Emerald Stone Benefits for Love

Emerald Stone Benefits for Love
Posted on March 29th, 2024 05:32 PM

Emerald is one of the most precious among the five strongest gemstones.  Also called as panna stone in Hindi, it is associated with the planet Mercury.  This stone from the beryl mineral family benefits individuals in several ways.  The most common is that it strengthens bonds in a relationship.  Let's see what are the emerald stone benefits for love.

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Love and Relationships in Astrology 

By seeing the birth chart of an individual, astrologers can find out the relationship area.  In astrology, the relationship houses are 5th, 7th and 8th.  Gaining knowledge about these houses tells about love, relationship, compatibility, and intimacy between you and your partner.  The 5th house is related to self-expression, romance, and happiness in a relationship.  The 7th house represents commitment, cooperation, and relationship compatibility.  The 8th house defines emotional connection, trust, ability to handle challenges in a relationship, and finances.  Thus, while ensuring emerald stone benefits for love, it is crucial to know which planet is located in which house. Know How Pachu Stone Can Create Magical Changes In Your Life

Hara Panna Stone Benefits in Love 

hara panna stone benefits in love

Emeralds feature a beautiful vivid green color which signifies love, prosperity, growth, harmony, and fertility. It also represents the heart chakra called Anahata Chakra and is located in the center of the heart. Blocked heart chakra causes emotional imbalance and a lack of warmth and compassion. Thus, pachu stone is suggested to be worn on the little finger as it unlocks the heart chakra and induces the feeling of love, and commitment. Here is how Panna benefits from love:

Attracts Love and Romance

This green stone is related to the planet Mercury and also with Venus. The goddess of love and beauty, the planet Venus invokes energy and brings harmony to a relationship. Thus, wearing an emerald ring attracts love. If you are already in a relationship or are married, you can opt for a panna stone ring. It fulfills your life with serenity, hope, luck, and love. Thus, pachu stone is considered the perfect gemstone for love. 

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Strengthening Existing Relationships

The soothing green colour of panna stone benefits the wearer in getting calmness, anxiety, and stress-free life. Thus, married couples who are struggling with conflicts, misunderstanding, and lack of love are suggested to wear this stone. Wearing a natural emerald strengthens relationships in marriage. This is because green gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury which is responsible for enhancing communication. Enhanced communication in a relationship or married life initiates self-expression of love and romance between the couples. 

Healing Emotional Wounds

Pachu stone benefits you with healing and spiritual properties. It promotes emotional balance, enhances intuition, and induces compassion and empathy. The vibrant green hue of this gemstone is a symbol of eternal commitment, thus emerald stone means a lot in love. The benefits of wearing panna in ring finger include health benefits such as aiding in heart and kidney ailments. It enhances mental clarity and emotional balance helping couples to get great benefits. 

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When would you need the Emerald stone benefits for love

  • If you have weak Venus placement in your 7th house of the birth chart, you can face challenges in your married life. You will lack stability and harmony in your relationship.
  • A weak Venus positioned in your 5th house in your natal chart makes you struggle in your love life. You can also face commitment issues. 
  • If Venus is weak in your 8th house, you might find negative tendencies leading to trust issues. 

To nullify all these issues, astrologers suggest individuals wear a natural green emerald stone. 

How to Use Pachu Stone for Love

  • Activate Panna first. You can read How to do Prana Pratistha of Gemstones to do it efficiently.
  • Make sure the panna ratna touches your skin so that the aura of the gem gets to mix with your energy.
  • You can wear the emerald gem as a pendant, ring, or bracelet
  • Wear it on the little finger of the right hand. Panna stone benefits for females are maximum when worn in the little finger of either hand. It helps aid them with a happy married life and during pregnancy as well. But it is important to use it correctly so know How To Use Gemstones For Fertility and Pregnancy before wearing it.
  • Gold is a suitable metal in which emerald stone benefits for love can be observed the maximum. 
  • The best day and time for wearing a pachu ratna is on Wednesday between 5AM to 7 AM and 5PM to 7PM. 
  • The gemstone carat weight should be 3-5 ratti for gaining maximum astrological benefits. 

Tips to Choose the Right Emerald

get certified emeralds right at your doorstep

  • Buy a natural panna gemstone from a reputed gem dealer like Navratan, the best online gem store in India. Read How To Decide The Best Place To Buy Gemstones Online for a better know about.
  • Look for a vivid green color and high transparency.
  • Pick a well-finished gem reflecting high brilliance 
  • Synthetic, glass, and fake emeralds are of no value in astrology. So you must know How to Tell if a Gem is Real to make a wise choice
  • Choose ones with great origin like those sourced from Colombia, Brazil, or Zambia.

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