Mukta Stone

Mukta stone, also known as Pearl, is a semi-precious gem that organically develops underwater from a living creature called Mollusks. They are known for their ability to reduce anger and are recommended to people who have short temper. It brings calming energies of the Moon benefitting Cancer zodiac signs the most and is the June Birthstone.

The white ones are the most loved because of their pure hue and lustre even though they are found in many colours. Popularly they are called “Queen of all gems” because of the feminine energies, romance and serenity they bring. The price of mukta stone ranges between INR 2000 to INR10,000 per Ratti, depending on its size, shape, colour, lustre, and origin.

Mukta stones are one of the Navratans, most popular for their healing properties and soothing energies.

As per Vedic astrology, the ruling planet of Mukta gemstones is the Moon or Chandra Dev. Anyone who wears it will get his blessings and calmness will flood their life. Aries (Mesh Rashi, Cancer (Kark Rashi) and Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi) zodiac signs will benefit the most from this gem.

Historically, these gems have much importance and are referred to as symbolic. Ancient Persians mentioned them as “Tears of God” and the Chinese used to wear them as Talismans, believing it would protect them from evil and bring prosperity.

Please note - Mukta gemstones are delicate gems with a hardness of 2.5 to 4 on Moh’s scale, so wear them with utmost care, otherwise they might get damaged.

What are the Benefits of Mukta Stone?

Mukta or Pearl is one of the Navratans, which means, it is a very powerful gemstone with many metaphysical properties and healing energies. It brings calming vibes to the person, helping them be more alert and aware. Many other Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Mukta Stone are:-

  • In association with the Moon, it is known to harness serenity and peace. The purity, innocence, love and affection are enhanced.
  • Stone Mukta is known most for its ability to assist the person in being calm. It helps control the temper and reduces anger issues.
  • It will help you be emotionally well by reducing stress and aiding anxiety and depression.
  • Luxury, respect and status will also come your way due to the gem’s powers.
  • It will also deepen your relationships by increasing harmony and tranquillity.
  • It will enhance your consciousness and will make you mentally stronger.
  • The gem imparts beauty, both internally and externally.
  • Also, it has nurturing capabilities as well as boosts creativity in the person who wears it.
  • It will make you feel better and more confident about yourselves.

Health Benefits of Natural Mukta Stone

The healing properties of the gem include both physical and mental well-being. It regulates blood pressure and reduces any problems. Alleviating depression, it will help you heal from any mental ailments and boost your memory as well.

Maintaining the bodily fluids, it will also cure any diseases related to the bladder, eyes, throat, etc.

If you have trouble sleeping, the gem will help you relax and get better sleep.

What is the Price of Mukta Stone?

The original Mukta Stone Price per Ratti starts from Rs 2000 per carat and can reach as high as Rs 1 lakh per carat and above. The price depends on the quality of the gemstone which includes colour, clarity, shape, carat, origin, lustre, type and treatment process.

Colour - Found naturally in many hues like White, sheen-white, pink, black, cream, rose, golden, blue, yellow, etc. The white ones are loved the most because of their moon-like shade and beauty.

Luster - Natural pearls have a lustre that makes them look very bright and glossy, this spark increases the value.

Clarity - These stones usually have the best clarity, any dent, indentation or crack are barely noticed.

Shape - Some Mukta gemstones are found in perfect round and oval shapes, while the other ones are deformed and have no particular shape. The ones with a profound shape are more costly.

Weight - Mukta gems of higher weights are rarely found naturally, hence, they will sell at higher costs.

Origin - Some sources are known to produce premium quality Mukta, historically and have built a reputation over time like the Tahitian Pearls, thus their prices are higher.

Type - Formation of these gemstones naturally underwater takes many years, hence, their scarcity enhances their value. Although, now people often cultivate them though they are not as expensive as the original ones.

To change your life and gain the benefits, it is essential that you wear an original Mukta and then follow the procedure mentioned below to energise it and connect it to yourself.

On an auspicious day & time, take a bath, wear clean clothes and sit in your temple with your Mukta stone jewellery. Purify it by taking a metal bowl, keeping it in and adding the following ingredients one by one while praying to God.

  • Raw Milk
  • Honey
  • Curd
  • Sugar
  • Ghee
  • Tulsi leaves

Once you have added everything, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse with Gangajal.

Now, with a positive intention and belief, chant the mantra “Om Sumaye Namah” 108 times. Wear your Mukta stone while reciting the mantra for the last time.

Keep the following things in mind while you are wearing the gem -

Best Day & Time - Early morning of Monday during Shukla Paksha is the best time to wear it.

Form - Wear it in such a way that it is always in contact with you like a ring, pendant or bracelet.

Metal to Wear In? - Wear it in Silver to gain maximum powers.

Which is the Suitable Finger to Wear the Mukta Ratna? - According to Vedic astrology, an individual should wear this gem on the little finger of the right hand.

Q. What is a Mukta Stone ?

Ans. Mukta is another name for Pearl, and are also called Chandra Ratna, Shashi Ratna, Chandramani or Moti. These gems are formed in water bodies in Mollusk organisms. Because of their beauty and lustre, they are highly used for jewellery purposes. Their astrological significance adds to its value.

Q. What is the price of natural Mukta Stone in India ?

Ans. The price ranges between INR 2000 to 10,000 based on the shape, weight, colour and origin of the gem. Whether it is original or artificially cultivated can also affect the cost.

Q. How is the price of Moti stone determined ?

Ans. The quality of the gem which includes its lustre, shape, type and size determines the price of the Moti. The ones of larger sizes and with a smooth gloss cost more.

Q. How can I buy Mukta Stone online in India ?

Ans. You should buy an original mukta stone online in India from a trusted source that provides lab certification to prove the originality of the gem, like Navratan.

Q. What are the astrological benefits of wearing the Mukta Stone ?

Ans. As per Vedic astrology, the gem is in connection with the planet Moon, and the Moon’s blessings will bring you calmness, solace, coolness, clarity and peace. Emotionally, the gem will bring you balance, heighten your intuition and help you get in the right direction.

Q. Can I find Mukta Stones of different colours in India ?

Ans. Yes, there are many different colours available, White and cream being the common colours that are found in India. Other than these, you may also find pink, golden, silver and black ones.

Q. How can I care for and clean my Mukta Stone jewellery ?

Ans. To care well for your jewellery of Mukta, make sure you store it in a different storage box and within a soft pouch. And while you are wearing it, keep it away from harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. Avoid wearing them while cooking, gardening, playing, etc.

To clean it, use lukewarm water with mild soap, and gently clean it with a soft brush.

Q. What is the significance of the Mukta Stone ?

Ans. Different cultures believe in different symbolic significance. Mostly, it is seen as a stone of purity, serenity, and prosperity.

Q. What is the difference between natural and cultured Mukta Stone?

Ans. The ones which are formed naturally in water without any human intervention are the Natural Mukta gemstones while the ones which are grown by humans in laboratories are known as Cultured Pearls.

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