Emerald vs Diamond: Greatest Comparison of all Time

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Posted on February 9th, 2023 02:50 PM

We have always been told to be happy in what we have, not to compare our lives with others. These words are valid, but there are some significant comparisons, and Emerald (panna stone) vs Diamond tops the list.

Emeralds are more expensive than diamonds, and many diamonds are more expensive than emeralds. Quality and price are evaluated differently, and factors like 4Cs - color, clarity, cut, and carat weight- make them unique.

To begin with, let us first clarify the difference between emeralds and emerald-cut diamonds. While an emerald is a gemstone, an emerald-cut diamond is a diamond cut in the shape of an emerald - a rectangular one.

Emerald vs Diamond Origin and Rarity:- 
Diamonds were first mined 2,400 years ago in India, and now they are both found naturally and created in labs. Natural diamonds are formed when carbon atoms are exposed to intense heat and pressure deep in the earth's mantle. Diamonds are not rare, but their 4cs make them genuinely exceptional and deeply treasured.

Emerald vs Diamond Quality:-
The 4Cs are heavily weighted for color, with clarity and cut. In every jewel, the carat weight serves as a barometer for rarity rather than quality. The 4Cs are equally weighted in diamonds because of how clarity and cut make the Diamond appear spectacular. The brilliant round cut is derived from the Tolkowsky cut to make diamonds shine. Assuming the 4Cs for emeralds and diamonds are more or less equal, one exception to this is fancy-colored diamonds. These diamonds make up less than 1% of all diamonds and have prohibitive values.
Emeralds vs Diamond Sparkle:-
Typically the style of sparkle is limited to particular gemstones. Additionally, a green diamond adds extra scintillation to the sparkle; this offers a higher-than-normal amount of sparkle for green diamonds.

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earrings with diamond and emerald

Diamond vs Emerald Color:-
Despite being measured by the same quality factors, there are many differences when emeralds and diamonds are evaluated. The most obvious is color, Emerald Stone are evaluated on how good their color is. On the basis of their lack of color, diamonds are rated. Color is the primary differentiator; most diamonds come in clear yellowish shades. And there is also a range of dazzling color options to choose from, including green diamonds. Some diamonds are greenish, while some are red. Since green diamonds are not that common, it may confuse many to tell the difference between emeralds and diamonds. Emerald is a type of beryl known for its deep bluish-green color; they get its green color from trace amounts of chromium or vanadium. The darker the green color, the greater the value of the carat. Their green color is because of their chromium or vanadium chemicals.

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Emerald vs Diamond Clarity:-
Clarity refers to the degree of imperfections within a gemstone, and there is some degree of inclusion in every naturally formed stone. Usually, green diamonds have high clarity; when there are any inclusions, they would be visible under high levels of magnification. In clarity, diamonds are graded at 10x magnification, while emeralds are graded without magnification. Three types are listed Type I, Type II, and Type III for colored gemstones.

Emerald vs Diamond Symbolism:-
Part of a diamond's sparkle comes from how well the cut is, while emeralds are cut to preserve their weight. Diamonds alone account for half of the precious gem industry. This includes emeralds, Sapphire, rubies, tourmalines, moonstones, and any other Gemstone imaginable.

Both these gems are symbolic. Diamonds are symbolic of everlasting love and loyalty, and they also convey power. Emeralds are a symbol of romantic nature and are a symbol of genuine relationships and deep intuitions.

Emerald vs Diamond Hardness:-
As we all know, diamonds are hard and unbreakable, making them ideal for everyday wear. They score 10 on the Mohs scale and are impossible to scratch, apart from another diamond.

Emeralds are soft and need to be taken care of, with a score of 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale. The relative hardness of emeralds protects them from scratches. However, the brittleness and fissures make cutting and cleaning emeralds difficult. Compared to diamonds, emeralds have hardness and clarity, as 99% of them have inclusions, which makes them unique.

bangle with diamond and emerald stone

Green Diamond vs Emerald:-
Green diamond vs emerald is the most crucial aspect of the cost factor. Despite this fact, emeralds and diamonds are uncommon, exceptional gemstones that differ in many ways. Emeralds are made of the mineral beryl, while diamonds are made of carbon. Diamonds are harder, are most colorless, and have yellowish hues; emeralds are not that hard and are mostly green or bluish-green.
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Emeralds are rich and warm and are associated if any individual enjoys learning about the 'meanings' behind gems. They are associated with long-lasting love and are closely associated with the goddess Venus.
Green diamonds are extremely attractive due to their brilliant glitter and are supposed to represent strength, prosperity, and longevity. Compared to the deeper emerald, they are easier to dress for in the daytime because of their lighter tone.

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Emerald vs Diamond Price:-

If a diamond is of a lower grade, like S12 clarity and M color grade, it might cost less than an emerald. And if a stone has inclusions, then the pricing may go deep.

Emeralds are more expensive per carat than diamonds; an emerald's price depends on its quality and cut. Some emeralds in Columbia are considered high quality and more valuable than diamonds.

But in general terms, diamonds are costlier than emeralds. Here is an example:

Diamond Price Per Carat = $1,500 - $25,000.

Emerald Price Per Carat = $250 - $10,000.

It is tough to say which is more valuable; diamonds and emeralds are valuable enough to be utilized lavishly in the same situations. Regardless, most people believe that diamonds are more valuable than emeralds.

If price and cost are used to determine preciousness, then diamonds are more valuable. But in reality, both jewels are equally valuable.

emerald and diamond pendant with Gold chain

Closing Words:-

While emeralds are rarer, diamonds are more commonly purchased than emeralds. The quality of an emerald varies greatly; a high-quality will shine and sparkle. Both diamonds and emeralds are excellent gemstones. And the above comparison means only you can choose the 'winner' and choose whichever is perfect for you.

Having seen all the major differences, you would want to choose the one that suits your personality.

Is an emerald more expensive than a diamond?:-
Emeralds are typically more expensive than diamonds because of their comparative rarity. Even though diamonds pose a rarity, the fact is contrary to this notion. Another intriguing factor is that emeralds are larger than diamonds while weighing the same in carats and are less dense.

Are emeralds cheaper than diamonds?:- 
Despite popular belief, emeralds are often more expensive than diamonds. Natural top AAA quality emeralds are expensive to find. Thus the price of an emerald depends on its quality and cut. The Gachala emerald, found in Colombia in 1967, weighs 858 carats and is among the world's largest emeralds.

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