5 Best Substitutes of Emerald Stone

Substitutes of Emerald Stone
Posted on April 14th, 2023 05:37 PM

Emerald is one of the most riveting gemstones that has been prized for its unrivaled beauty and rarity for thousands of years. The lush and rich green color of emerald stone (Panna stone) has smitten umpteen individuals and captured the hearts of millions of people around the world, from ancient Egyptians to modern-day fashionistas. However, due to their high value and scarcity, emeralds are not accessible to everyone. The top-notch quality emeralds (minimal inclusions, highest level of clarity, and hefty carat weight) are quite exorbitant in value and not everyone can afford them.

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This is where emerald substitutes come into the picture. If not emeralds, you can rope in the best possible substitutes of panna stone that resemble supreme quality emeralds to a great extent and render the feeling of savoring a real emerald stone. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the different types of emerald substitutes, their properties, and how they compare to the real panna stone.


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Substitutes of Panna Stone


Peridot stone is lush to a pale green color gemstone that is often used as a substitute for emerald because of its similar green color. Not many people know that Peridot got its name from the Greek word ‘Faridat’ which means gem. It is a member of the olivine mineral group, a magnesium-rich silicate mineral, and is found in a multitude of colors, including green, yellow-green, and brownish-green. On the Mohs hardness scale, Peridot ranges between 6.5-7.0 out of 10 which clearly states that it is less durable than emerald.

peridot stone

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Peridot is a durable gemstone that is relatively affordable. However, it is not as valuable as emerald because its green color is less intense, and it lacks the unique qualities that make emerald so desirable. No offense to anyone but Peridot is also referred to as “The poor man’s emerald”.

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Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one rare gemstone that exhibits rainbow colors and can enchant any gemstone lover in no time. Tourmaline word is taken from the Sinhalese language ‘Thuramali’ and represents a crystalline boron silicate mineral. Green tourmaline is one of the most prominent color varieties of natural tourmaline stone. This striking green color gemstone comes in a multitude of green shades, including light green, dark green, and blue-green. It is often used as a substitute for emeralds because it has a similar appearance and is more affordable.

If we talk about hardness and implications in various industry verticals, it ranks above average on the Mohs scale with a rating of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Hence, Green tourmaline is a durable gemstone that has good luster and a pleasing appearance and can also be used in the different jewelry forms. However, it does not have the same intense green color as emeralds and is comparatively less valuable than them as a result. In our opinion, embracing tourmaline is an exemplary option

green tourmaline stone

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Green Beryl

Beryl is a highly acknowledged cyclosilicate mineral which exhibits the green color because of the traces of iron in the chemical composition. Green beryl is often mistaken for emerald because it is a type of beryl that shares the same chemical composition as emerald. The only difference is that green beryl encloses the chromium and vanadium elements that give emeralds their distinct green color only in minuscule quantity. Instead, it has iron as its color-causing element, which produces a lighter, more yellowish-green striking hue.

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Green beryl is less valuable as well as popular than emerald by leaps and bounds and is often used as a substitute of panna stone. However, if you invest your valuable time and put some efforts you can surely find out a green beryl that resembles an emerald stone in terms of color intensity. However, still it will lacks the unique qualities that make emeralds so sought after.

Green Glass

Green glass is another popular substitute for emeralds. It has been used extensively as a gemstone in the jewelry segment to carve affordable jewelry pieces for masses since ancient times and was even used in place of emerald in some of the most famous pieces of jewelry, such as the Crown Jewels of England.

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Green glass is undeniably an affordable and smart option for those who want the look of emerald without making a major dent in your budget. However, it does not have the same durability as emerald and is much softer. That’s why green glass jewelery demands much care and attention if you want to prolong its longevity. Moreover, It is also less lustrous and lacks the depth of color that an emerald has.

Synthetic Emerald

Last but not the least, Synthetic emerald made it to our list of top panna stone substitutes. Synthetic emerald is a man-made natural emerald replica gemstone that is created in a laboratory by creating the ideal conditions and using the same materials and processes that occur in nature. It has the same chemical composition and physical properties as natural emeralds but is much more affordable.

synthetic-emerald stone

A synthetic emerald is a good option for those who want the look of emerald without the need of splurging money. It is still less valuable than natural emeralds because it lacks the rarity and uniqueness of natural gemstones.

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In conclusion, there are many different types of emerald substitutes available, each with its own unique sets of properties and characteristics. While they may not have the same value and popularity as natural emeralds, they can still be a good option for those who want the look of emeralds and savor them like an emerald without worrying about paying the high price tag. Whether you choose green beryl, green glass, green tourmaline, peridot, or synthetic emerald, you are sure to find a gemstone that suits your style and budget.

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