Which Finger to Wear Pearl Ring for Female

Posted on May 8th, 2024 05:53 PM

Pearl, also called Moti in Hindi, is a semi-precious gem that holds a significant place in astrology. It is an organic stone obtained from the sea and thus differs from other gems which originate from the rocks. This organic gem is connected to the planet Moon and benefits the wearer with purity, calmness and inner peace. In Vedic astrology, wearing a gemstone gives maximum benefits only when it is worn in the right finger. This is because each finger is associated with the stone’s planet and thus is believed to harness the power from the same. Males and females benefit from the gems equally, but do you know the correct finger for them? To determine the best results, consider which finger to wear a pearl ring for female in astrology. 

What is Pearl? How Does it Benefit the Well-Being of Females?

It is a valuable gem in astrology and is known by various names such as Mukta, Mauktika, Saumya, Shairatna and Induratna. These are composed of calcium carbonate. Its lustrous look makes it a fascinating jewellery piece. Different types of Mukta stone are categorized based on their colour, such as pink, white, golden, and more. It is believed that among other varieties of Moti Ratna,  Basra pearls, keshi and south sea pearls are the most effective gems in astrology. For females, these organic stones are like beauty with benefits. Incorporated in jewellery, they can be an ideal gem for enhancing feminine energy. Let's see how : 

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For Unmarried Women 

  • Mukta stone benefits females by promoting emotional stability and calmness. Since this gem is associated with the planet Moon, representing serenity, it helps unmarried women overcome life’s challenges with grace. 
  • If you are a working woman and want to enhance self-confidence and radiance, these gems give you more power in getting the same. So, wearing a Sucha Moti benefits you amazingly if you are preparing for a job interview. 
  • It enhances love in relationships and builds deeper connections with your loved ones. For females, the Sun is the planet responsible for marriage. Thus, wearing a pearl and ruby together is a great combination one can go for. It helps women to strengthen their bond with their partners. 
  • It stimulates intuition, helping women make wise decisions. Whether you're confused about selecting your career, choosing a life partner, or more, wearing a moti ring benefits you in trusting your intuition. 
  • The Moon governs an individual's overall well-being. Thus, this organic gem improves a woman's health, promotes better sleep, reduces stress, and boosts immunity. 
Benefit the Well Being of Females

For Married Women 

  • In ancient cultures, Moti Ratna was found to have profound meaning in marriage. Brides wore them, symbolizing purity, innocence, and love. In some cultures, it is considered auspicious and is gifted on the wedding day, signifying that love remains forever between couples. 
  • Mukta Ratna offers health benefits for females. It is believed to promote healthy skin. The soothing energy of this gemstone reduces stress and anxiety, hence maintaining emotional balance in married life. 
  • White pearl stone benefits females by reducing the ill effects of the Moon. It helps the wearer get rid of aggression, depression, and insomnia, thus helping women lead healthier lives. 
  • Besides being a beautiful accessory, Induratna is associated with calmness and serenity. Wearing it on the correct finger helps you gain emotional stability. It opens communication with your partner and strengthens the bond of love and trust. 
  • It empowers women and inspires hope, helping them deal with day-to-day challenges. 

Which Finger to Wear Pearl Ring for Female

So, you see, this gemstone possesses multiple advantages for females. These benefits get amplified if the stone is worn on the correct finger. In Indian astrology, the Moti ring is suggested to be worn in the little finger of the left hand for females. It is said that the left hand is for Karma, and the right hand serves as destiny.

In Vedic astrology, it is believed that the right hand works for working ladies, and wearing a Chandra ring on the little hand gives them maximum benefits. If you are a non-working woman, you should wear an original Moti ring on the little finger of your left hand. Conversely, males should wear a Muktika ring on the pinky finger of the right hand for male. Craft the gemstone in a silver metal. 

A yellow pearl stone benefits you with improved marital relationships, inducing peace and harmony for females. Thus, adorning this ring in silver helps you feel calm and tranquil. Both metal and gemstone have a close association. Silver is related to the planet Moon and symbolizes mental health, wealth and luxury. Mukta Ratna is also linked to the same planet; hence, wearing it in silver metal amplifies its astrological properties.

How to Choose the Best Moti for Females in Astrology?

-Lustrous, shiny gems with smooth surfaces are desirable.  

-Good quality South Sea Muktika Ratna is preferred for astrological purposes. While purchasing these, select those in golden colour. 

-2-3 carat weight Mukta Ratna is perfect for females seeking financial stability, good health and prosperity. 

-Choose natural Moti only from reputed gem dealers like Navratan. 

-The more pure the gem, the higher the price. The cost of a Moti starts from INR 3,000 and can go upto 30,000 per carat or above. The most expensive ones are Basra Pearls which are also astrologically suitable.

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