The Symbolism And History Of Red Coral

Posted on August 8th, 2023 05:02 PM

The captivating world of gemstones possesses the most precious type of coral, the resplendent red coral stone. Indeed, this exquisite gem has a deep red hue, contributing more to its value. These coral skeletons vary in color from brilliant to dark red, towards orange-red, pink, black, blue, and white. Infect, each type of coral has unique and moonga

 varying degrees of translucency. They are rather soft, with a hardness value of only 3 on the scale. This makes them exceedingly easy to carve. They are generally dull at first but transform into a wonderful vitreous sheen once polished.

Corals are found in warm waters up to 1,000 feet deep, while fine grade corals are found between 100 and 160 feet. The famous Japanese coral comes in red, pink, and white. Red and pink coral can also be found off the coastlines of the Mediterranean and Africa. Black and golden coral can be found off the beaches of the West Indies, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

Red Coral Symbolism

This sought-after gemstone red coral is the most highly popular gift for a 35th wedding anniversary. Let's explore the symbolism of wearing this natural gemstone benefits

1. Red Coral Symbolizes Power.

Red coral symbolizes Power

The Red Coral gemstone continues to enchant gem enthusiasts for its beautiful energy that connects the supernatural powers and actions of people around the world. Because of its striking hue, It is considered a powerful symbol in many tribes. It invites us to defend against evil spirits and negative energy. Red is the perfect color to symbolize power because it nurtures vitality with strength.

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It is a phenomenal tool that is highly challenging to break. This gemstone helps us stay focused and also works as fortitude and tenacity. It also encourages us to connect with power.

2.Red Coral Courage

Red coral courage

They symbolized bloodshed at the time of the Crusades because their red hues connected with strength and power. Coral stone is a tough gemstone, and it is believed that this red jewelry shields knights in times of battle. It is particularly resilient in times of adversity and in alignment with the good.

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3. Red Coral Symbolizes Confidence. 

Red coral symbolizes confidence

With their deep red shades, Red corals boost positive energy and self-worth. This gemstone brims with light to ward off unfavorable energy, insecurity, and less self-confidence. You can be assured that your roots are strong with this crystal. It is the perfect blended gemstone for success and good fortune. Coming from the quartz family, this gemstone helps ground the root chakra. 

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4. Symbol of Passion

Red coral is widely known as a symbol of passion

Red represents fire, therefore making our roots strong and sunken into the earth. With their robust power for ferocity and sexuality, this gemstone perfectly represents passion.

5. Red coral symbolizes motivation.

Red coral symbolizes motivation

Red coral is an incredible healing stone for motivational upsurges. By eliminating emotional baggage, this stone nurtures good mental health. This stone adds elements of fire, symbolizing strength and power. The color red empowers us with an anti-stress element. It is the perfect pick for a life with purpose and motivation.

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As Symbol Of Fashion

A desire for all things orange and pink led to the extensive use of coral tones in interior design, fashion, and cosmetics from decades. Disco period popularized coral-colored makeup, with orange-pink lips, eyelids, and nails. Coral is still a popular color for beauty products today. It gives the wearer a warm leading to pleasing glow. 

History of Red Coral

For centuries, jewelry made from red coral has been worn. It involves tiny marine invertebrate organisms like the coral polyp, which produce coral in the ocean. Over thousands of years, the accumulation of these animal skeletons has formed colonies and reefs, including islands. While these colonies expand in a branched pattern. The greatest example is the Great Barrier Reef, which is located in Australia's northeast. It is one of the best-known coral reefs in the world, stretching more than 1,250 miles. Since ancient times until modern times, corals have mostly been mined and appreciated for their decorative value. Red coral was first discovered around 3000 B.C. In the 20th century, couples chose to combine diamonds. This blend has popularized the world's largest and most valuable gemstone, the modest coral.

According to the earliest encyclopedias, Pliny the Elder published a lengthy article on coral in 77 AD. The most valuable coral is the reddest and most branchy. This gemstone species Corallium rubrum was long believed to have protective properties when worn as an amulet. It was also revered for its aesthetic value and spiritual significance. He states that the Gauls decorated their swords, shields, and helmets with this gemstone. The effectiveness of coral extended to its use in medicine. The issues in the bladder, fever, ulcers, and scars were believed to improve after burning and ingesting it. Due to its great market value, it was transported from its harvesting locations to more prosperous regions for sale and exchange.

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Some of the most popular choices for red coral jewelry are red, pink, orange, and even black. The majority of harvested gemstone is processed into cabochons, beads, or carved artwork. Although it is not the living portion of the animal, carbonate secretions are crucial to the survival of the polyps. This coral's component is utilized for jewelry.


Red Coral is extracted from two different species. Corallium rubrum is a species from the Mediterranean Sea. The other spice is Corallium japonicum, found in Southern China.

Final Thought

The allure of the Red Coral gemstone remains undiminished because of its timeless elegance. This gem tells a story of ancient traditions and contemporary sophistication. Indeed, this red gemstone stands as a radian measure to the profound connection between nature's wonders and the human spirit. So, we at Navratan celebrate the captivating legacy of this Red Coral gemstone with an enduring gemstones collection on our website.

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