How Much Ratti Pukhraj to Wear

Posted on May 15th, 2024 05:46 PM

Pukhraj is called yellow sapphire in English and is a famous astrological stone. Associated with the planet Jupiter, this yellow gemstone signifies wealth, good health, success, and prosperity in life. To get maximum output, it's essential to wear the stone correctly. Out of many aspects, such as the right metal, finger, day, and time, wearing the gem in ideal carat weight is also essential. Ratti is a standard unit of measurement for gemstones. It determines the weight of the stone. Analyzing how much ratti Pukhraj to wear relates to the astrological perspective of the gem. Astrologers suggest a specific carat weight of yellow sapphire to strengthen the position of Jupiter in the wearer's horoscope. Choosing the right Ratti of Pushkaraj helps you get the desired results. 

What is Carat Weight and What is its Importance in Astrology?

Carat weight, also called Ratti in Hindi, is the unit used to measure gem weight. 1 carat= 200 mg or 1 carat =1.11 ratti or 1 ratti=0.90 carat. Ratti plays a crucial role in determining the stone's effectiveness. Individuals are advised to wear a particular carat weight gemstone according to their birth chart, planetary positions, and the purpose for which it is being worn. For instance, if your birth chart shows weak placement of Guru grah and impacts your studies, you are advised to wear a natural yellow sapphire stone. 

Determining gemstone weight according to the wearer's body weight is how one calculates the correct ratti. For instance, if your body weight is 60 Kg, you are suggested to wear a 5-carat weight stone (60Kg/12=5 carat). However, besides this calculation, other factors also decide how much ratti Pukhraj to wear. These include the complexities the wearer is facing and also the comfortability one finds while wearing the stone. 

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Yellow Sapphire

Factors Influencing Pukhraj Ratti's Recommendation

Generally, 3-4 carat weight yellow sapphire is the ideal weight one should wear. However, the recommendations may vary according to the following factors:

Individual's Astrological Chart and Planetary Positions

The placement of Guru Grah in your horoscope stresses who should wear Pukhraj Ratna. If your Jupiter is positioned in an inauspicious place in your natal chart, you should wear this stone. Other than this, individuals with rashi, such as Saggitarius and Pisces, should wear Pushkaraj Ratna. If you want success in academics, business, or your career, wearing a 4-carat weight yellow sapphire benefits you amazingly. 

Purpose of Wearing Pukhraj

Individuals with different intentions and purposes wear this yellowstone. This striking precious gemstone blesses the wearer in solving almost every issue in life. For instance, many wear the Kanakpushyaragam stone to get luck, success, wisdom, and prosperity. Others embrace this gem to relieve physical ailments, while others connect it with spiritual growth. How much Ratti to wear thus depends upon the purpose you want to fulfill. For instance, if you have a promising career but, even after much hard work, you are not able to achieve your dream goal, wearing a 2 Ratti Pushkaraj Ratna can help.  

Quality of the Stone 

The quality of the stone matters a lot. For astrological purposes, wearing a natural yellow Pukhraj is vital. But do you know determining the carat weight of any gemstone also depends upon its originality? For instance, if it's an original Peela Pukhraj, a small carat weight Ratna is also robust to show its effect. However, if the stone is treated or not from top quality origin, high-carat weight stones will be beneficial. Make sure you wear yellow sapphire only after performing the energization process. This helps restore the energy within the stone and radiates throughout your body. 

Body Weight and Age Considerations

Some astrologers recommend gemstone carat weight as per body weight. However, others consider age criteria. How much Ratti Pukhraj should one wear? The answer is that individuals below 20-23 years of age are suggested to wear this stone between 3-5 carats, whereas, above this age, one can adorn a higher Ratti gem. One should wear a gold Pukhraj ring and activate it with Prana Prathistha rituals to analyze its effects. If you want to know more about this process read our blog How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones?  And get familiar with all the steps. 

How to Wear a Yellow Sapphire?

Pukhraj Stone

-Embrace a natural Peela Pukhraj only. Wearing a natural yellow sapphire stone on the index finger is beneficial. It offers you intellect, wisdom, and enhanced focus. Buy original Guru ratna from Navratan, the trusted gem dealer in Jaipur. 

-The correct metal for this gem to be crafted is gold. How to wear a Pukhraj ring correctly? After you have purified the gold gemstone ring in a mixture of milk, gangajal, tulsi leaves, and honey, wash it in clean water. Wear it after going through this procedure. 

-While buying this Jupiter stone (Pushkaraj) make sure that its carat weight is between 3-5 carat. So, one must remember that the specifications are as follows: weight of the stone + weight of the metal. 

-If you are suggested to wear a high ratti gem above 5 carat, you can always adorn them as a pendant in gold. This will radiate its effectiveness similarly to that of the ring. 

-Pukhraj wearing the day and time: Thursday early morning during Shukla Paksha. 

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