Health Benefits of Wearing Manik Stone

Ruby (Manik) Gemstone Ring in the finger
Posted on August 2nd, 2021 03:08 PM

Someone has said it very right, 'Health is Wealth'. We strive at endless medicines, remedies, therapies, and treatments, to keep our health on track. However, sometimes we are not left with too many options on medical grounds, or sometimes just to give a check for sound health, we alternatively rely on the powers of Natural Gems. Owing to their amazing cosmic powers and extraordinary metaphysical properties, these colorful crystals occupy a vital place when it comes to the health of we humans.



                  Ruby is one of such supernatural gemstones. It holds the pride of being the ultimate King of all gemstones, and hence renowned as Rajaratnam. The finest quality Ruby stones are drawn from Asia’s Burma ruby (now Myanmar). Though, in the past few decades, the Mozambique region of Africa has also emerged to be a remarkable producer of fine quality rubies. In terms of color, the owner of enchanting aura, Pigeon blood ruby are considered to be the most esteemed variety among all.

Ruby Health Benefits 


For ages, the Ruby gem has served its wearers extremely well. When it comes to your health, Natural Manik Stone is measured as a boon. Besides bestowing you with immense power and serving professional and academic success, a natural ruby carries several other advantages to serve you. On the account of its association with the Sun, it provides you with better paternal relations with your Father. Manik is excessively helpful for individuals who are carrying the baggage of emotional challenges and suffering from self-esteem issues. 

     From ancient sagas to modern age health experts, people around the globe have put their faith in the strength of a real ruby stone. Together with improving your social and financial stature, it works wonders for your health too. As Sun is regarded as the karaka of your heart, eyes, and bones; the wearing of a ruby benefits all these organs. It enhances eyesight, restores vitality, and improves blood circulation. Here, let us get a little deep into the incredible healing benefits this red gem delivers to its possessor. 



The rich red color of a Natural Ruby Stone is believed to represents blood. Wearing a profound red-colored ruby stone in a Gold Ring, or in any other form, improves your blood circulation. This is apparent that when you have a proper flow of blood in your body, then a number of health problems stay away from you. It improves your immunity power, betters your metabolism rate, and benefits your overall health. 



According to astrologers, Manik Stone beares a positive impact on your bones. It is said to be the healer of your entire bone system even in a growing age. Being affiliated to the karaka, ruby has a direct link with your bones. Its mystical vibes and powerful supernatural effects have the potential to make the bones strong and thereby restores vitality. It keeps ailments such as osteoporosis and arthritis at bay.



The eyes are not only one of the most precious gifts we got but at the same time, one of the most delicate organs that our body possesses. Better eyesight is one of the widely known benefits of ruby on our health and hence it is popularly named as ‘the provider of eye sight’. Wearing a ring, earring, pendant, or bracelet along with a natural ruby studded within, has proven to be a good drive for the organs, especially the eyes. Natural Manik stones have a powerful aura, they effectively work for the betterment of your eyes. Besides improving the sight, it evidently protects you from all eye-related illnesses for instance cataracts. 

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When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, your heart is the key. A real Ruby gem acts as a strong protector of your heart and this is one of the most highly praised benefits of this stone. By ensuring the right flow of blood circulation in your body, this stunning red stone provides you with a healthy and happy heart. Ruby is believed to prevents you from acidity, cholesterol other severe heart-related problems such as heart attacks and cardiac arrests. So those who are going through any sort of heart disease should give it a try wearing a real Manik Ring, after consulting an astrologer. 


NOTE:- Apart from all the state facts, the Real Manik stone is of great help to people who are looking for power, position, and popularity altogether. It is regarded as a vital source to fetch self-confidence. However, besides being fascinatingly beautiful, it is an astrological gemstone that carries some extraordinary cosmic vibes with it, which may not be equally beneficial for all. Henceforth, it is highly recommended to consult an expert astrologer or a learned gemologist before wearing it. 




Whether you are buying this beautiful red gem for yourself or for any of your loved ones, in order to avail of all the above-mentioned benefits, prefer to buy a natural Manik Stone as this stone performs at its best level when worn in its natural form. To ensure that what you are purchasing is authentic, always Buy Certified Ruby Stones from a reliable gemstone website or store where you get a certificate of authenticity alongside every purchase you made. You can also visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Here you will get the largest collection of elegant rubies online along with a secure worldwide shipping facility and an easy return option. Connect now..!

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