How to Wear a Ruby Gemstone

Posted on June 4th, 2021 06:50 PM

Gemstones have been a point of attraction for us humans since time immemorial. In this digital era, we even hold a facility to buy gemstones online. Rich red-colored Ruby Gemstone, also widely known as Manik Ratan in Hindi, is a highly precious member of the nine Navratna’s family. It arises in various shades of red ranging from light pink to deep pigeon blood Ruby. It is a profound member of the Corundum mineral clan that also holds a prominent place in Indian Vedic astrology as well as in western astrology science. Astrologers recommend wearing real rubies for growth in businesses and authority. 



       The Sun, the father of the universe, rules this stunning red-colored ruby gemstone, and henceforth a Natural Ruby Stone comes with an endless number of advantages for its owner. There are several personal and professional benefits of wearing a Manik Stone. Together with improved social and financial status, this supernatural gemstone is popularly worn to boost self-confidence, gain rejuvenated health, better paternal relations, and grab higher academic and professional success. Before you plan to buy ruby online, read out in detail some amazing Astrological Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone in our previous blog. 


When we are talking about a natural ruby stone, we should keep various points in mind at the time of wearing it. Among all, the quality of the stone matters the most. Let us begin with quality and other essential factors to be considered while wearing a Manik gemstone


The quality of any gemstone is majorly determined by its origin, color, and clarity. In the case of a Ruby gem, a pigeon blood red color is most desired. However, from an astrological perspective, you should go for an untreated one, because an unheated and untreated Manik stone is considered natural and the most effective, and delivers the best outcomes. In terms of Origin, Burma Rubies is said to be the best of all. An original ruby in a lighter hue can also be preferred for wearing.


A gemstone results at its best only when worn in the prescribed carat weight. Astrologers generally recommend wearing a gemstone according to the wearer’s body weight. The same is the case with Ruby Gemstone. To gain the best results, one needs to wear a Ruby stone equal to at least 1/12th of his or her weight. For instance, if your total body weight is 60 kgs, then you should wear a Certified Manik Stone (Ratan) of at least 5 carats


Yellow Gold is preferably recommended to be combined with a Natural Manik Ratan. However, there is no such hard and fast mandatory rule, you can alternatively go for any other option like Silver, White Gold, Platinum, or Brass (Panchdhatu) depending on your budget and choice.


In order to avail maximum personal and professional advantages, do wear your Real Ruby Ring in the ring finger of your right, or working hand. Even if you are wearing any other jewelry made with Ruby gemstone, just ensure that the gemstone establishes a direct connection with your skin. So that it endorses you with the blessings and goodness it carries. 


Since Natural Ruby Stone is said to be associated with the Gemstone of the strongest planet Sun, which is also known as the Father figure of our solar system; one should wear it on Sundays. According to Indian astrologers, the early mornings of a Sunday are considered to be the most auspicious time period for weaning any of your Ruby jewelry.


Now comes the most vital part of wearing a Manik gemstone i.e., purification and activation process of the stone. Before ultimately reaching you, your gemstone passes through various hands and stages, says it, the miner who extract the rough out of the mine, the craftsman who craft it beautifully, the wholesaler who purchases it initially, the manager who examines it, the retailers who eventually sells it to you, the packing person who packs the parcel safely, or be it the delivery guy who deliver it to your doorstep. Therefore, to get rid of all the laying impurities and impressions, it is extremely essential to purify it before wearing it. Let us check out the purification method of a Manik stone.


Place the Real Manik Ring, or any other jewelry of Manik gemstone in a clean metal bowl, prefer it to be of silver or copper. Now fill the bowl with a composition of some pure honey, raw cow milk, and holy Ganga Jal (if you don't have Gangaajal, use regular fresh water), also add some basil (Tulsi) leaves together. Let the stone stay dipped in this bowl for around 30 minutes so that it eradicates all the dust or negativities surrounding the stone. After half an hour, take out your stone and wash it with clean water. Now wipe it off with a soft piece of cloth.


A gemstone is merely a regular stone unless you activate its cosmic energies. To avail desired astrological benefits of your Manik stone, you need to activate it before wearing it. For the said purpose, place the purified Ruby stone or its jewelry on a fresh red cloth. Since ruby is ruled by the planet Sun, now pray to Lord Surya to bestow you with positive energies by chanting the auspicious Surya mantra ‘Om Ghrini Suryay Namah’ or ऊँ घृणिः सूर्याय नमः। for 108 times. Now wear your Ruby Ring or any other jewelry made of natural ruby stone and please the strongest planet Sun in your birth chart and avail yourself of its blessings. 

Buy Manik Stone Online 

In order to ensure maximum astrological benefits, it is always recommended to wear an authentic piece of unheated ruby gemstone, with the stone directly touching your skin.  Despite all the above-mentioned suggestions and procedures, it is highly judicious to consult a learned astrologer before wearing a Real Manik Stone or any other precious stone. Connect Navratna, the online gem Bazar to explore a wide range of Ruby stones online or regarding any other gemstone-related requirement. For the best quality assurance, you always get a certificate of authenticity along with every gemstone you purchase here. Get the Richness of Real Red..

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