Red Gemstone Names - An All-Inclusive List

Red Gemstone Names list
Posted on February 17th, 2023 11:11 AM

There is a rock-solid reason why red color is one of the most beloved colors in existence as well as the rudimentary symbol of love. Red color exemplifies love, passion, courage, sacrifice, danger, sexuality, anger, and joy. The thumping and sumptuous world of gemstones is full of outrageously beautiful red color stones and all of them can smitten any gemstone lover at a glance. 

Most precious and semi-precious gemstones in existence exhibit red hues in different intensities. However, a major chunk of people is not aware of all the major red color gemstones and the components behind their deep to pale red colors. All these gemstones possess exhilarating healing properties and huge implications in the realm of jewelry. Below, we have rounded up the most prominent red stone names list that will thoroughly inform you about all the revered red color gemstones in existence.



List of Red Crystals Names

1. Ruby

By leaps and bounds, ruby is the undisputed king of red color stones and tops the list of red gemstone names. Ruby comes in a plethora of exquisite and enchanting red hues and is revered across the world for its talismanic and life-transforming properties. Rubies with deep red hues and minimal inclusions are cumbersome to find as they are rare in existence.

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Rubies are also referred to as traditional July birthstones and are vehemently associated with Cancer and Leo. Burmese rubies are hailed across the world for their unprecedented quality.

Red Ruby Stone

2. Garnet

If there is any red color gemstone that can be menacing to the numero uno position of a ruby, it’s garnet stone. Ranking between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, it is one of the most durable gemstones in existence and widely popular for its red varieties like burgundy almandine, purplish-red rhodolite, and pomegranate pyrope. Not only red hues but also garnets are distinguished for their striking orange, green, and blue colors.

Garnet is also the modern-day January birthstone and is regarded well for its myriad of astrological and metaphysical benefits. Garnet exemplifies virtues like softness, friendship, love, and divinity. 

3. Red Coral

Also known as precious coral stone, red coral is purely an organic gemstone with brilliant red color vividly saturated across the stone. Red corals are formed under deep water from exoskeletons of coral polyps and come in umpteen hues of red. Red coral stone is also known as Moonga in India and its implications in the domains of astrology and medicine are astonishing. 

The most valued red corals are deep red in color and embracing them accentuates blood circulation, intellectual abilities, creative thinking, and attributes like courage, leadership, and determination.

4. Jasper

Red Jasper, also known as Mahe Mariyam stone, is one of the most sought-after semi-precious gemstones and stands tall in our list of red crystal names. This gemstone is mid to high opaque in nature and comes in a multitude of red hues and other colors as well. Red Jasper is extensively used in carving inexpensive jewelry and is an exemplary option for those who want to jazz up their appearance. Not many individuals know that Jasper is one of the alternatives for February's birthstone.

5. Red Tourmaline

Though tourmaline stone comes in almost all colors of a rainbow, it’s the red color that dazzles everyone and makes a striking impact in just a glance. That’s why it deserves every bit to be on our list of red gemstone names.  Red tourmaline can be transparent to semi-opaque and embodies revered virtues and attributes like passion, courage, creativity, and love. For October born, red tourmaline is their monthly birthstone as well as the Zodiac stone for Libra. If you want to rekindle your carnal life and evoke love and compassion, you must embrace this ethereal gemstone. 

Red Tourmaline

6. Red Spinel

Most people who don't have in-depth knowledge of red crystals can't comprehend the fact that spinel also comes in red color. Red spinel is considered one of the best substitutes for expensive red rubies as they resemble them perfectly. One of the most valued red spinels ‘Timur Ruby’ is augmenting the glory of the mighty British crown. Red spinels are also exemplary to use in the domain of jewelry.

7. Red Zircon

Considered by most as the best possible substitute for red diamonds, Red Zircon is a captivating red gemstone and definitely deserves to be on our list of red stone names. One of the most fascinating things about red zircon stone is its brilliant red color and unbeatable resistance to scratch and damage. When it comes to sparkling in dark, Red Zircon is second to none.

Red Zircon

8. Topaz

Red Topaz stone is one of the most celebrated color types of Topaz as well as one of the most scarce gemstones in existence. Knowns for its extreme durability and wearability, Red Topaz is an astonishing choice for inexpensive jewelry and its yellow and orange colors are equally popular. Red Topaz is heavily embraced by those who seek to unleash their true potential, clear negative energy around Chakras, and boost vitality.

Red Topaz

9. Fire Opal

Without a shadow of a doubt, red color fire opal is the most vivacious and thumping opal type and the most in-demand opal in the international market. Mexico region is the principal source of and is highly transparent in nature. It is an incredible option to blend with the different jewelry forms and also embraced to eradicate painful memories of the past as well as spice up the relationship.

10. Cinnabar

The appearance of red Cinnabar is so tantalizing that you would desperately love to embrace it the moment you see it. The lush red and drool-worthy color of Cinnabar is because of the presence of Mercury Sulphide. It was earlier used by artists of different civilizations to induce red color pigment in their paintings. Red Cinnabar also exemplifies success, peace, and abundance.

11. Rhodonite

The word ‘Rhodo’ is derived from the Greek word Rhodos which means rose. This gemstone comes in a multitude of red-pink hues and also exhibits rare phenomena like chatoyancy and pleochroism. Red Rhodonite is quite alluring in appearance and immensely valuable as its implications in the realm of jewelry are quite extensive. Rhodonite can boost up your memory and intelligence by leaps and bounds and is also the zodiac stone for Cancer and Taurus. 

12. Red Diamond

Out of all the red color gemstones in existence, the red diamond, by miles, is the most enrapturing, alluring, and the most valued one. Due to a slight difference in the atomic structure, red diamonds obtain lush red and brilliant color. It is undeniably the hardest stone in existence and the traditional April birthstone. Many gemologists also consider red diamonds as an exemplary substitute for garnets.

Red Diamond

13. Agate

An eminent Greek philosopher coined the term Agate after a river in Italy where Agate stones are found in heaps. Many astrologers consider Agate one of the most enigmatic gemstones in existence and widely believed to possess vehement Talismanic properties. Along with lush red color, agate stone also encloses strips of white and orange shades.

14. Sunstone

Another gemstone that Sureshot deserves to be in our prolific list of red gemstone names. The red color in sunstone is because of the presence of traces of pyrite, hematite, and goethite. Egyptians and Greeks used to believe that Sunstone has a direct connection with different Gods. Red sunstone exemplifies abundance, clear direction in life, and masculine energy. An interesting fact about sunstone is that sailors used this stone’s polarizing properties to navigate the sea on cloudy days.

15. Crocoite

Crocoite is one of the least durable gemstones in existence yet made it to our list of red crystal names because of its vivacious deep red to red-orange hues. Not many people know that crocoite is the official state mineral of Tasmania. However, its involvement in the jewelry segment is minuscule because of its poor durability. Though red crocoite is available in abundance, it’s the orange hues of this gemstone that are revered as well as sought-after the most. 

Embracing crocoite can amp up your physical prowess, sharpen your intuition power and sensuality, and bring immense stability to your life.

16. Eudialyte

It is one of the rarest cyclosilicate minerals in existence known for its striking and titillating red, magenta, reddish-orange, and brownish-red hues. Eudialyte word is derived from the Greek word ‘eu dialytos’ which means easily decomposable. Eudialyte is also known as the ‘stone of the heartland’ as this gemstone symbolizes pure and unconditional love. Eudialyte is widely believed to treat bone-related problems, boost confidence, and bring balance to whirlwind of emotions.

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