Benefits of Wearing Ruby in Left Hand

Benefits of Wearing Ruby in Left Hand
Posted on June 15th, 2024 05:43 PM

Manik Ratna is called ruby stone in English. It is a precious gemstone in Vedic astrology. Related to the planet Sun, this stone signifies passion, courage, love, and vitality. This natural stone influences many aspects of a wearer’s life. But do you know there are multiple benefits of wearing ruby stone on left hand? Let's explore these. 

Significance of Left Hand in Astrology

Like the right hand, the left hand also holds significance in astrology. It is considered the “receptive hand” that receives energy and influences the environment with positivity. In various cultures, the left hand is linked to personal life. For instance, wearing the ring on your left hand promotes a better relationship with your spouse. Palmistry, another branch of astrology, believes that the left hand is for women when looking for present and future life. Left-hand jewelry benefits the wearer by infusing the energy of the chakras linked with the gem in the body. It is believed that sleeping with the gemstone by keeping it on your left side helps you receive maximum energy. 

5 Benefits of Wearing Ruby in Left Hand 

Manik is associated with traits such as love and emotions, and it is said that wearing it with your left hand benefits you greatly. Since it is also noted that the left hand is for ladies so, ruby gemstone benefits them in many aspects of their lives. 

Health benefits of ruby

Wearing a Ruby stone on the left hand provides health benefits to women. It improves blood circulation. The stone stimulates blood flow and promotes overall well-being and cardiovascular health.  It enhances blood circulation in the body, leading to great energy flow. So, for women who have an active lifestyle or are in professions where strenuous physical work is required, this sun gemstone is helpful. Read more about the uses of sun stone in our blog What is the Use of Sun Gemstone in Astrology?. Rubies help in detoxification. It eliminates toxins from the body, improves digestion, and rejuvenates skin cells. 

Spiritual in Left Hand

Manik Ratna activates the root chakra, which is connected to traits like courage and passion. Wearing a natural ruby bracelet in the left hand by ladies activates this chakra and harnesses the energy that increases confidence and courage. This helps the wearer face life's challenges calmly. Adorning Manik stone jewelry in the left hand taps the spiritual power that induces traits of love and empathy. For males, it is suggested that the gemstone be worn in the right hand. However, for spiritual benefits males can hold rubies in their left hand and meditate. Focusing on intentions and meditating for some time can help males get the desired benefits. As per left hand gemstone therapy, this hand harnesses maximum energy from the chakraschakras

Professional and Career Benefits

Manik Ratna is associated with the planet Sun, which signifies success and fame. The left hand is termed the receptive hand, and thus, the planet’s energy is harnessed more. Therefore, ruby stone energy is amplified more in the left hand, resulting in a boost in confidence and courage. These traits are essential in a professional environment. Women who are in business are advised to wear Manikya stones. It helps ladies with effective decision-making skills even in complex situations. 

Financial Benefits of Wearing Ruby in Left Hand

Ruby's color is associated with enthusiasm, energy, and passion. Those seeking career advancements or business growth can wear it. It helps people strengthen their confidence, which allows them to grab opportunities, work on them, and gain monetary value in return. Manik Ratna has been associated with wealth and abundance. However, in Vedic astrology, the right hand is for wealth. However, the left hand tells about one’s financial potential. This hand is related to career prospects. So, if you are working hard and not getting the desired results, wearing a Manikya Ratna on the ring finger can help. It will enhance all the traits for a successful career, such as leadership, decision-making skills, and more. 

Relationship Benefits

It is believed that the left hand veins are connected directly with the heart, and thus, in many cultures, engagement rings are worn on this hand. Wearing gemstones like Manik which also signifies love and compassion in the same hand allows you to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. These red gemstones protect you from negative energy and provide emotional stability. So, you are able to handle heartaches and see life positively. You can give your spouse a Manik stone ring as a bond of love. This will help reduce conflicts and misunderstandings between couples. 

How to Wear Manik Stone on the Left Hand?

Manik stone ring

Can I wear ruby in left hand? Yes, you can. For females, it's beneficial, as in Vedic astrology; the left hand is significant for females, providing benefits in all aspects of life. However, for males it is suitable to wear in the right hand. In case one is wearing it in the left hand, an astrologer consultation is a must. 

-Choose a vivid red color stone with high clarity. This will help the continuous flow of vibrant energy that transmits from the gemstone to the wearer. 

-Craft the stone in a gold metal. This complements the energy of the stone and gives you good results. Panchdhatu is another metal in which Manikya Ratna can be worn. However, as a fashion accessory, you can wear it in any metal. 

-Ruby gemstone benefits are greater when activated. The mantra to be chanted is “ Om Surya Namah.”

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