The Astounding Benefits of Burma Ruby Revealed!

Posted on January 9th, 2024 11:47 AM

Are you in search of a gemstone that not only adds beauty to your collection but also brings immense astrological benefits? Look no further! The Burma Ruby, also known as the King of all gemstones, is a remarkable stone with a deep connection to the Sun. Explore the fascinating history, significance, and astonishing astrological benefits of Ruby. Get ready to discover the secrets behind this magnificent gemstone!

Understanding Burma Ruby 

This stone is one of the most precious gemstones, known for its hypnotic beauty and strong metaphysical powers. Astrologically it is known as the King of all gemstones implying the exceptional characteristics it has. With its fabulous red shade, it represents life, energy, and fire. This gemstone not only adds charm to any jewelry it is set on but also endows a universe of astrological advantages to its wearer.

The Historical Significance of Burma Ruby

This stone’s history is closely connected to the rich cultural heritage of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The red ruby is considered by Burmese people as a precious treasure and is usually called “the stone of immortality”; they believe that one who has a Ruby wins the battle and does not get harmed. The importance of this gemstone is beyond Myanmar because European cultures considered this Ruby, a shield that brought good luck to its wearer.

Benefits of Burma

Astrological Benefits of Burma Ruby

Enhanced Influence of the Sun:  It has a deep relation to the Sun as the center of the universe. As you wear this gemstone it increases the power of the sun over your life, making the sun more favorable in your Kundli. It also mitigates the harmful effects of the Sun and lets you enjoy the good side that comes with the Sun’s Mahadasha.

Dosha Nivaranam: Burma Ruby, also referred to as the Manik stone, is a very helpful gemstone in eliminating a range of doshas in your Kundli. It specifically helps nullify the negative impacts of the ‘Manglik doshas’, which are often a point of worry in Vedic astrology. Wearing this ruby ring can bring harmony and smoothness to marriage and hence is perfect for couples who dream of happiness in marriage.

Health Benefits: In addition to its religious value ruby gemstone has many health benefits. Wearing or carrying of this gemstone is believed to prolong life and good health. It is nice for the heart and blood circulation; hence it is good for controlling blood pressure and the prevention of heart diseases. It is indeed a precious stone that not only affects the physical health but also the mental health.

Boost in Self-Confidence: Burma ruby benefits include the property to increase self-confidence. People who wear this precious stone have traits of strong leadership, ambitiousness, and professional commitment. They bring out the magnetic personality and confidence of the wearer and the focus of attention even without self-worth issues and low self-esteem.

Career Advancement: This stone is the catalyst for success in your career life. Through this gemstone, you attract fame, acknowledgment, and advancement at work. Astrological benefits contribute to the realization of your objectives and new heights of success. Be it your quest for a promotion or increasing the scope of business, it can become your lucky charm.

How to Wear a Burma Ruby Gemstone

However, certain guidelines need to be followed when wearing ruby gemstone to benefit fully from its unique features. Here are some key considerations:

· Choosing the Right Stone: It is therefore imperative when choosing a burma region ruby to ensure that the quality is above board. Try to find an original stone that is hued in pigeon blood red as this is taken to be the most valuable. 3-6 carats or as your astrologer suggests is the perfect weight for the stone. It is recommended to buy ruby gemstone from a trustworthy seller to ensure the authenticity of the product.

· Pairing with the Right Metal: Gold and silver are suitable metals for jewelry designs that highlight the features of the gemstone. How about you make a ruby stone case in gold or silver to increase its beneficial effect?

· Choosing the Right Finger: Wearing your ruby on the finger you wear can affect its astrological influences. This stone ring is best worn on the ring finger of your dominant hand. Additional advice can be obtained by contacting an astrologer to determine which finger is most auspicious for you. Make sure that the gemstone touches your skin for the best results.

· Timing is Key: Wearing of stone during the Shukla Paksha is considered auspicious. In addition, the early morning hour of Sunday from 5 AM to 6 AM is considered very auspicious. Wearing the gemstone during these periods amplifies its advantages and resonates with the energy of the Sun, which accompanies an additional strengthening of the gem’s astrological influence.

· Activating the Stone: Before wearing your Burma Ruby, it is essential to activate its full potential. One method of activation involves immersing the gemstone in Panchamrit, a mixture of Gangajal (water from the holy river Ganges) and honey. Additionally, you can circulate incense sticks around the stone eleven times. Finally, recite the Surya Mantra "Om Suryay Namah" (meaning "I bow to the Sun") to invoke the blessings of Lord Surya.

Burma Gemstone


Ruby is not just a beautiful gemstone; it is a source of immense astrological benefits that can transform your life. From enhancing the influence of the Sun to promoting good health, self-confidence, and career advancement, this gemstone offers a wide array of positive effects. By following the recommended guidelines for wearing a Burma Ruby, you can fully harness its potential and experience the wonders it brings. If you are ready to unlock the remarkable benefits of this gemstone, consult with our in-house astrologers and embark on a journey of transformation. Visit the Navratan website to get started today!


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