11 Pink Crystal Names: Choose your Best

Posted on March 27th, 2023 05:39 PM

Who are you once done with everything, Education, Job, Relationship? The answer lies in the divine beauty of pink crystal names, as it is associated with light-heartedness and open-mindedness. While pink stones are nearly synonymous with femininity, they are often innocence, childhood, openness, and wonder. 

This blog is about these awesome Pink Stones Names - Pink Sapphire, Tourmaline, Pink Opal, and other pink gemstones. If you are among the one who is looking for qualities, then this blog is certainly for you. 

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Here’s the list of Pink Crystal Names

Pink Diamond

One reason why Pink Diamonds are so expensive is their rarity. Most of the pink diamonds come from Australia’s Argyle Mine. Even the gem experts didn’t know how to explain its gorgeous pink color for a while. Here’s why - plastic deformation, the pressure from the Earth’s crust, causes the carbon atoms to be rearranged, thus the color pink. 

It ranks 10/10 on the Mohs scale, making it the hardest material on Earth. It can sell for as much as $100,000 per karat, but once again, it is the unique beauty of the stones and their rarity. Spiritually, it improves mental energies, purifying the mind—no wonder they are very popular as engagement rings. 

pink diamond

Pink Moonstone

Moonstones of all colors are funky and cool to one’s jewelry collection, and Pink is no exception. Moonstone gets its name from a moonlike sheen and is called the Schiller Effect. It’s part of a large mineral group that comes in black, white, peach, and pink. 

Pink Moonstones have some hematite; the stones are often medium-light pink, with grey and red hues combined. They are called “pink flake moonstones,” though some people use “pink flake” to refer to ones with the most hematite. 

The best part of moonstones is that they work with chakras and help people see their beauty with a sense of attractiveness. 

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Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire comes from chromium, and many are vivid pink. People often choose them as a stand-in for Pink Diamonds - an excellent way to save a bit of money. It might be annoying to pay a lot for a stone to get scratched or faded, then realize that you can’t wear it. That’s not the case with Pink Sapphire; its hardness of 9 is durable enough for everyday wear. 

This combination of sparkle and old-fashioned toughness is why Pink Sapphire is synonymous with high-quality jewelry. 

pink sapphire

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is the most renowned gemstone in the tourmaline stone collection, with much sodium and long, slender crystals. It comes in a pretty extensive range of pink, softer to brighter; some have a dual-color quality, with watermelon hues and softer tones combined in the same stone. It is the 8th Anniversary gemstone. 

pink tourmaline

With a hardness of 7.5, it needs to be treated with some gentleness but isn’t exactly fragile. Often pink tourmaline is used in any jewelry; overall, this is a prestigious pink gemstone. 

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Pink Spinel

Where there is Pink Spinel, there’s no room for negativity; this bright and bursting stone is a berry bright and as shiny as a new penny. It is loaded with joy and courage and infuses every cell with positively high vibrations. This stone will make you feel reborn for those running on fumes. This Spinel stone doesn’t scrimp and ensures that your spiritual life stays on top while your physical body releases toxins and bad vibe buildups. 

pink spinel

Pink Opal

Sometimes also referred to as the “Stone of Resolution” because it is said to be able to heal emotional wounds and release worry and anxiety. As rare as the mystical Inca legends, it is also a stone of love, kindness, and gentleness. It comes from Peru and is also known as the gem of resolution. Pink Opal stone takes us to a place of love and gentleness. Whether unraveling locked-in ideals or the luminescence magic, it is a stone for all who choose to be happy. 

pink opal

Pink Rhodolite Garnet

The bright languor of summer wine meets in the shimmering shades of Pink Rhodolite Garnet. This gem is here to balance the energy flow, arouse your Kundalini serpent, and protect your aura when you fall into a deep meditation or nurture a psychic connection. This gleaming style of Pink comes with a delicious dose of creativity; as warm as the sun, this gem soaks you to the bone with love, sincerity, and the hope of brighter days. 

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Pink Fluorite

Get in touch with your true heartfelt feelings, demystify your desires, and resolve conflict by welcoming pink fluorite into your life. It is all about sparkling clear clarity and finding the route of positive energy. Pink fluorite is a stone for reorganizing your thoughts, shifting perspective, and getting to the rock of any icky feelings. 

Pink Rhodonite

Rare and rosy and soft in shade and style as it can be, the Rhodonite stone brings themes of community, connection, and raising in your conscious world. This gem can be pale as dawn pink hues, and it invites you to tear down structures and take down walls that could be holding you back. It dissolves pain and negativity and replaces the feelings with joy, energy, and sparkle that shimmers in the eyes and soul. 

Pink Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a precious stone with every inch of pure and perfect rose it promises to be. It is splashed with historical meaning, folklore, and epic fantasy tales. From the blood kings and queens to tales of the Inca Rose, this stone is pure medicine for the heart. It reminds us of the incredible beauty we bring when we trust to open up and bloom from a tiny bud. It heals the fourth chakra, encourages growth, and grants the courage to be free with wild and beautiful hearts. 

Pink Kunzite

It is the gem for forever encouraging you to expand your loving thoughts. Despite its soft color scheme, do not underestimate the power of Kunzite. This stone can heal your whole being in what feels like an instant. It will calm your nervous system and keep the body repair from any physical stress, bringing emotional discord into balance. For those suffering from Premenstrual syndrome or who tend to be a little hard, this stone teaches how to perfect the art of self-care. 

Pink Gemstone Names: Last Words

Pink crystal names teach us to live fully, love big and bold, and remind us that no matter what happens, we are worthy of being a part of this beautiful world. However, if you’re adding pink to your collection, there’s no better place to start the gems on this list. 

There’s no shortage of options to choose the best pink gem. There are options to suit all styles and budgets; even if you’re looking for an investment, choosing a pink crystal is a good option. The most expensive pieces are rare and continue growing every day. 

Set in for this beautiful piece and complete your life; pink gems are a wonderful gift for others and yourself!

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