Green Crystal Names: List of 12 Green Gemstones

Posted on March 17th, 2023 02:40 PM

In this age of anxiety, if there is survival, there is recovery; if there is the apocalypse, there is an opportunity; and if there is faith, there is love. We all get this last chance to heal ourselves, and the color green is the exact definition of growth, renewal, and abundance.

In this world of green gemstones, the earth element crystals bring luck to Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; the word "green" comes from the Old English grenian, meaning "flourish." The green gemstone connects to the heart chakra and is often used to harmonize emotions with intellect and luck and connect with Mother Nature.

List of Green Gemstones Names

Green Emerald

The most popular green gemstone is the Emerald, also known as panna that tops our list of green crystal names. They are precious stones in the beryl family and have been believed worldwide for centuries. They show rich tones in "very light" color grades and can be deep green, yellow-green, or bluish-green. 

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The majestic royals, from Cleopatra to princess Diana everyone adored themselves with emerald jewelry. Before bringing emeralds from the "New World" by the Spanish conquistadors, it had already been used for five centuries and was mined back to 1500 BC. 

Various legends claim the stone gives them foresight, power, and eloquence. It serves as a May birthstone and a traditional 35th wedding anniversary gemstone. 

Green gemstone


Jade is "Imperial Light Green", another valuable stone in our coveted list of green stone names. Ancient Chinese held that jade represented nobility and virtue. It symbolizes wisdom, humility, and prosperity and is the 12th wedding anniversary. It is pretty average in terms of hardness, but they boast the highest resistance to breakage, making them the perfect green stone for everyday wear. 

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Being a protective stone, it keeps the wearer from harm and is believed to bring luck, peace, friendship, and harmony. Interestingly it is known for its musical properties and due to the high cost, maw sit - another green gemstone name is often used instead. 


Alexandrite stones transform from emerald-green under sunlight to ruby-red under incandescent light. Most classify it as "true" and show changes from distinct red to green. It is particularly beloved in Russia for its green and red hues as it matched the Russian military colors. On the other hand, alexandrite symbolizes distinction and aids the circulation system, and this stone also stands for the 55th wedding anniversary stone. 

alexandrite stone


The garnet family has two other varieties: Tsavorite and Demantoid. Tsavorite is the rarest green gem, and most come from Tanzania. On the other hand, Demantoid is the most valuable garnet variety, and its official discovery is much longer than tsavorite's discovery in 1967. These garnets inspire commitment and love and are perfect for starting the year as the January birthstone. Based on their chemistry, green garnets have different names - green grossular garnets and go by different names. 

Green Sapphire

While sapphire is traditionally blue, the presence of iron creates green sapphire which makes the entry of green sapphire into our list of green gemstone names. It ranges from pale mint-green to forest green with blue-green gemstone or yellow undertones; most common are olive-green or tan-green. While they are widely known, they are not rare, and in fact, they are more affordable than blue or padparadscha sapphires.

While green stones reach saturated colors, you'll find these stones in olive green, mint green, and yellow greens, which are more common than pure grass green. Since they are less prevalent than blue, they are less expensive. They are the most durable gemstone, and this is why both blue and green are often used in jewelry. 

green sapphire stone


It is an opaque, blue and green stone with mild olive-green fluorescence. This blue-green color is formed because of the tectosilicate mineral. Also called the "Amazon stone," these stones are named after the Amazon River, although they aren't found there. According to evidence, jewelry and adornments found in King Tut's tomb proved that the amazonite was found in Egypt. 


While talking about green gemstones names, Peridot often tops the list and are usually light but vibrant shades of olive-green with amber undertones. These soft green stones are prevalent in healing circles and work best for better sleep and emotional balance. One stone is often called space peridot as it is known to come from meteorites. Although these stones are formed from volcanoes, they could be more durable, they can break if hit the wrong way. 

The largest peridot ever found was on Zagbargad Island and weighed 311.78 carats or 62.35 grams. It has since been moved to the Smithsonian Museum. The world's biggest peridot is London's Geological Museum, with a 146-carat peridot.

peridot stone

Green Tourmaline

If you are looking for a green stone that looks like an emerald, end your search at Green Tourmaline. Chrome Tourmaline is the perfect find in this green gemstone list in Tanzania. Paraiba Tourmaline is a green gemstone with an intense neon blue, blue-green, or violet elbaite tourmaline found in Brazil. Verdelite is a green elbaite tourmaline called "Ceylonese peridot" or "Brazilian emerald." Watermelon Tourmaline is a bi-coloured pink and green elbaite tourmaline with a pink center and green edges. 

Green tourmaline has strong pleochroism with dark to yellow-green hues, and green gemstone names are the best clarity of tourmaline types. 

Green Topaz

Like other green gemstones, green topaz is a worthy contender for green stones for jewelry. With a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, it is a bright pleochroism with excellent clarity and a perfect option for rings or necklaces. It displays bright teal and other Topaz glow with yellow-green or greenish-white fluorescence. Most of them come from the Ural Mountains of Russia. 

green topaz stone

Green Opal

The green opal comes in many body tones, including green, and is an October birthstone with multiple shades, including emerald-green, yellow-green, and muted jade. The best green opals come from Tanzania and Madagascar, with green opals, called prase Opals, which are translucent and jade green. Some of them contain mineral or organic inclusions.

However, a "green swiss opal" is not opal but is misnamed chrysolite. The metaphysical name is the "Stone of Resolution", known for its ability to help you release all your worries. It also represents tenderness and love. 

Green Moonstone 

Green Moonstone is a class apart from a feldspar stone known for its adularescence and soft bluish-white internal glow moonlight. While they are colorless, iron inclusions can create colors like green; rainbow moonstone is a beautiful stone but is a labradorite variety. It can be transparent to translucent and usually have centipede inclusions with small, thin, and intersecting cracks. 

Green moonstone shows chatoany and brings passion and love with embracing strengths; moving on, what is a sage green crystal called? Green Aventurine!

Green Diamond

One of the rarest diamond colors is green with blue, gray, or yellow undertones. The highest-value are graded 'Fancy Intense' or 'Fancy Vivid' with a saturated uniform coloring in a medium tone. These diamonds are synthetic, treated, or natural. Naturally, green diamonds are formed through natural irradiation or the presence of certain elements like nitrogen or nickel. 

The green color results from hydrogen, nitrogen, and nickel present in the diamond's crystal structure. As they are naturally rare, jewelers have taken the treatments to create greater depth and color in the lab. 


These green gemstones are great for new beginnings and growth, regardless of how they're made. Just wear a green gemstone; whether you prefer the milky green of prehnite or the classic sophistication of emerald, they're a perfect green crystal waiting for you!

Whether you enjoy the many colors of green from the plant world, these green gemstones will surely make you feel invigorated!

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