Benefits of Tourmaline Stone, Healing Properties & Uses

Posted on March 28th, 2023 01:18 PM

Tourmaline is one of the quintessential semi-precious gemstones that is widely acknowledged for its alluring and striking colors and a multitude of benefits and healing properties. It is one of the few gemstones in existence that encloses a stunning rainbow color pallet and clarity level is no less than diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Tourmaline is also massively hailed for its enigmatic healing properties as it can heal the wearer on different levels.

Apart from rendering heaps of benefits and healing different aspects of the life of a wearer, tourmaline stone implications in the segment of jewelry are quite colossal. Tourmaline gemstone ranks above average on the Mohs hardness scale with a rating of  7.-7.5, and it is also available in umpteen captivating colors which makes tourmaline exemplary to inculcate in different forms of jewelry. Moreover, like other gemstones are labeled as birthstones of different months, tourmaline is also the birthstone of October month.

tourmaline stone

If we talk about the origin, tourmaline gemstone is found seamlessly around the globe. According to an authentic source, there are more than 8600 major to minor locations spotted across the globe where tourmaline is found with Brazil,  Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, Italy, and Switzerland being the major ones. We have already stated all the general information about tourmaline. It’s high time we hop on to the pivotal section of this blog post and make our readers familiar with all the principal benefits of tourmaline stone. 

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Top Benefits of Tourmaline Stone

Spiritual Benefits: Tourmaline is widely fabled as well as hailed for providing numerous spiritual benefits to the wearer. It brings balance between all the Chakras in your body and establishes peace and wisdom. Moreover, Embracing tourmaline also provides spiritual grounding and acts as an impregnable shield against vicious vibes.

Enhance Energy Level: For those who always feel drained or dearth of energy, or look lackluster to others, embracing tourmaline stone is by leaps and bounds the best option for them to give a serious boost to their physical energy level and feel frisky and energetic all the time.

Improve Positivity & Dwindle Negativity: A negative mindset is way more lethal and worrisome than the most formidable physical weapon. If your mindset is positive and healthy, no size of obstruction and no level of difficulty can bother your even a bit. Wearing tourmaline gemstone is one of the most seamless ways to kick away negativity from your life and make positivity an indispensable part of every fiber of your body.

Amplify Blood Circulation & Treat Ailments: Embracing pink or green tourmaline stone improves the wearer's blood circulation to a great extent and treats minor to major ailments related to the heart and liver. In addition to that, tourmaline stone also opens untapped dimensions of the wearer’s heart that allow unconditional love to flow and make compassion an integral part of your character.

Improves Quality of Relationship: If your relationship is going through a rough phase and you are eager to save your crumbling relationship, tourmaline gemstone is undeniably the best rescue option at your disposal as it solves all disputes and misunderstandings between two loving individuals and preserves the purest form of love and compassion. Not many people know that embracing tourmaline also sharpens your intuitive powers and activates your sixth sense.

Protection Against Black Magic: Tourmaline not only acts as an ideal stress buster and positivity preserver but also provides rock-solid protection against all types of black magic. Those who want unbreakable protection against black magic and its annihilating ill impacts must wear tourmaline under the supervision of an eminent astrologer to ensure to reap the maxim benefits.

Attain Laser Focus & Improved Concentration: To achieve coveted success and growth in life, one needs to have a razor-sharp vision and laser focus that never flinches despite the size of the obstruction. If you struggle to achieve a focused and sharp mindset, tourmaline gemstone can help you to a great extent as it encloses mysterious and potent vibes that exterminate all the possible sources of distraction from your mind and ensure you continue to walk on the right path with a crystal clear goal in your mind.

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Uses of Tourmaline Gemstone

Apart from giving endless benefits to the wearer, Tourmaline is a popular semi-precious gemstone that comes in a variety of colors and is known for its unique properties. Here are some of the best uses of tourmaline stone:

Jewelry: Tourmaline is one of the principal choices for different forms of jewelry as it has an above-average hardness, is less prone to damage or scratch, and comes in a range of colors, from pink to green to black. It is often used in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Tourmaline can be a great add-on to your jewelry wardrobe.

Healing: Perhaps the biggest use of tourmaline gemstones comes in the healing industry. Tourmaline is widely regarded for its multitude of astonishing healing properties and is often used in alternative medicine practices to speed up the healing process. It is said to help with stress relief, anxiety, and energy balance. Moreover, embracing tourmaline stone also clears up your body's Chakras and makes sure the flow of energy remains uniform from head to toe.

EMF protection: This use of tourmaline gemstone will surely flabbergast you as there are only a handful of stones that provide protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation. Tourmaline is widely known to be a natural and one of the biggest sources of a surplus of negative ions, which can help to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation. Tourmaline jewelry or fashion accessories can be used to a great extent to get protection against the negative effects of EMF exposure.

Water purification: Unquestionably, one of the biggest uses of tourmaline gemstones that most individuals are not aware of is Water purification. Tourmaline is widely believed to have the jaw-dropping ability to purify every drop of water by removing impurities and adding energizing minerals to it. Some state-of-the-art water filtration systems use tourmaline gemstones as an integral part of their filtering process.

Meditation: Tourmaline stone implication in the realm of meditation and spirituality is mammoth as it is said to escalate the focus and concentration levels of a wearer by leaps and bounds and ensure to maintain those levels for a long time. It can be held or placed near the body during meditation to enhance the experience. 

Feng Shui: Those who are well versed in the Chinese culture know that Tourmaline is extensively used in Feng Shui practices to help balance energy in a room or any space you live in. It can be placed in specific areas of a room to enhance the flow of energy and bring balance and harmony to the space. Hence, if you seek tranquility at your workspace or want to maintain the flow of positivity at your home, tourmaline stone is the right pick for anyone.

tourmaline stone

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We have stated almost all the major benefits as well as uses of tourmaline gemstones. If you are looking to buy a gemstone that provides you with numerous healing benefits and satiates your need to flaunt fashion accessories, roping in a stunning tourmaline gemstone is unquestionably a bull’s eye hit. As long as you embrace tourmaline, it will continue to provide healing, peace of mind, and opulence, and amplify other aspects of your life.

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