The Best Ruby Substitutes Revealed

Posted on March 18th, 2023 10:37 AM

Some of the human greatest mysteries are: does life exist on other planets? Bermuda Triangle or the Dark Matter. The thing to notice here is, humans have always tried to explore things even when beyond their reach or at least found its substitutes. In similar fashion, we bring you some of the unknown substitutes of Ruby: The Most Beloved Gemstone today. 

Ruby, also known as Manik, is the most beautiful gemstone. It is also famously called the 'king of gemstones' as it has powerful, effective energies. It is a stone that is more expensive than a diamond; thus, it is worth knowing its substitutes. Here are some substitutes - red garnet, red spinel, red tourmaline, tiger's eye, Zircon, Red beryl, and TopazTopaz. 



Check the Best Ruby Substitutes in Details 

Red Garnet

Red garnet is undoubtedly one of the best substitutes for ruby gemstones. It has the same effects as a ruby gemstone; red garnet is more beneficial for those who are into tours and travel. Some of the benefits include curing the heart, spine, lungs, bones, and all reproductive diseases with positive vibes and increasing the wearer's willpower.  

red garnet

It is a stone with many other symbolic representations and is affordable even in large sizes. It is the traditional January birthstone and is best known for its red hues, but it occurs in every color, depending on its chemistry. 

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Red Spinel

Red spinel is a rare gemstone and a good substitute for ruby gemstone. It is a beautiful stone with luster, shine, and transparency and has the power to attract everyone towards it. Along with its beautiful looks, it also benefits everyone. It attracts opportunity and money, improves financial status, balances emotions, and greatly benefits health. 

Natural red spinel is a perfect substitute for ruby. A spinel adorns the British crown, called the Black Prince's ruby. Its great wearability makes it an excellent choice for an engagement ring too. 

Red Tourmaline

Red tourmaline comes from the mineral family and is also known as rubellite tourmaline. It is mostly used in jewelry and has a different place in astrology. Some benefits are that it detoxifies the blood and the whole body, provides calmness, increases energy levels, and attracts prosperity. 

red tourmaline

It is usually found in Russia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and the USA with the best source and quality. The colors are from bright red to deep purplish red, making it a very demanding stone in the market for astrology and jewelry purposes. 

Tiger' Eye

Another gemstone that looks different from ruby is Tiger's Eye. It contains all the benefits of ruby stone and is considered a substitute. With its yellowish-brown color, it has some dark lines on its surface. It is used as a healing crystal and effectively boosts self-confidence, improves leadership, uplifts a joyful mood, and cures diseases. 

It can be found in India, Burma, Korea, Australia, and Brazil; they are natural, and to check whether it is fake, you can check it by checking the stripes. It appears brown to black stripes, and the original stone will shine in natural light. 

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Although resistant to scratches, TopazTopaz can easily chip. Nevertheless, this november birthstone is a beautiful choice for jewelry, and it is abundant and inexpensive; due to advances in gemstone treatments, traditional yellow, orange, and red colors remain popular. The red "imperial" TopazTopaz are rare, and top-color stones can fetch a pretty good price. 

red topaz

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Red Beryl

Beryls come in different colors. Of course, green emerald and blue (aquamarine) are the most popular. It comes in red, too; red beryls are found in only one spot in the mountains of Utah. With a hardness of 7.5-8, these gems don't scratch easily, but they can break. Though rarely found, they still make unique jewelry stones. 

Red Zircon

Zircon is a synthetic gem material and a fascinating gemstone on its own. Its fiery dispersion makes it a colorless natural diamond simulant; it also comes in color, including fantastic, bright reds. This color is due to a low-temperature heat treatment, which lightens the gem and removes brown hues. However, they are reasonably hard but can easily chip away along facet edges. With proper care, a red zircon is the sparkliest choice of all the ruby substitutes. 

red zircon

Fire Opal

The 'fire' in the fire opal refers to the gem's body color, with color from yellow to red. This may be translucent or transparent. Mexico is the principal source of this stone, with the trade name "Mexican Opal" that refers to this variety. With sparking bits inside the stone, this stone comes in fantastic red colors. In a traditional stone, the inclusions are made of minerals or goethite. Either way, this gemstone is the most interesting ruby substitute. 


This soft stone is mostly available in pink but only rarely as facetable material. The massive pink stones hold up better because they can't leave in massive form. Either way, it is a great substitute for ruby. 

Last Words

The ruby substitutes offer unmatched benefits, both physically and emotionally, spiritually, and professionally. To get the most out of the ruby stone, it can be worn as a piece of jewelry to improve your life in multiple ways. There are different ways people can get their hands on the manikya stones. But to purchase such valuable items, you need originality and authenticity. 

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