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Posted on July 6th, 2024 05:52 PM

Kark Rashi in English is called Cancer. This is the fourth rashi by birth date, symbolized by a crab and ruled by the planet Moon. Individuals born between June 21st and July 22nd fall under this zodiac sign. The personality traits of Cancerians are that they are loyal and protective. However, they are empathetic, and because of this, they are surrounded by emotional instability, which causes them to face challenges. Kark rashi people are strong leaders but avoid taking the spotlight. Analyzing the lucky stone for Cancer is vital to enhance their natural strength and overcome their weakness. 

What is the Cancer birthstone?

Ruby is the primary Cancers birthstone. Traditionally, the ruby stone, also known as Manik in Hindi, is the July birthstone. Thus, both complement each other in the same month, and Manik makes the best gemstone for cancer. Moreover, it is ruled by the planet Sun, which is neutral to the Karka Rashi planet, the Moon, thus balancing the energies of the gemstone planet combination. Let's see what are the ruby stone benefits for kark rashi:

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  • Emotional Stability and Strength

Cancerians are emotional and are sometimes highly influenced by their feelings. This leads to demotivation, loneliness, confusion, and indecisiveness. Wearing an original Manik stone can help Cancers gain the energy, confidence, and strength to face life's challenges. It stimulates their inner self-esteem, allowing them to stay positive and motivated in life. So, individuals who are coping with relationship failure can use ruby gemstones as the lucky kark rashi ratna to help them get through it. 

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  • Providing Luck and Protection 

Manik stone has been known for its talismanic properties. In ancient civilizations, it was worn as a protective charm to eliminate mishaps like accidents, evil spirits, or even death. Today, it implies the same, and people wear them as jewelry or carry them along with them. For cancer men, wearing a manikya stone stimulates a feeling of courage and inner strength. It helps them to achieve their goals, imbibing the traits of confidence and opening the doors of opportunities in professional aspects. For those who are in business seeking luck, wealth, and growth, Manik is the best gemstone for you. Read More Is Ruby a Lucky Stone? ( Wearing a red ruby stone ring as Cancer birthstone jewelry daily helps you overcome the fear of losing and enhances your risk-taking ability. 

Other Gemstones for Cancer

The planet Moon governs Karka Rashi, and besides ruby, other gemstones complement its energy. Let's find out what these gems are: 

Lucky Stone for Cancer
Pearl as Kark Rashi Lucky stone 

Pearl, also called Moti in Hindi, is the gemstone for Cancer. Moti is also ruled by the planet Moon, which is also the planet for Karka rashi people and hence is considered lucky for them. For Cancers, you can wear pearls every day to help you lower aggression and bring calmness. It acts as a protective shield and brings positive energy to your life. Pearl stone is the lucky stone for cancer females as it induces peace and harmony in their relationship. Wearing a pearl ring on the little finger of the left-hand helps females to sort out conflicts in their married life. Read our blog to learn more: Which Finger to Wear Pearl Ring for Female (

Moonstone as Kark Rashi Ratna 

Moonstone in Hindi is called Chandramani stone and is ruled by the planet Moon. This gemstone holds a particular reference in Vedic astrology as it benefits the individual by relieving stress and anxiety. Moon stone is also called the traveler's stone. So, individuals who travel within their country or worldwide for work or business can carry this stone in their pocket or wear it as jewelry. Read more benefits of this gemstone here: Moonstone Meaning and Benefits ( so helps to protect them from psychic attacks and ill omens. Chandramani is also the lucky stone for Cancer females as it induces fertility. For expecting mothers, wearing a moonstone pendant helps provide tranquillity and protection. Know More: Moonstone Crystal: The Enchanting Gem of Lunar Energy (

Red Coral as Karka Rashi Stone 

Red is the lucky color for the Cancer zodiac sign. Other than this, yellow, silver, and white are among others that add to the kark rashi stone color. Red coral shows incredible red color; the more intense the hue of this gem, the more its effect is. Red symbolizes passion and power; thus, wearing this coral on the ring finger of your right-hand helps boost your confidence and physical strength. So, for Cancerians who are athletes or have an active lifestyle and want to increase their stamina, red coral is the best gemstone for them. 

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Yellow Sapphire for Kark Rashi 

Pushkaraj, in English, is called a yellow sapphire stone. The subtle yellow color of this Kark rashi stone signifies prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. Gemstones are linked to specific chakras, and activating them provides spiritual benefits to the wearer. The Sacral Chakra is associated with Cancer, which relates to the emotions and empathy traits these individuals are known for. Thus, the sacral chakra is activated by wearing natural yellow sapphire, and the wearer has a balanced grounding approach that leads to overall well-being. 

How to Wear Gemstones for Cancer

Ruby Stone: 

Best Time and Day to Wear: Sunday Morning

Correct finger: Ring Finger of the right hand for males 

Correct Metal: Gold 

Mantra: “Om Surya Namah”

Red Coral:

Best Time and Day to Wear: Tuesday Morning

Correct finger: Ring Finger of the right hand for males 

Correct Metal: Gold 

Mantra: “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om”

Pearl Stone:

Best Time and Day to Wear: Monday early Morning of Shukla Paksha 

Correct finger: Little Finger of the right hand for males 

Correct Metal: Only Silver 

Mantra: “Om Som Somaye Namah”

Yellow sapphire: 

Best Time and Day to Wear: Thursday early Morning of Shukla Paksha 

Correct finger: Index Finger of the right hand for males 

Correct Metal: Gold 

Mantra: “Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah”

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To conclude, Kark rashi Ratna is helpful to enhance your life aspects. You can buy these natural gemstones from Navratan, the best online gem store in India.  

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