Grey Crystal Names: List of 16 Grey Gems

Posted on March 1st, 2023 06:16 PM

Many things go into making who we are, our background, tradition, tribal affiliation and, to some extent, even race and gender. So what makes us take the path of peace? It is the color of starry nights, soft energy, silver wishes, and water beneath the moonlight - grey crystal names with a long history of balance and neutrality. While some consider grey one of the duller colors, it is the ultimate symbol of tranquility and success. It is where white meets black, and we can take a deep breath and be calm without wild levels of being overwhelmed. 

Greystones are soft and subdued and need to be flashy - they ooze sophistication and surrender to what they are. They are forever playing with the light and can be anything from the pale wool-like grey crystal names with hints of light blue or even as dark grey as a stormy sky, and they can also be blue-green with inclusions of gorgeous grey stone names. Greystones hold all kinds of shades - from cooling blues to precious golds, protective blacks, and cleansing whites; a grey gemstone names gives you so much to work with.

The Major Grey Crystal Names

Grey crystal names are here to solve and soothe; these enigmatic and comforting stones are a beautiful balancing act and bring peace into your life. If you are looking for soft, calming energy and endless protection, these are the stones you could wish for. 

Grey Moonstone

Grey Moonstone is a stone of silence, wonder, and ethereal energy like a wisp of cloud trailing across the moon. They are one of the most mystical and feminine stones out there. While moonstones are white with wonder, tinted yellow or pink, the grey moonstone is a gem of serene grace, lovers' energy, and commitment. It's about time to connect deeply with yourself and mother nature. 

grey moonstone


Agate comes in various shades and spectrums, from dark Black Agate to soft and serene Blue. Most love blue because it has cashmere vibes, full of coziness. There's a mineral kind to Agate, which shows up in its deep-seated grounding energy with a sense of courage. It is a gem that ebbs towards endurance and focus. 


The iridescent hues of labradorite stone are a delight, ruminating in shades of blue, green, gold, and grey - this stone is born from enchanting realms and otherworldly pleasures. It is a stone of thought and illumination that measures cosmic consciousness and earthly splendor. This is a stone of transformation that can pull you out of a rut and align your throat and third eye chakra. 


Time to say goodbye to negative energy, cleansing the protective energy with inky shades of black and grey. With inky shades of black and grey, this weighty grounding stone is here to mop your bad feelings, soak up the ill effects of EMFs, and clear out all anxious vibrations to make way for peace.


Hematite is sourced from the lava-rich crust and is known as iron rose, and it is all about providing stability and success. It also helps to root down power to build a solid foundation. With a divine dose of courage and willpower, hematite clears you of any qualities holding you back. 


Grey apatite is often associated with swirling shades of blue and green; this gemstone celebrates intellect, manifestation, and finding new ways to live in peace and harmony. It connects the past to the future and helps you to create coherent stories without getting stuck in one place. 


Obsidian may seem fierce, but this stone comes with myriad magic. It is a stone for those who want to face their demons, and it is a stone that encourages you to seek out the truth and makes sure that you are not in a place of heartache and vulnerability. It stops all the negative emotions from sticking to us and grants us all the bravery we need to step into the outer world. 


Aquamarine stone is a beautiful ocean shade of green and blue, and grey. This gem invites us to move with the flow, learn to let go, and trust in ourselves. This is a stone of courage, commitment and a gem that soothes the throat chakra, regulates hormones and helps quiet an overactive mind. It cools and strengthens all the sensitive souls in this fast-moving world. 

grey aquamarine

Grey Chalcedony

Chalcedony has soothing energy and comforts your body, mind and soul to live in complete harmony. It is great at balancing emotions and if you feel like you are living in your bliss. This stone is also great at clearing all the upper chakras, keeping the mind and body connected. 


Fluorite stone is awesome for all those who want an energy detox. It neutralizes negative energy and helps you to find clarity to cut out catastrophic thinking, and to cleanse the aura, so it's squeaky clean. With the softer shade of the Grey Fluorite, you welcome new beginnings into life. 


Garnet gemstone is a stone with fire and takes a softer nurturing approach without losing an inch of that gorgeous energy. It is an activating stone for those who cannot make decisions, and it takes too long. Every garnet has a warmth that sends a fiery brightness from tip to toe. 

grey garnet

Grey tanzanite

Tanzanite is one of those gems in many shades, from purple to blue and grey. It comes doused with mystical energy and is a stone of splendid mysticism to bring inner calm to those who want to delve deeper into their souls. It stimulates joy, purpose, and powerful thought patterns to manifest reality. 

grey tanzanite

Grey diamonds

With a sparkle of bright snowy light, grey diamonds are softer and hazier in look and style. It captures sophistication and class while they may seem like shallow traits, they are all about maturity, processing one's emotions and the poise that we sometimes need to carry our heads high. Grey diamonds are beautiful, making them a coveted choice for those looking for a different angle. 


Known for being a powerful protector, this gem doesn't skip a beat when keeping you safe. It has a soft flowing water energy that effectively cleanses and purifies the space. Onyx is a root chakra stone, meaning it is a gem that keeps you grounded. It will keep your feet on the floor and help you prioritize every task you do.   

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz stone is a glorious gem born from the purity and power of this stone. It helps you heal through headaches, clears out toxic patterns, harness wisdom, and guide you to all the right places. It is an amplifier, giving you more bang regarding energy and healing. 

Grey amethyst

Known for forever soothing and stacked with serenity, grey amethyst comes with all gentle and gorgeous energy. It enhances intuition, activates spiritual awareness, and is a superconductor for all things good.

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