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Posted on August 30th, 2022 06:08 PM

Panjshir Emerald, also known as Afghanistan emerald, or Panjshir Panna, is one of the finest varieties of emeralds which is found in the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan. These gems boast a unique bluish-green color that can rival the emeralds of any other popular origin. In the international gem market, Panjshir or Afghan emerald is a highly coveted emerald variety. 

                  Because of the exceptional color, remarkable clarity, and brilliant luster, they were believed to be loved even by the ancient king Alexander, The Great, as well as by the popular philosopher Pliny, The Elder. This beautiful green gemstone is often worn as a May birthstone and also as an auspicious Rashi ratan in Vedic science to gain blessings of the planet ‘Mercury’. Check out in this article, why Panjshir emeralds are considered the best in class emerald stones. 

Afghanistan Emerald Mine

Emeralds from Afghanistan also known as Afghanistan emerald is a world-class variety of natural emerald gemstones bearing a nicely balanced bluish-green hue and exceptional transparency. These beautiful pieces of emeralds are named ‘Panjshir valley emeralds’. These superior quality green gems are resourced from the Panjshir Province translated as ‘five lions’. This location has an interesting history behind its title. This region is named ‘Panjshir’ to give honor to the five spiritual brothers who earlier lived here. The mining location in Panjshir is discovered 113 kilometers northeast of the capital Kabul. The presence of emerald gemstones in the Afghanistan Panjshir valley was reported nearly a thousand years ago. 

The foremost Afghanistan emerald mines are located in Khenj, Mikeni, Butak, Buzmal, Bakhi, and Barun. The quality of Panjshir emerald gemstone ranges from mine to mine. According to the gemmologists, the best Panjshir emeralds or Panjshir Panna arrive from the Khenj mines (Milzeni and Darlzhenj region). Due to the political & social unrest, taxation problems, and lack of modern mining technology, Afghanistan's emerald abundances got severely exhausted. There are a few mines operational Currently. Earlier, there were more than 172 emerald mines located in Afghanistan providing superior quality emeralds for the past 400 years. But now, the production is carried out only in a few mines.

Though Colombian emeralds are also considered fine-quality emeralds, none can beat natural Afghan emeralds in terms of color, quality, and price. They can rival even the fine specimens of any source. However, due to its significantly low production, it is a little difficult to find premium quality Panjshir emerald for sale in the market. Therefore, if someone gets a chance to buy a certified Panjshir emerald at the best price, he/she should never miss the opportunity!


When it comes to quality, Panjshir emeralds are ranked among the top-quality emeralds in the world of gemstones. The quality and price of the Afghan emerald or Panjshir Panna stones are primarily assessed by their cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and luster. 

Cut – Being an immensely rare gemstone, the Panjshir emerald is a highly valuable crystal. Therefore, while its rough cutting process, weight retention is a high priority and beauty is the next major consideration. In the commercial aspects, the gem cutters often pick a shape that not only justifies the beauty but also maintains maximum carat weight. In general, Panjshir emerald stone which displays brilliant luster with fine color is considered best for purchase.

Color – The color of Panjshir emerald is a combination of hue, tone, and saturation. It ranges from intense green to somewhere slightly bluish green. The overall variation in the intensity of color distribution highly affects the quality of this stone. Those pieces of the original Panjshir Panna that display the perfect balance of green and blue hue are considered superior.

Clarity – Generally, the clarity of Panjshir emerald crystals is transparent to opaque in appearance. However, most of the Panjshir emerald gems have three-phase inclusions and carry internal cracks, black dot-like specks, or surface-reaching fissures because of the poor mining procedure. Even the high-quality Panjshir emeralds are included. Therefore, the lesser the inclusion, the superior the quality, and the more will be the price. 

Prices of Panjshir Emerald 

Emeralds from the Panjshir region outweigh the other counterparts with excessively high marks in terms of color, clarity, transparency, and luster. Hence, they are measured to be the most sought-after variety of emerald gemstones worldwide. The per-carat price of Panjshir emerald in India begins at around ₹ 1,00,000 ($1250) and can go as far as approx. ₹ 6,00,000 ($7500) or above depending upon the quality and size. 

However, the value of the Afghanistan emerald in other nations like the UK, USA, and UAE may vary because of the difference in the demand and supply cycle.

Buy Certified Panjshir Emerald Gemstone Online

Since Panjshir Emerald is a highly precious gemstone, there are several hoax sellers in the market who sell imitated stones in lieu of real ones. Therefore, it is highly recommended to only shop for real Afghanistan/Panjshir Panna stones from a trusted gemstone store such as Navratan, the online gem Bazar. It has the widest range of original Panjshir emeralds along with an authenticity certificate. All the gemstones at Navratan are approved by international gem testing labs such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin. Thus, Navratan is counted among the most trusted gemstone platform that provides certified gemstones online at the most affordable price range. You can also avail yourself of an insured shipping facility across the globe along with a hassle-free return option. Shop the premium collection of certified Panjshir Emerald gemstones online at the best price.


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