Wedding Anniversary Stones: Your Go-To Guide

Posted on March 14th, 2023 10:51 AM

Wedding anniversaries are as special and significant as birthdays or any other major festival. They are celebrated with utmost peppiness and zestfulness by couples of all age groups. One of the indispensable as well as endearing aspects of any wedding anniversary celebration is gifts. Though it’s not mandatory to shower heaps of gifts on your better half, giving gifts is considered a token of love, thankfulness, and companionship.

If your wedding anniversary is on the cusp of arrival, you better brace yourself and rope in the most memorable and ingenious anniversary gift for your life partner. However, it’s not an easy task to find the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your partner as choosing between a plethora of stunning options is quite daunting. Gemstones or gemstone jewelry is one alluring, budget-friendly, and remarkable gift option that you can inculcate to gobsmack your better half on such a significant occasion.

Below, we have curated a captivating list of wedding anniversary stones by year that will surely make your wedding anniversary celebration scintillating and help you woo the darling of your life like nothing else.

List of Wedding Anniversary Gemstones By Year

1st Anniversary Stones: Traditional Gold or Pearl

We know gold is not some exclusive and precious gemstone but is considered as an exemplary gift to give to your better half on the stellar occasion of your wedding anniversary. There is a myriad of ravishing gold jewelry forms available in the market with gemstones embedded and never seen before designs that can swoon over anyone in no time. 

1st anniversary pearls ring

Apart from gold, pearl stone is a subtle choice as the first wedding anniversary gift as pearls is alluring, grace, and the perfect symbol of everlasting love and peace.

2nd Anniversary Gemstone: Garnet

Garnet gemstone grabs the second position in our list of wedding anniversary stones by year and we have a plethora of reasons to justify the inclusion of garnet in our list. The red color of the garnet stone can evoke the bubbles of love between you and your better half as well as quench your need to give a splendid gift to your partner. Moreover, garnet can be inculcated in a variety of jewelry forms as well as come in numerous stunning color hues that make this stone a perfect option for the second-anniversary wedding gift.

3rd Anniversary Stone: Peridot

Considered by many as the best possible substitute for emeralds, Peridot gemstone as a gift is worth considering for your third wedding anniversary. The striking and eye-pleasing green hues of peridot represent vivaciousness and friskiness in life and instill a lot of admirable qualities into the wearer. It’s a subtle stone that also reflects tenderness, thus, a commendable gift idea for those planning to celebrate the third wedding anniversary with utmost peppiness.

3rd anniversary peridot ring

4th Anniversary Gemstone: Jade

Jade is one of the most awe-inspiring, mystical, and riveting stones in existence that is also a beyond-perfect fourth wedding anniversary gift for any individual looking to surprise his/her partner. Jade exemplifies a lot of admirable and coveted virtues like luck, strength, wisdom, knowledge, love, compassion, peace, and stability. Moreover, Jade is also supposed to enhance the longevity of the wearer, hence, it is by miles one of the best fourth wedding anniversary gift options for your better half.

5th Anniversary Stone: Blue Sapphire

The uncrowned king of all gemstones - Blue Sapphire - is astronomical miles ahead and the best gift option for your much-awaited fifth wedding anniversary celebration. Blue sapphire stone is not only widely hailed for its array of astrological, physical, and spiritual benefits but also for its unrivaled beauty and massive implications in the domain of jewelry. You can buy a spectacular blue sapphire ring as a wedding anniversary gift from trusted platforms like Navratan where you can effortlessly find the trendiest and most stunning blue sapphire ring designs at a budget-friendly price. Pick the one that suits the taste of your better half and gobsmack him/her like no one else.

5th anniversary blue sapphire ring

6th Wedding Anniversary Stone: Amethyst

If anything makes the purple color looks charming and appealing, it’s the amethyst stone. Known for its timeless and drool-worthy beauty, an amethyst stone could be a wonderful gift option to express your love to your life partner on the soulful occasion of the sixth wedding anniversary. Amethyst rings not only add grace to your simplistic personality but also beautify your persona by leaps and bounds. Unquestionably, an ideal gift option to spruce up your sixth wedding anniversary.

