6 Positive Energy Stones for High Vibration: The Ultimate Guide

Posted on April 5th, 2024 05:31 PM

In today's time, when stress, demotivation, and negativity have made our lives miserable, natural gemstones have come up as saviors. These gems are extracted deep inside the earth. They carry the vibrational energy around the wearer, expelling the negativity and inducing positivity. You can use them as jewelry or place them as crystals at your workplace or home. Each of the ways it uplifts your spirit. These gems also have a planetary connection from which they harness and radiate the power around the wearer. Let's find out about positive energy stones you must know in astrology. 

6 Best Stones for Positivity Energy

Since ancient times, gemstones have been used for healing and health benefits. For instance, ancient Greeks believed keeping amethyst in the mouth could prevent drunkenness. Aquamarine, in traditional belief, was used as a stone for protection against diseases such as digestive, eye, and dental issues. Some of the most popular positive energy stones are as follows: 

Blue Sapphire for Love and Compassion 

Neelam Ratna represents loyalty, honesty, and commitment. The blue color of the stone symbolizes calmness and serenity; thus, wearing blue sapphire stone contributes to various aspects of life. Wear an original Neelam gemstone if you are missing positive vibes in your relationship. It promotes harmony and understanding in your love and married life. Neel Mani encourages communication between couples, thus deepening emotional connections. Blue sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn and removes its malefic effects. You can wear this Shani Ratna to remove negativity, dominance, and absence of trust in your relationship. Adorn neelam gem is a positive energy stone necklace that enhances love and sentiments in your life. 

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Yellow Sapphire for mental clarity and enlightenment 

Pukhraj stone is linked to the planet Jupiter, which represents health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. The vibrant yellow color of the pushkaraj stone and the positive energy of the planet Guru stimulate the mind and enhance focus. Those struggling to get mental peace in their job should wear yellow sapphire gemstones. Doing so enhances greater clarity of thoughts and decision-making skills. Thus, working professionals are bestowed with wisdom and spiritual growth. Males can meditate or wear a pukhraj stone on the index finger of their right hand and experience positive energy in their workplace. Yellow sapphire ring for female can do wonders. It empowers positive energy in their married life by removing stress, doubts, and arrogance. 

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Cats Eye for self-esteem and self-confidence

Lehsuniya is one of the positive energy stones that boosts the wearer's self-confidence. It is said to create a protective shield dispelling negative energies. Thus, a cat's eye stone is considered the best stone for protection and strength. This gemstone activates the solar plexus chakra, enhancing internal power and confidence. Wear the Lehsunia stone on the middle finger of your right hand to empower yourself with positive energy to face challenges. Individuals surrounded by negativity can meditate or wear a cat's eye stone, remove self-doubt, and make confident decisions in their personal and professional lives. 

Ruby for vitality and creativity 

Ruby color represents passion, energy, and life force. The ruling planet of Manikya stone is the Sun, which is the signifier of hope and positive energy. The vibrational energy of the gemstone and its governing planet's positive energy increases your stamina. Wearing a red ruby gemstone increases your innovative thinking, whether you are an artist, writer, or in any of the creative fields. Wear a Manik gold ring on your ring finger to restore positive energy in your relationship. It stimulates your heart chakra and induces emotional balance and inner harmony. Thus, natural ruby stone is considered the best stone for positive energy. 

Emerald for bringing calm and communication

Emerald, also known as panna in Hindi, significantly influences your life. Wear an original Panna stone on your middle finger. The soothing green color of emerald represents peace, harmony, and balance. Thus, it is considered the best crystal stone for positive energy. If you are in a leadership role and you want to succeed in your career, this green gemstone is for you. Emerald stone positive energy stones influence easy communication, empathy, and understanding. So, for businesses or salespeople surrounded by negative energy, hara panna gem benefits you in many ways. Its calming energy allows clear communication, enables you to express yourself freely, and builds trust with clients or business partners. 

Moonstone for Enhancing Spiritual Awareness

Moonstone is a crystal for energy and luck. It is often linked to feminine energy. In many cultures, this gemstone is believed to induce fertility, balance hormones, and protect the mother from evil energy. Keep moonstone crystals for positive energy in your home. This will aid you with relief of liver, pancreas, stomach, or spleen-related issues. Incorporate an original Moonstone in your daily jewelry. This positive energy stone bracelet will help you embark on spiritual growth. 

How do you choose the suitable stones for positivity?

Wear only original gemstones sourced from a reputed gem dealer, such as Navratan, the best online gem bazaar worldwide.


Understand your intentions. Are you seeking positive energy for your home or your workplace? Or are you seeking positive energy stones to induce love, emotional balance, or protection? Identify the gems according to your intentions. 

Consult with an astrologer before wearing any stone. This will help you avoid the negative effects of gemstones. 

Do not wear cracked or used gems. This will hinder the positive flow of energy. You can read Is Wearing a Cracked Gemstone Right to learn why you should not do this.

Use gemstones that have vibrant color and clarity. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that good, high-carat weight stones have high positive energy. For instance, a natural yellow sapphire stone of 3-5 carat weight is perfect for individuals feeling demotivated or confused. Wearing this much ratti pukhraj will help you achieve mental clarity, resulting in success in your professional life. 

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