Orange Gemstone Names: List of 15 Orange Gems

Orange Gemstone Names
Posted on February 22nd, 2023 11:55 AM

Gemstones are exceptional marvels of nature. The striking appearance and sparkling colors of gemstones have continued to entice generations as well as provided oodles of life-transforming benefits. In gemstones, orange is the color of fire, undying passion, energy, and strength, There is a myriad of captivating and immensely valuable orange gemstones in existence that are gobsmacking in every way. Some of the orange gems' names you might have heard and some names you haven’t. In this all-inclusive blog post, we have curated the list of the most sought-after and rare orange gemstone names that enclose their origin, meaning, and varied properties. Let’s peek into the list of orange stone names!

List of Orange Crystal Names

Orange Sapphire

The principal reason behind putting orange sapphire in our comprehensive list of orange crystal names is its rarity in existence. The predominant colors in sapphires are blue and yellow. Though raw orange sapphire is not alluring and brilliance oozing, orange sapphires are enhanced in labs to achieve a dazzling and striking color. Orange sapphires are heavily used in different forms of jewelry because of their extreme durability and unparalleled beauty.

orange sapphirestone Jewelry

Imperial Topaz

If we have to define the significance of Imperial Topaz in the simplest possible words, it’s the uncrowned king of the Topaz family. Imperial Topaz exhibits lush orange color which is super rare to find in Topaz gemstones. The major deposits of Imperial Topaz are found majorly in Russia and Czars of Russia claim their exclusive mining of this stunning and rare gemstone. Not many individuals know that  Imperial Topaz is the official gemstone of the US state of Utah and the Holy Bible labeled this rare gemstone as the ‘stone of fire’.


Citrine stone is one of the most prominent types of Quartz and is also referred to as the November birthstone along with Topaz. Citrine is quite an affordable gem and mostly comes in a myriad of yellow hues. Orange color citrines are more exorbitant than yellow citrine and higher in demand as well. The striking orange color in citrine stones is because of the minuscule traces of iron. The more the presence of iron increases, the color becomes reddish and deep yellowish.

Many distinguished astrologers refer to orange citrine as the stone of success because of its enigmatic and potent properties. 

citrine stone Jewelry

Mexican Fire Opal

Mexican fire opal is perhaps the most swoon-worthy and ethereal type of opal with the mining and production fettered only to Mexico and Ethiopia. This gemstone grabbed its place in our coveted list of orange crystal names because of its exuding vivid and saturated startling orange hues. However, Mexican fire opals are hydrophane in nature. They can undergo a significant color change when marinated in water. People of pre-historic civilizations used to believe that Mexican fire opals came directly from paradise and were vehemently connected to angels. Fire opal is the traditional birthstone of October month.

Padparadscha Sapphire

Out of all the noteworthy colors exhibited by sapphires, the pinkish-orange color of Padparadscha sapphire is the most alluring and rarest of all. Padparadscha is undoubtedly one of the most expensive types of sapphire which is named after the ancient Sanskrit word of Lotus and is widely regarded as the stone of immense spiritual power. Moreover, Padparadscha sapphire of pinkish-orange color can be found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the Madagascar region.

padparadsch Sapphire Jewelry

Spessartite Garnet

The only variety of garnets that is available in the exquisite and eyeballs-grabbing orange color is Spessartite garnet. Though Hessonite is also available in a multitude of orange hues, it’s Spessartite garnet’s orange hues that beats hessonite in terms of brilliance and luster. Only a smidgen of people knows that Spessartite garnet is also known as Mandarin garnet because it ranges from pale orange to deep orange. If we talk about physical properties, Spessartite is idiochromatic in nature. It means the lush orange stone possess is because of the chemical composition of the elements.


