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Posted on August 30th, 2022 06:08 PM
Panjshir Emerald, also known as Afghanistan Emerald, also known as Panjshir Panna, is among the best kinds of emeralds located within the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan. The gems have a distinct green color with a bluish hue, similar to other popular sources. On the international gem market, panjshir, or Afghan emerald, is the most coveted emerald.

Due to their extraordinary color, extraordinary clarity, and dazzling sparkle, they were believed to be loved by the king of old, Alexander The Great, and the famous philosopher Pliny The Elder. It is a stunning green gem frequently used as its birthstone for May and an omen of good luck in Vedic practice to receive the blessings of the planet "Mercury'. Read this article on why Panjshir Emeralds are regarded as one of the most desirable stones.

Afghanistan Emerald Mine

Emeralds from Afghanistan, also called Afghanistan Emeralds, are a top selection of natural emerald stones with a well-balanced blue-green color and incredible transparency. These stunning emerald gems are known as "Panjshir Valley Emeralds." These high-quality gems of green are sourced from the Panjshir province, known as the 'five lions' province. The area has a fascinating story behind its name. The name 'Panjshir' is derived in honor of the five spiritual brothers who were once residents of the area. The mining location in Panjshir has been discovered to be 113 kilometers north of Kabul's capital city. The existence of emerald stones within the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan, was first reported about a thousand years ago.

The top Afghanistan emerald mines are Khenj, Mikeni, Butak, Buzmal, Bakhi, and Barun. The high quality of Panjshir Emerald gemstones varies between mines. According to experts, the finest Panjshir Emeralds, or Panjshir Panna, originate in mines in the Khenj mining area (Milzeni and Darlzhenj areas). In the wake of political tensions in society, taxes, and a lack of advanced mining equipment, Afghanistan's emerald resources were exhausted. There are some mining operations operating today. There were earlier, more than 172 mines in Afghanistan that produced high-quality gemstones over the last four hundred years. However, mining is only carried out in a handful of mines.

Although Colombian Emeralds are also regarded as fine-quality gemstones, natural Afghan Emeralds are better in terms of their color, the quality of the stone, or cost. They're able to compete with even exquisite specimens from other sources. Due to the extremely low production and relatively low production, it can be difficult to locate premium Panjshir Emeralds for sale on the marketplace. So, when someone can purchase a certified Panjshir Emerald at a reasonable price, they must be open to it!


If you're looking for the quality of the stones, Panjshir emeralds are ranked as the best emeralds available in gems. The value and quality of Panjshir emeralds are a matter of fact. Afghan Emerald or Panjshir Panna gemstones are determined by their cut and color, clarity, carat weight, and luster.

Cut - Being a precious stone cut, the Panjshir Emerald is an extremely important crystal. Thus, in the rough-cutting process, weight retention is the top priority, and aesthetics is the second important consideration. Regarding commercial considerations, gemstone cutters typically choose a form that demonstrates aesthetics and ensures the highest carat weight. The general rule is that the Panjshir Emerald stone, with a sparkling luster and a fine hue, is the most desirable purchase.

Color - The color of Panjshir Emerald is a blend of tone, hue, and saturation. The range of color is from intense green to slightly bluish green. The variation in the overall amount of color intensity influences this stone's quality. The pieces of Original Panjshir Panna with the ideal balance between blue and green hues are considered the best.

Clarity - The clarity of Panjshir Emerald crystals can range from clear to translucent in appearance. But the majority of Panjshir gemstones contain three-phase inclusions and may have cracks inside, black dots-like streaks of specks, and surface-reaching fractures due to the flawed mining technique. The best Panjshir gems contain emeralds. Thus, the less quantity, the better the quality, and the greater the value.

Prices for Panjshir Emerald

Emeralds found in the Panjshir region surpass the rest of the gemstones in the region with a high score for clarity, color, and sparkle. Therefore, they are considered to be the desired emerald variety all over the world. Prices per carat of Panjshir emeralds in India are around 1,00,000 rupees ($1250) but can rise to 6,20,000 ($7500) or higher, depending on the quality and the size.

The value of the Afghanistan Emerald across other countries like the UK, USA, and UAE might differ due to the different supply and demand cycles.

Buy Certified Panjshir Emerald Gemstone Online

As Panjshir Emerald is an expensive gemstone, several hoax dealers on the marketplace sell imitation stones instead of genuine ones. So, purchasing real Panjshir/Afghanistan Panna stones at a reputable gem store like Navratan, the online gem bazaar is highly advised. The store has the broadest selection of authentic Panjshir Emeralds and authentic certificates. All the stones at the Navratan store are certified by international laboratories for testing gems like SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin. Therefore, Navratan is among the top gemstone platforms, offering certified gemstones at the lowest prices. It also offers a safe shipping option worldwide and an easy return policy. Explore the finest collection of certified Panjshir Emerald gemstones online at the lowest cost.

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