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most valuable  and rare gemstones
Posted on August 4th, 2021 03:28 PM

Nature has bestowed us with a world that is full of infinite colors. From beautiful flowers to mesmerizing rainbow, we have got a variety of colors around us. Continuing the series, we have the world of colorful and most valuable gemstones to bestow our lives with a pinch of little more shades. There is an endless number of color hues that arise in our ambiance via precious rare gemstones. Since these owners of natural beauty and emblem of true purity are quite rare, they fetch high monetary value in the international gemstone market. However, the price of a gemstone is never solely determined by its color. There are a number of other factors that determine the value of a gem, say, cut, clarity, carat weight, and most importantly, the origin. 

            In a general perspective, there is a larger segment of people who believes that the colorless diamond is the most precious gemstone present on Earth. Though, it is not true at all. In fact, it is just the illusion, stating phenomenally, ‘Diamonds are Forever, created by the vast marketing champions and advertisement strategies of big jewelry houses. It doesn’t signify that diamonds are cheap or worthless; it simply means that there are a few stones that capture far more valuable than diamonds in terms of price. Diamonds are worthy too but there are some colored precious stones that are more precious. Here we are going to see the list of some of such precious gemstones that hold much more worth than a diamond. 

Rarest Gemstones - Top 5 Precious Stones

Burma Ruby 


When we are talking about the most precious stones of the world, Burmese Rubies always ranks at the top of the list. Amongst all the colored stones, rich red-colored rubies are the most prized ones. Especially pigeon blood ruby from Burma are unbeatable when it comes to price. Popularly known by the name Burma Manik, it is the most cherished variety of the whole wide ruby clan and undoubtedly far more expensive than a piece of diamond. 



This amazing color-changing gem is one of its unique and rare kinds of gemstone in the whole wide world of gemstones. Alexandrite displays a unique transformation of shades, which makes it an emerald in the morning and a ruby in the evening. This gem member of the chrysoberyl mineral family chrysoberyl was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830. It is named after the Russian emperor Alexander II. This exclusive gem is highly prized and today counted among one of the most sought-after gems because of its remarkable capability of shifting the degree of color, especially the Russian origin. In the sunlight, it becomes bluish-green whereas under incandescent light it demonstrates a purplish-red hue. Alexandrite gemstone is of a much higher price than that of a diamond. 



While discussing the order of exclusive gemstones, we can’t let go of the gorgeous green Emeralds. Especially the Panjshir and Sawt Origins. Though Colombian emeralds are famous too; not all of them. Only large-sized pieces which own a commendable amount of clarity grab higher pricing in the international gemstone market. On the other hand, Panjshir Emeralds are considered extremely exclusive and generally fetch far more price than a regular diamond. On the same account, Swat valley emeralds are of superior quality and very rare. Thus they too command great prices among gemstone lovers and in global auctions.


Kashmir Blue Sapphire 

When it comes to precious stones you can never forget Kashmir Sapphires. These rare of the rarest stones are commonly known as Kashmir Neelam. They are highly popular when it comes to premium quality and pricing. However, Kashmir mines are now depleted making Kashmir blue sapphires a pride to own. Henceforth, this natural stunning blue stone keeps the records of the most precious stone. 


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