Coral Gemstones Benefits, types, and Buying Guide

Posted on February 26th, 2024 05:33 PM

Culture is filled up by the coral gemstones with their attractive colors and their great features. It is also known as Moonga in Hindi and symbolizes strength and courage. The coral stone symbolizes spiritual relevance in many cultures around nations. Some types of coral include those from high-end sourced in the deep-sea environment to generally affordable ones found in shallow water. Coral stone has a lot of benefits like it is good emotionally, increasing the mind's activity, and helping the body to heal. So let us look into the types, benefits, and things to consider before buying

Different types of coral stones to know about

Coral gemstones come in an array of vibrant colors, from bright red to white. In addition to their beauty, it is thought to have protective and healing powers. The specific properties attributed to moonga depend on its color and type. Exploring the different types of coral and their unique characteristics can help you choose a gemstone that resonates with you.

Coral gemstones come from the structures of tiny sea creatures called marine polyps. Every stone comes in different types each with its special qualities and attractions. Let's take a closer look at its precious red color to the white color coral (Moonga) and let's find out what they have special and what qualities they carry!

Red Coral (Precious)

Boost your health with red coral

Red Coral is one of the most popular types of coral used in jewelry which is also known as Lal Moonga in Hindi. It has a bright red color and smooth texture. It is believed to have healing properties and helps with conditions like insomnia, blood disorders and indigestion.

White Coral

Bring inner peace and clarity with white coral

White coral has a dramatic, mysterious appearance and is considered a rare, exotic gemstone. This stone is thought to provide protection, courage, and strength in difficult times. It's also believed to enhance intuition, fertility, and passion. White moonga is said to have grounding, stabilizing energy that brings focus and determination.

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Pink Coral

Pink coral has a lovely rose color and is often used in necklaces and bracelets. Sometimes it is called Gulabi moonga and is thought to have protective and healing powers. It's said to benefit the heart, blood, and circulatory system. This color moonga promotes gentleness, caring, and calm.

Blue Coral

Blue coral has a unique azure color and crystalline structure. The blue color moonga symbolizes intuition, imagination, and depth. It's believed to enhance communication, stimulate creativity, and bring mental clarity. It is also thought to have calming, soothing energy that can relieve stress and anxiety.

The Powerful Healing Benefits of Wearing Coral Stone

Benefits of Wearing Coral Stone

Coral gemstones are not only beautiful, but they also have powerful healing properties. For centuries, they have been used in alternative medicine and crystal healing. If you wear jewelry with this stone, it can provide healing benefits for both body and mind. Below are some special benefits that you must know before wearing;

Calms the Mind

Coral (moonga) resonates with the root chakra, which is associated with stability in the mind. When you wear the moonga it helps balance your root chakra that acquires feelings of calm. It also absorbs negative emotions and stress, replacing them with tranquility and optimism. For anyone struggling with anxiety, depression or insomnia, it can have inevitability calming effects.

Strengthens Immunity

Coral stone corresponds to the circulatory and immune systems. When worn consistently over time, it can help boost immunity and protect against illness. This stone also stimulates tissue regeneration, speeding the healing of wounds. For those frequently affected by colds, the flu, or other infections, this stone helps build immunity.

Helps you balance hormones

The coral stone not only exhibits the hormone regulator functions of human body through energetic properties and energizing properties but also keeps the human body in energy balance by the enhancement of energetic properties. It is also important in maintaining and regulating the body's hormones. The calcite can help regulate states of mind, psycho-energetics, and even physiological functioning. Preventive measures promote mental and physical health which in turn bring about holistic health.

The healing power of coral gemstones is most potent when worn consistently over long periods. While the effects are subtle, moonga jewelry provides a steady flow of therapeutic benefits for body, mind, and spirit. When choosing a piece of gem jewelry, select a high quality natural stone and wear it daily to experience its profound healing gifts.

Here are some Amazing Benefits of Wearing Moonga Stone

How to choose the perfect coral jewelry

Red Coral buying guide

When buying coral gemstones, you'll want to ensure you're purchasing original and high-quality gems. Here are a few tips to consider:
  • Identify a Trusted Supplier: What you should do is shop from reliable retailers, such as NAVRATAN, who are experts at certifying gemstones. However, make sure that customers' reviews are checked and their certifications are legitimate.
  • Certification: Do not forget to examine whether the piece has a valid certificate from a recognized gemological institution. This certificate grants the gemstone's merits and its source.
  • Quality: Consider the color and clarity of the gemstone as well. This material should also provide a flawless surface skipping any cracks and pimples on the face. The color should be selected such that it can immediately be associated with its variety.
  • Price: Coral gemstones may seem pricey, but cheap prices may be a warning that coral stones are fake. Make sure the coral you order is authentic by checking the prices offered by different vendors.
  • Ask Questions: Inquire about the coral stone, its origins, any products that are gainful or otherwise, and how it should be maintained. The seller has to be able to give all the pertinent details.
  • Return Policy: Ask the seller if he/she does return the coral stone should your expectations be formally different or should his/her genuineness be questioned?

Finally, you explored some of the most popular types of coral gemstones their most beneficial advantages and how to wear them. Coral has been one of the most beloved organic gemstones from the classical era to new tech world and its popularity continues to grow. Coral stone jewelry can be a modern addition to your collection if you seek the healing energy of this stone. Lastly, don't forget to take proper care of it. This will ensure that your coral maintains its shine and vitality for many years.

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