Points to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Emerald Gemstone

Posted on August 9th, 2021 03:59 PM

The owner of nature’s gorgeous greenery, a Natural Emerald is widely known for exhibiting a rich and royal appearance to its possessor. It is a precious variety of the mineral family Beryl and hence the toughness of emeralds is generally considered poor. With a hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale, most emeralds are included and quite resistant to breakage. When it comes to their chemical properties, they are primarily composed of Chromium with a trace amount of Vanadium i.e., (Be3Al2(SiO3)6). Owning the richness of lavish green hue, Panna Stone is counted one out of the three renowned members of the formidable trio of the big three gems, with Rubies and Sapphires in the clan. Throughout the world, this impeccable beauty is worn as a fashionable jewel stone, however, it is of great significance in the world of celestial influences of the Zodiac planets. 

                     In the world of Vedic astrology too, Emerald Stone or Panna Ratan hold an extremely prominent place. With the ruling planet Mercury, this supernatural stone carries some cosmic powers and transcendental properties with it, thereby bestowing the wearer with immense personal and professional benefits. Especially those with a weaker Mercury in their house of horoscope, are recommended to adorn this stunning green gem in its natural form to emerge out all the negative influences aligned. However, in order to avail of all the desired astrological outcomes and utmost benefits, it is highly advisable to only buy a natural emerald gem from a trusted source. Today we have summarized some key points to be taken into consideration while purchasing a Panna or Emerald gemstone. Stating here is a list of things to keep in mind before purchasing an emerald ring or any other piece of jewelry made of this gem. 

Things to be Kept in Mind While Buying an Emerald Stone. 

Examine the Color

Emerald or Natural Panna is among one of the four most sought-after precious gemstones, sharing the space with ruby, diamond, and blue sapphire. Alike all other precious stones, the emerald owns its larger part of monetary value on the account of its rich green hue. This gorgeous green color is the key factor that makes the emerald gem so desirable worldwide. The more clear and naturally pure green colored the stone is, the more value it fetches. A vivid green hue with better clarity is highly preferred throughout the gemstone industry and in international auctions. So when you are heading out for purchase, check out the color well from every angle. Even if you are making an online purchase, check out the stone precisely in a motion picture or video that provides a comprehensive 360-degree view. Owing to its pure green hue, Emerald is correctly regarded as the timeless eternal beauty. 

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Know the Place of origin

The second most important factor determining the value of any gemstone is its origin. Emeralds stones are originated from a number of places in the world. From Panjshir and Ethiopian ranking at the top of all the origins, Colombia and Russia give emeralds in all segments of price depending upon the varied color, clarity, and quality. Similarly, there also arise emerald from the Zambia and Brazil regions, which are relatively quite affordable because of the lesser quality they showcase in general. If you are going for Swat valley emeralds, which are estimated to be the finest and most premium quality of the whole wide emerald gemstone clan, then it is strongly advisable to get its certificate of authenticity and buy an original one without getting defraud. 

Pick the Right Weight

While buying any gemstone, you should know what size you need. The same is the case with an Emerald. Initially, you need to identify the purpose of your purchase. Whether you are looking for a fashion jewel or you are purchasing it on an astrologer’s recommendation. Especially when you are buying it on the account of astrological benefits, you need to buy a Panna stone with a precise carat or Ratti weight as per recommended by your astrologer. In general, Panna should be worn in a minimum of 1/12th weight of your total body weight. For example, if a person is weighing 60 kgs, he or she should wear a 5-carat of Emerald Ratna. Though from a general perspective, with an increase in the carat weight, the cost of the stone will also increase. However, the size is not the sole factor in price determination cut, color, and clarity also grab equal weightage. For instance, a 5-carat emerald will be certainly more expensive than a 3 carat of emerald stone of the same quality. Vice versa, if you are comparing an 8 carat Brazil emerald with a 3-carats of swat emerald, then swat will be indeed far more costly. So choose the one according to your requirement. 


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Ensure Authenticity 

Regardless of where you are buying it, it is extremely essential to ensure the authenticity of the stone. This authenticity lies in terms of origin, carat weight, and the original color. Since for the premium quality of this stone, you are paying quite a higher price, hence, it needs to prove its originality. Nowadays, there are a high number of dupe dealers present in the market, who are selling synthetic and heat-treated gemstones in lieu of natural ones. Therefore, it becomes really hard for a normal buyer to differentiate and pick the real one. So no matter you are buying it online or from an offline store in your local market, while buying an emerald stone or its jewelry, it is excessively important to ask for a certificate of authenticity and make sure your stone is real and has gone through no artificial enhancements. 

Note the point:- Whether it is an elegant Emerald or a rich red Ruby, or any other piece of gemstones, you should wear it only after consulting an expert astrologer. As all these natural colored stones are astrological gems that carry strong metaphysical properties and cosmic vibes with them, which may or may not be uniformly advantageous for one and all, thus it is always prudent to visit a learned astrologer along with your birth chart before buying and wearing them.




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