Buy Original Yellow Sapphire?

The pukhraj price in India starts from hundred to lakhs and depends on various factors such as color, clarity, cut, carat weight, treatment and origin of the stone. The original yellow sapphire stones are more valuable than the treated gems. Navratan's best online gem bazaar features a wide collection of Kanakapushyaragam stones. Various factors determine the price of peetmani stone while buying the stone online, but this section deals with color as a major factor. For instance, the orangish-yellow color of the stone is most desirable, accounting for higher prices followed by other shades of the gemstone. 

In conclusion, yellow Pukhraj is valued for its amazing color and clarity. Pushkaraj benefits in astrology are wide but these are only effective if the stone you buy is original. This yellow sapphire guide helps you select the right gemstone for your astrological and investment needs. 

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