Oregon Sunstone is the rarest type of sunstone named after the Oregon state in North America renowned for its feral beauty. The minuscule impurities of copper are the key reason behind the awe-inspiring orange color of Oregon sunstone. It is widely believed by astrologers as well as people who have embraced Sunstone that it endows immense freedom, brings good luck to your corner, cuts down stress, and treat well dire anger issues. Oregon Sunstone can also be an exemplary option to give as a gift on sumptuous occasions like an engagement or a wedding anniversary.

sunstone Ring

Orange Jasper

Jasper is one of the most eminent semi-precious gemstones fabled for its jaw-dropping talismanic properties. However, the principal reason behind encapsulating Jasper in our list of orange stone names is its multi-colored pattern of orange hues. Orange Jasper is an opaque gemstone with a plethora of color tones. Orange Jasper is also referred to as ‘Supreme Nurturer’ as it can heal numerous physical, mental, and emotional problems and establishes serenity and trust in your life.


Whenever we talk about coral gemstones, most of the time, images of only red coral or white coral flesh into our minds because these two are the most predominant types of coral stones in existence. However, the pinkish-orange hues of coral stone are something exhilarating, worth admiring, and rarest of the rare. Coral is vehemently associated with the planet Mars because of resembling orange color as well as its treating ill-effect of planet mars. Coral is quite a delicate gemstone as it ranks 3 on the Mohs scale.

coral stone Jewelry

Orange Tourmaline

Tourmaline stone is one of the few gemstones in existence that is available in almost all colors of a rainbow. Nevertheless, the orange hues of tourmaline, pink-orange, and brown-orange, are quite rare to find and shows the different intensity of orange color with the increase and decrease in Titanium and iron. You may also get to see color zoning in orange tourmaline with the increase in the concentration of elements. Out of all the orange gemstones, tourmaline is renowned to provide protection from minor to major physical ailments, inducing creativity, promoting positivity, and tapping the untapped potential of your mind.

Orange Spinel

As we all know Spinel is one of the most abundant gemstones in existence, on the contrary, orange spinel is quite rare and mainly found in Burma and Tanzania countries. Orange spinels are also known as flame spinels because of exhibiting dazzling fire-like orange hues. Orange spinels are quite durable as they fall at 8 on the Mosh scale. Orange spinels exemplify revered attributes like passion, undying hope, and inexhaustible joy.

Orange Diamond

If there is one gemstone in our list of orange gemstone names that can put some serious dent in your budget, it’s the orange diamond. Best known for its unrivaled beauty and unprecedented price, orange diamonds resemble strongly with the color of a carrot. According to the data of the Gemological Institute of America, the largest know orange diamond weighing 14.82 carats was sold for a staggering $35.5 million. Orange diamonds embody virtues like valor, vitality, and zestfulness.

Orange Zircon

Zircon is one of the most eminent and illustrious semi-precious gemstones in existence as well as the best possible substitute for the diamond. The brilliant and lush orange color of Zircon is because of the presence of a tiny amount of radioactive element that crumbles over a period of time. Embracing orange Zircon under the guidance of a certified and experienced astrologer can help you manifest abundance and a gargantuan amount of wealth. Many distinguished gemologists utilize the term Jacinth to describe the orange, yellow, and golden hues of Orange Zircon.

orange zircon stone Jewelry


Since time immemorial, the Sardonyx stone has been a shining symbol of unparalleled strength and protection as well as supposed to bring immense stability, happiness, and trust in your marital life. Sardonyx is one of the most predominant variants of agate known for its enchanting curvy bands of orange, white, red, and black colors. Not many people know that Sardonyx is one of the three birthstones of August month and people of Aries and Leo Zodiac signs can embrace it to improve overall strength and self-confidence.


Rhodochrosite is one of the carbonates of Manganese and primarily comes in stunning red hues in its purest form. However, it also exhibits orange to brown hues which are rare to find in this stone. Colorado mines in the United States of America are the primary source of unmatched-quality orange Rhodochrosite and can be used to solidify a positive mindset, cut down anger and stress, and promote trustworthiness.

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