7th Anniversary Stone: Yellow Sapphire

As a wedding anniversary celebration is once in a year affair, your seventh wedding anniversary gift should be once in a lifetime gift to make a special in the heart of your lover. And what’s better than a yellow sapphire stone to sprinkle some charm in your relationship as well as in your wedding anniversary celebration? Yellow sapphire is the epitome of love and success, and yellow sapphire rings for women are way too exemplary to entice your better half as it also amplifies the affection between two loving individuals.

7th anniversary yellow sapphire ring

8th Anniversary Gemstone: Tourmaline

If you are struggling hard to find a unique  8th wedding anniversary gift for your life partner, your quest can end with a tourmaline stone. Widely revered and hailed as the gemstone of liveliness, tourmaline alluring rainbow hues will surely make your lover go head over heels for you the moment she/he embraces it. Pick the best color tourmaline for your better half and make your better half’s wedding anniversary celebration unforgettable.

9th Anniversary Stone: Lapis Lazuli

If blue is the hot favorite color of yours and your beloved, Lapiz Lazuli can be an utterly extraordinary and vibrant stone for your ninth wedding anniversary celebration. Lapis Lazuli is embraced to bring immense positive energy into your life and exterminate negativity. After all, anyone will need some freshness, frisky, and some breath of air after 9 years of a successful marriage run.

9th anniversary lapis lazuli ring

10th Anniversary Gemstone: Diamond

As they say, “Diamond is forever”. When you have completed the coveted milestone of 10 years of togetherness with your better half, no gift is better than diamonds. For centuries, diamonds have continually been the numero uno choice to embrace and reflect royalty as well as an exemplary gift to give to your lover. We don’t need to state the significance and value of diamonds as they are already the most valued and revered stones in the world.

20th Wedding Anniversary Stone - Iolite

Blessed are those couples who get to celebrate the colossal milestone of their 20th wedding anniversary together. Thus, the wedding anniversary gift for the 20th-anniversary celebration has to be super special and to the T. As iolite stone exemplifies transparency and loyalty, it is by leaps and bounds the best gift to render to your better half and celebrate lifelong togetherness and love.

30th Wedding Anniversary Stone - Alexandrite

For an occasion as remarkable and scintillating as the 30th wedding anniversary, the gift for your better half has to be equally alluring and that’s where the alexandrite stone comes into the picture. Alexandrite stone’s unmatched beauty will add oodles of charm and sparkle to your 30th-anniversary celebration and ensure all the beautiful memories get etched in your mind forever. Moreover, this gemstone will spruce up the romance between you and your partner to a great extent.

35th Wedding Anniversary Stones - Emeralds

In today’s time, it’s really an astronomical achievement to hit the milestone of a 35th wedding anniversary, and that too effortlessly and friskily. Emerald also known as panna stone is a magnificent gift to give to your better half on the soulful occasion of the 35th wedding anniversary and make your celebration more stellar. Emeralds are symbols of royalty, power, strength, and passion. The same virtues will be added to your relationship as well after embracing it. 

40th Wedding Anniversary Stones - Ruby

A formidable gemstone like ruby signifies valor, love, and inexhaustible passion. To complete the mark of the 40th wedding anniversary along with toppling all obstructions with your journey, your relationship has to be transparent, trust, and undeterred love. By gifting a ruby stone to your better half, you express your never-ending love, friendship, and devotion to your relationship with your husband or wife. Moreover, ruby is truly a thumping gift for a 40th wedding anniversary celebration.

40th anniversary ruby ring

45th Wedding Anniversary Stones  - Tanzanite

You know quite well your relationship is something out of this world when you have completed 45 years of togetherness with a big smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart. Rope in the most beautiful and dazzling Tanzanite stone for your life partner and add stars to your 45th wedding anniversary celebration. The tanzanite as a gift to your better half will make your remaining journey more smooth and soulful.

60th Wedding Anniversary Stones - Platinum Jewelry

60 years of togetherness is a god-level achievement and only a handful of couples manage to hit this elusive milestone. To commemorate your 60th wedding anniversary, no gift can touch the elegance and timeless appeal of Platinum jewelry. By gifting ravishing platinum jewelry to your better half, you celebrate 60 years of togetherness, good and bad, highs and lows, and pray to god to keep both of you united till the last breath.

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