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Mukta stone

Mukta Stone is an organic gemstone obtained from a living organism called a mollusk’. These beautiful gems exist in a stunning array of colors and varieties. Commonly called Pearls in English, these gems have been prized for thousands of years as the piece of jewelry and also their revered symbolism. The ancient Persians referred to them as ‘Tears of Gods. Mukta Mani Stone were used as talismans in ancient Chinese culture. There are a lot of mythological tales related to these subtle gems. The most famous old folk tale told to this June Birthstone is that of the dragon’s pearl. This ancient folktale highlights the power of the pearl or Moti stone in enhancing protection and prosperity.Amazingly beautiful, these are known as the ‘queen of all gems’ and are associated with the planet Moon as per Vedic astrology. The price of mukta stone depends on the size, shape, surface, color, luster, and origin.

All About the Original Mukta Stone

The Mukta gemstone is one of the oldest gems known by humans. This organic gem is also known as Somratna, Shuktija, Tarak stone, Muktaphala, Chandra Ratna, Shashi Ratna, Bhauktika, moti stone, Mukhareed, lulu and Margarita. Its subtle look and shine have attracted queens and even kings, making them fantastic adornments that highlight their status and royalty. The genuine Mukta Stone displays a lustrous surface with white or off-cream hues that speak about its subtleness that goes well with any attire. Concerning this, Mukta stone ring, earrings, pendant necklace, and bracelets are popular and always in trend. Apart from being the most proclaimed gem, it is known for its astrological benefits. What does Mukta Stone do? This gemstone suits individuals prone to quick anger and frequent temper outbursts. It helps mitigate the adverse influences associated with the Moon, fostering mental fortitude and restoring emotional equilibrium for those experiencing stress and emotional turbulence.

What are the Benefits of Mukta Stone?

The formation of pearl gemstones takes place under the sea. The gem is formed when an irritant enters the mollusk shell and is trapped inside its soft inner body. This process causes the mollusk body to secrete a crystalline substance called nacre, which generates natural pearl.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Mukta Stone

  • This gem is associated with the Moon and harnesses the energy signifying peace, innocence, and love.
  • It alleviates the wearer from depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • Historically, pearl jewelry has been synonymous with wealth and status. Thus, it is believed to be the gem of fame, respect, wealth, and luxury.
  • This gem is related to good fortune, prosperity, and enhancing peace and harmony in relationships.
  • Health Benefits of Natural Mukta Stone

  • Pearl aids in alleviating depression mental ailments, and bolstering memory and intellect.
  • It can mitigate blood pressure issues and bladder ailments while regulating bodily fluids.
  • When combined with other gemstones, mukta mani stone can complement various health-related treatments.
  • Afflictions related to the throat, eyes, and dysentery, often linked to an afflicted moon, can find relief through the Mukta stone.

  • What is the Price of Mukta Stone?

    The original mukta stone price depends on various factors such as color, clarity, carat weight, luster, type, and shape. The price of natural mukta stone in India is high as such gems are rare to find. Forming these gemstones takes many years; hence, scarcity enhances the value of these gems.The original mukta stone price per ratti starts from Rs 2000 per carat and can reach as high as Rs 1 lakh per carat and above.

    Color: Moti stone exhibits a diverse spectrum of colors, including white, cream, rose, pink, golden, gray, and the renowned black pearls or Tahitian pearls. Among these, white, cream, golden, and yellow gems are highly sought after for astrological purposes. At the same time, all shades find favor in fashion circles. A uniform, bright coloration positively impacts the price of Muthyam stones.

    Origin: The origin of the gem impacts its price. Tahitian pearls are rare, and thus prices are higher, whereas freshwater pearls have low prices.

    Shape: Besides round, there are various shapes in which these gemstones are found, such as baroque and other unsymmetrical shapes. The natural Basra Mukta stone are priced higher. These pearls are obtained from a specific species of oysters found only in the Persian region.

    Luster: Its unique appeal and reputation are attributed to its smooth and glossy luster. When light interacts with the surface of these gems, it creates a subtle, ethereal shimmer, imparting these exquisite gems with a warm and inviting charm. This distinctive luster is a hallmark of high-quality nacre in Mukta gemstones, resulting in elevated market value.

    How to Wear Mukta Stone for Astrological Benefits?

    The procedure to wear a Moti and reap maximum benefits is as follows: Like other astrological gemstones, Mukat Ratna can be worn as a ring or a pendant. A mukta stone pendant/ ring should be energized and activated for optimum benefits.

    Dip the stone studded jewelry in Ganga Jal, raw milk, honey, and ghee.

    Clean the gemstone-studded adornment and recite the Om Sumaye Namah mantras.

    Wear the jewelry with the intent of having positive results.

    Which is the Suitable Finger to Wear the Mukta Ratna?

    According to Vedic astrology, an individual should wear this gem on the little finger of the right hand during Shukla Paksha.

    Which is the Best Day to wear Mukta Stone?

    Mukta Stone can be worn on Monday, early morning, during Shukla Paksha. The suitable metal in which it should be crafted is silver. However, for jewelry purposes, metal can be either gold or platinum.

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