What is the Use of Sun Gemstone in Astrology?

Posted on May 16th, 2024 06:10 PM

Vedic astrology and planets have a strong connection. It is believed that the cosmic energy of the planets or Grahas influence your birth chart. If these planets are in a beneficial position in your horoscope, they will benefit you. On the contrary, you have to face their ill effects if they are unfavorable. Thus, astrologers suggest wearing gemstones to save you from the malefic effects of these planets. There are nine Grahas in Vedic astrology, amongst which is the Sun (Surya), the first and most powerful. In Vedic astrology, the most effective gemstone for this planet is Ruby. Let us know more about this stone and its association with the Surya Graha. 

Gemstone for the Sun and its Planetary Association 

The stone for the Surya Graha in astrology is ruby, also called Manik Ratna in Hindi. It is connected to the Surya planet, which represents vitality, leadership, power, and creativity. In astrology, if your horoscope showcases good placement of this powerful planet, then the individual has good career prospects, name, and power to overcome obstacles. If this Graha is weak in your natal chart, you can face challenges such as health, married life, relationships with parents, and more. The color related to this planet is red; hence, ruby stone is a suitable gem. Therefore, Manik Ratna is considered the sun gemstone in astrology. Lets know more about its advantages.

Ruby Stone

5 Uses of Stone for Sun (Ruby)

Manikya stone, also known as the king of gemstones or "ratnaraj" in astrology, is associated with the Sun. The fiery red color of the stone and its radiant energy make it a powerful talisman for which it has been known since history. Let's explore the five uses of ruby as a stone for Surya Graha in astrology:

  • Strengthening the Sun's Influence 

Since this graha symbolizes vitality, confidence, and leadership, wearing a Manik ratna on the ring finger of the right hand can strengthen its energy. This red-colored gemstone aligns its power with the Sun's energy and provides the wearer with increased motivation and enthusiasm. If you are a business person who wants to add wealth and growth to your business, this sun gemstone is a perfect choice. Ruby Stone benefits you with quick decision-making skills and enhanced creativity. Thus, you can handle challenging situations in your business. 

  • Emotional Healing 

Mnaik ratna is for the planet Surya Graha. Like the traits of this planet, confidence, hope, and courage, wearing a ratnaraj instills the same in the wearer. It helps individuals overcome self-doubt and ignites enthusiasm and passion in those who have lost motivation in their professional lives. Wearing a natural ruby helps balance emotions, stress, and depression. It brings mental clarity so you can make the right decisions at the right time. 

  • Relationship Benefits 

If you ask what the use of sun gemstone in astrology, especially regarding relationships, Wearing this red gemstone helps maintain a bond between your parents. This stone for the sun planet deepens the connection with the partners and promotes love and romance. Red ruby benefits for marriage include enhanced communication, removing conflicts, increased commitment, and bringing harmony. It activates the heart chakra, which induces strong feelings for your partner. 

  • Protection and Strength

This stone for the Surya acts as a shield against negative energies, psychic attacks, and evil eyes. Manik Ratna is considered a talisman for protection. Thus, it is said that wearing a ruby pendant prevents an individual from traveling long distances or traveling at night. This stone for the Sun in astrology holds a significant meaning where the planet's energy is harnessed, boosting courage within the wearer. Adorning this sun gemstone on the ring finger of the right hand for males can help them face life challenges with strength. 

  • Spiritual Awakening 

Manikya Ratna is one of the precious stones that stimulates spiritual awareness. The powerful energy of this astrological stone aligns with the root chakra, promoting an overall balance of body, mind, and soul. Burma ruby benefits you by enhancing intuition and clarity of thought, aiding in relief from past traumas. The color red is associated with the Muladhara chakra. You can activate this chakra by keeping a ruby crystal at your home or office or wearing it as jewelry. Unblocking the root chakra helps you build a sense of safety and remain stable in your thoughts. If you want to know more about how chakra activation can be done with other gemstones, read our blog here: How to Activate Chakras in Human Body Through Gemstones?

Ruby Necklace

How to Wear a Sun Gemstone in Astrology?

-Follow all the rules for wearing gemstones. Gold is the correct metal for manik stone. This is because gold is also related to the planet Surya Graha and thus finds compatibility with the stone. Crafted in gold, the ruby stone ring benefits you in all spheres of life, from wealth to good health and more.

-The best day and time to wear a Manik ratna is Sunday early morning during Shukla Paksha. 

-Energize the stone before wearing it. If you want to know more, you can read our blog here: Prana Prathistha of gemstones so that you can use sun gemstones in astrology effectively. 

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