Benefits of Wearing Ruby in Ring Finger

Best Finger for Ruby Ring? Find Out!
Posted on April 1st, 2024 05:50 PM

Manik stone in English, popularly known as ruby, is a precious gemstone from the corundum mineral family. It is governed by the planet Sun and is believed to enhance passion, love, confidence, and courage. Ruby gemstone benefits you more if it is worn correctly. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that wearing the right gemstone on the right finger offers the wearer with maximum benefits. Let's see which is the correct finger for this precious stone.

In which finger ruby should be worn?

As per Indian astrology, Manik ratna is worn on the ring finger on the right hand. Males should wear the ruby stone ring on the right hand, whereas females can wear it on either hand. The ring finger is associated with the planet Sun, which represents fame, leadership, power, and intelligence. Thus, individuals who want success, confidence, and motivation in their professional life are suggested to wear manikya stone in ring finger. In Western astrology, the ring finger is associated with beauty, love, and romance. It is the finger for wedding and engagement rings. Wearing a ruby stone ring on the ring finger helps attract love, loyalty, and commitment among couples.

5 Benefits of wearing ruby in ring finger

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Manik Ratna is referred to as the king of gemstones and is revered for its astrological benefits. Ruby is for the planet Sun and zodiac signs such as Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are suggested to wear this gemstone. Manik stone benefits the wearer by balancing the root chakra and maintaining overall balance. Ruby stone effects are generally observed in two or more days. If not, check whether you have worn it correctly or not. It is believed that if worn on the ring finger it benefits you the maximum. Let's see how:

Boost Energy Levels

Manikya Ratna is associated with the planet Sun, which represents vitality and power. Ring finger, on the other hand, is also linked with the Sun, and thus, both fit compatible with each other. Make sure the stone touches your skin directly. This enhances the energy of the stone to radiate more around the wearer. The benefits of wearing ruby in ring finger helps individuals to cope with challenges, boosts energy, and empower one to achieve success in professional life.   

Enhances Passion 

Ruby stone has long been associated with love and passion because of its fiery red color. In European culture, this gemstone was given as a gift to loved ones to express their loyalty. The ring finger is ideal for wearing engagement and wedding rings. In many cultures, it is believed this finger is directly linked to the heart. Thus, wearing a ruby stone ring benefits the wearer to deepen emotional connections. In professional terms, it awakens creativity and enthusiasm, helping individuals to gain success.

Improves Health 

If the Sun is in an unfavorable position in your birth chart, you are most likely to suffer from health issues related to heart, bones, or vitamin D deficiency. Wearing a ruby stone ring on your ring finger can strengthen the Sun's position, helping you get rid of these health issues. The ring finger is said to be the control panel and regulates the overall balance of the body. Thus, the benefits of wearing ruby in ring finger include stimulating the sacral chakra, and infusing the mind, body, and soul with life force. 

Strengthens Emotional Stability 

The ring finger is associated with the heart chakra, and wearing the manickam stone can help balance emotions. The gemstone harnesses the Sun's energy and transmits positive energy to the wearer. Manik stone benefits individuals by promoting inner peace and managing stress and anxiety. In Vedic astrology, the ring finger is also associated with emotions and intuitions. Wearing a red ruby benefits the wearer by making it easy to face challenges in adverse situations. 

Brings Good Fortune 

The ring finger is considered lucky as it brings good fortune and love into your life. If you are facing problems with your finances, wear your lucky stone on this finger. The ring finger of the left hand is associated with creativity and new beginnings. If you are going through conflicts in your personal life, chuni stone benefits you amazingly. Wearing a ruby on the ring finger of the left hand can be beneficial for ladies. 

How to wear natural stone to get maximum benefits?

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To reap the great benefits of wearing ruby in ring finger, it is important to wear it correctly. Here are some rules and guidelines that you can follow:

  • Choose a natural gemstone. Ruby stone benefits in astrology most if it is original.

  • Consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone, as your birth chart evaluation is an important criterion. If you want to know why it is so, read our blog: Beware If You Are Still Wearing a Stone without Identifying Your Birth Chart

  • Manik stone benefits you if it is activated properly. For the energization process, you can read our blog: How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones?

  • Wear it on the ring finger such that it directly touches the skin. Manickam stone should be worn in gold. 

  • Make sure you wear the right carat weight stone. Chuni stone benefits you maximum with a weight between 3-5 ratti. 

  • Wear the stone on the correct date and time. Original manikya ratna should be worn on Sunday morning between 5-7 AM. 

  • Observe the changes after wearing ruby. Generally, it takes two or three days for the gemstone to show its effects. If you are seeking negative results after wearing the stone, consult your astrologer. 

  • You can always wear the stone in combination with the other. For instance, benefits of wearing ruby and pearl together offer you prosperity in all spheres of life. 

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